May 14, 2024
Aunty Enjoy Shower Sex

Hello friends, I Ritika welcome you to my another English Sex Story. You are reading this story on

Amit is writing this story. So let’s read his story.

Friends, how I made my hot Aunty Enjoy Shower Sex Satisfied them by fucking. This Aunty Sex story describes this fuck.

My name is Amit. I am a resident of Delhi. I am 25 years old, and I look smart and handsome.

My height is 6 feet. My cock is capable of giving complete pleasure in sex to any girl, sister-in-law, or aunt.

The happiness that Aunty did not get in so many years of her marriage, I had made her fuck for 3 months. I had given them ultimate happiness and satisfaction.

So,So friends, I had gone to my aunt’s house for some work. I used to love visiting his house, because of which I used to visit his house often.

Aunty’s nature was very good, and Aunty was also very cool and hot. I claim that if someone sees him once, he will not start rubbing his hand on his cock. Then tell him.

Auntie used to wear her clothes with a deep neck, so her cleavage was always clearly visible. Seeing the milky valley of their mothers, I used to feel like holding both their mothers and sucking and squeezing them.

It was a different matter with Auntie’s ass. When she used to walk, her ass used to move up and down in such a way that anyone’s penis would leave water.

Aunt’s husband was in a private job. He had two children. One was married, and the other was studying in school.
beginning,In the beginning I never had any bad thoughts about him. Since I also had homely behavior with him, I never thought wrong about him.

I didn’t feel like staying at my house for a few days, so I shared everything with my aunt.
Aunt said, Come to stay here for a few days.
When I spoke at home, the family members agreed.

Then, due to the good behavior of the aunt, I thought that if I stay at the aunt’s house for a few days, maybe my mind will be diverted.

I shifted to my aunt’s house for 3 months. My aunt used to take care of me a lot. While talking to Aunty like this, I got more mixed up with her.

Her husband used to go to work in the morning. The son used to go to school. I had a habit of getting up late, so I used to get up late. Since I had a separate room, there was no problem.

One day she fell from the table while working and got an internal injury in her hand.
Auntie said to me, Apply Iodex. My hands are hurting a lot.

I sat down and started applying Iodex. Since the injury was also on his shoulder, he asked to apply Iodex there as well. Auntie was wearing a sleeveless gown at this time.

I started massaging my aunt’s body. During this, her nipples were touched many times by my hands.

He also probably did not pay any attention to this. Nothing was wrong in my mind either. I also massaged with a good mind. He got some rest.

Then he had another problem. As soon as the night fell, a lot of pain in his head started.

Everyone in her house was troubled by her aunt’s headache. Because she could not sleep after the headache started.

Aunty felt good after getting my hands massaged, so she told me that your massage has given me a lot of relief in my hands. Will you massage my head too?
I said, Yes, aunty, I will definitely do it.

I started massaging my aunt’s head. Caressing his head, he started massaging it with love. I sat next to him and started massaging his head.

He got a lot of relief from this. She fell asleep lying next to me there.
Now her husband and son told me, Let her sleep like this; she doesn’t sleep like this; don’t wake her up.
They both went to sleep.

I also laid down next to him.

up,Then suddenly he started having pain at night, so I got up and again started caressing him with love, and put him to sleep.

Still, a strange condition started happening inside him. I handled her, and I don’t know what happened when I hugged her tightly.

Aunt also pulled me towards her and made me stick. My condition has become worse than this.

After that, I started kissing her, kissing her forehead, lips, and cheeks. I started loving her.

Auntie was also feeling good. When I started kissing her near the ear, Aunty started getting hot.

I was already hot. I was wearing shorts at this time, so my cock was completely erect.

I was constantly kissing him around the ear. how I knew very well that how a girl or woman is satisfied by warming up. Kissing near the ear makes any girl or woman instantly hot.

I started pressing both the big breasts of the hot aunty and kept pressing the aunty’s breasts while continuously kissing her lips.

After this, slowly kissing her neck, I started sucking Mom from the top of the gown.

Till now, Aunty had become so hot that she too was kissing me everywhere.

I raised her gown and put my hand in her pussy from the top of her pants, and then she was completely wet.

My luck had opened. Without delay, I started licking her pussy from the top of her pants. She was taking a hiss full of fucks. Because for the first time, someone put his mouth in her pussy.

She was enjoying full pussy licking. pants,That’s why I took out her panty and put my finger in her pussy, and started licking her pussy.

She started sighing, Aa… Mmmm… Suck well… Enjoying a lot… Ah, eat it all. Lick my pussy.
Aunt holding my head started inserting it in her pussy.

Then I threw off her gown while kissing and freed both moms from their bras.
boob! Whatfigure! Evenboobs… Wow, what a boobs… what a figure… even at such an age, tight boobs… I broke down over her mangoes. She started caressing my cock by holding it over the shorts.

I immediately threw out the shorts and gave him the cock in his hand. She started caressing him by holding his cock. Then she started saying, Now put it inside.
Without delay, I immediately came over to her, set my cock in her Tight Pussy, and put it inside in one go.

As soon as the cock entered, the hot aunty screamed, Ui maa… Put it slowly. It is hurting.

I warmed them by licking their nipples for some time. This reduced their pain. After that, I started pushing slowly.

Now Aunty was starting to enjoy She lifted her ass and started kissing it. Aunty was saying, Ah, fuck hard… and fuck hard… enjoy… ummh… ahh… hi… oh… keep fucking like this.

After some time, his body started stiffening. I understood that she was about to fall. I started pushing harder, due to which she fell.

Then I asked her to turn back and become a mare. She quickly became a mare. I put my cock in her pussy from behind and started pushing fast. boobs.

I was fucking aunty while holding her Big boobs… Ah, what a pleasure it was. I can’t express in words the joy of fucking her from behind as a mare.

Then it was about 25 minutes since I was fucking the aunt. I also put all the goods in her pussy by giving her a strong push and lying down on her.

She hugged me very happily and started kissing me. Aunt told me that maybe today she showered for the first time, and I never got so much pleasure in sex.
I said, Uncle must be fucking every day; your figure is so cool; uncle is so lucky.

told meHe told that I do not like the smell that comes from my uncle’s body. Then, until today, he did not touch my pussy.

Although he fucks me every day,  while sleeping, he starts fucking by lifting the gown straight, but it falls off in 5 minutes, and I remain incomplete.

today,For the first time today I have felt such satisfaction. I am very excited to fuck, but today you have completely satisfied me.

Then, while we were talking, she was caressing my cock, and I was playing with her mom.

My cock got erect again. Now the hot aunty started sucking the cock hard in her mouth.

It was great fun sucking cocks. Then, after my cock was completely tight, the aunt climbed on top of me, sat down after setting her cock in her pussy, and started jumping and fucking.

takes meminutesIt takes 20 minutes for me to fall for the first time; there is no fixed time for the second time. It depends on the body of the fucker. Sometimes it takes more than an hour.

pressingI was enjoying by my aunt’s boobs. Aunty was jumping and licking. She was riding my cock.

In some time, the aunt fell down, but she continued to jump on the cocks. She wanted to satisfy me too. Aunty was very happy to see my timing.

Aunty was getting tired, due to which I was not enjoying her shaking.

Then I quickly made her lie down, and after coming over again, she started pushing hard by setting cocks in her pussy.

I was having so much fun in fucking aunty that I just thought I was getting the pleasure of heaven.

After having sex for about an hour, I fainted and fell on top of him. We both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Then, waking up in the morning, I saw that there was a different glow on his face. She looked happy. The aunt sent her husband to the office after making tiffin and allowed the child to go to school.

I was going to take a bath at the same time that Aunty interrupted me. Why are you going to take a bath so early?
I said, It is feeling hot.
Auntie said, Then take out the heat first.

I understood. me,Meanwhile, she came close to me and again, the devil inside me woke up. I dragged her into the bathroom.

Started sucking his lips. My cock was erect again and was hitting her pussy again and again. Due to this, the aunt also became hot.

I put one hand inside hot aunty’s salwar and touched her pussy from the top of the pants; it was completely wet. I continued kissing her lips and throat while caressing her pussy.

So the aunt turned on the shower. We both stood under the rider and started kissing and licking each other very loudly.

I took off my aunt’s salwar. How cool she was looking in the black bra now! Her big boobs were yearning to come out of the bra. From the top of the bra, I started sucking her nipples by pressing them hard.

She started sighing.

One of her hands started moving on my cock, and she took it out of my shorts and started moving back and forth.

Then immediately, she sat on her knees and started sucking my cock in her mouth. At this time, Aunty was sucking cocks just like a prostitute.

Was having a lot of fun. I was just walking in the sky. Shower water was falling on both of us from above; it was really fun. I can’t describe this fun in words.

and,I picked up the aunt and in one stroke, took out her bra and started sucking both her nipples by pressing them with both hands. I was moving my lips in her nipples, and she was taking hot hisses.

Then I put one hand in her pussy and removed the pants.

Putting a finger in her pussy, he started pushing it in and out. She continuously started making sensuous sounds—ah, s, ah.

I sat down on my knees while sucking her breasts. Then, putting his mouth in her pussy, he started sucking her pussy.

Aunty raised one leg and started sucking her pussy. Hot hisses were not stopping from his mouth.
So much romantic sex was happening under the shower, it’s hard to describe.

I spread her legs and started sucking her puss vigorously. Meanwhile, her pussy left the water. I drank her salty nectar and kept licking her pussy continuously.

this,After this I asked her to become a mare and put my cock straight into her pussy from behind. Suddenly the cock went inside at once, and then she screamed.
Aunt said, Do it comfortably.

Then I started pushing slowly, and now she is enjoying it. She also started kissing her ass back and forth. She started speaking—now do it loudly and pelo loudly. Ah, it is fun! ufff mmmmm sh!

I started enjoying them more.

If you reallyReally have shower sex with any girl or woman, then it is different and fun. After that, I started fucking her by holding her ass.

It had now been 15 minutes since I was pushed. She started stuttering again. Auntie said, “Ah, mine. It is going to happen.

harder,duringI started fucking harder and in that time she fell, but I didn’t fall. Now I could see only her ass.

I picked up the shampoo, applied some to my cock, and smoothed it by inserting a little into her ass hole with my finger.

Now I fitted my cock directly in her ass and inserted it in one go.

His scream went out. She started trying to leave me. But I didn’t leave them… Slowly, the cock kept moving back and forth.

enjoying After some time, she also started enjoying She started giving support.

I was having so much funfun fucking such a sexy ass, what can I say?say?
After ten minutes,minutes, I fell in the ass while kicking his ass.

after theThen we bathed each other with soap and came out naked after the bath. We both wiped each other and got dressed.

Nowthat Aunt that Aunt started cooking, I fell asleep due to tiredness. way,Auntyway,In this way I fucked Aunty everywhere.

In the bedroom, in the kitchen, and kitchen, and in the bathroom, Aunty was fucked in every corner of the house;house; she was fucked everywhere in many rugs.

But I had the most fun in the shower, so I gave him most of the shower sex fun.

I don’t know how many times I fucked and satisfied her in about 3 months. Even today,today, whenever we get a chance,chance, we both get engaged in sex.

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