June 25, 2024
Boyfriend Satisfy My Lust in A Hotel

I had sex with my boyfriend in the hotel! How? My office friend has many boyfriends; she fucks by them a lot. She aroused my lust by talking about sex… in this English sex story, I will tell you how my Boyfriend Satisfy My Lust in A Hotel and Smash My Pussy.

Hello friends, my name is Yashika. In my family, I and my mother, father and I have a brother. 

I have a simple family, but we live very well. My brother is older than me. My mother is a housewife, my father has his work, and my brother works.

I am also doing a job at a good place which my brother has got me installed. Me and my brother both of us go to work together. 

I used to go to the office with my brother and come from the office with my brother.

I keep myself very well means I am very beautiful. My figure is also very good, and my ass is slightly sexy. 

Meaning that when I walk, my ass moves up and down. My teat is also very big, and I eat and drink at home, so my figure is very good.

Many people keep staring at me in the office. In the office, a girl named Komal became my friend, and we mingled.

That girl was very active and had made many boyfriends in the office. She used to enjoy the most.

In the office and while living with him, I also started talking to Nagendra, a boy in the office. 

My brother did not know that a boy in the office had become my friend. My friend Komal used to talk very openly, and I also opened up while living with her.

Boyfriend Satisfy My Lust in A Hotel

One day I was sleeping in my room, and the light was on in my brother’s room.

Brother always forgets to switch off the light of his room, so I went to his room to switch off the light of his room and saw that Brother was masturbating and watching porn on his mobile.

I came out after seeing this from the window. Seeing my brother, I also felt like watching porn on my mobile, so I started watching porn on my mobile.

I already had porn on my mobile because the girl who became my friend in my office always sent me porn.

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Her boyfriend used to send porn videos to her, and she used to send them to me.

I was so spoiled after befriending her that I used to sleep every day after watching porn on my mobile and fingering my pussy.

While living with my office friend Komal, sometimes I secretly went out with my brother.

Komal used to live some distance from my house, and she used to come on her scooter, so our friends used to go for a walk when we had a holiday.

I also used to talk to my office boy, and on the advice of Komu, I also started going out with him.

We both went for a walk one day, and Nagendra asked me to make him his girlfriend.

I didn’t say anything to her at that time, but the next day after asking my friend, I said yes.

And now Nagendra and I both started talking with each other daily.

My friend Komu used to tell me how she enjoyed having sex with her boyfriend, so I used to feel like getting fucked, and my pussy also got wet.

I used to ask Komu, ‘How are you getting fucked’ She used to tell everything openly.

The lust inside me had awakened, and I felt like getting fucked too. I used to finger my pussy every night, but now I feel like having sex more than fingering.

My friend told me to have sex with my boyfriend in a hotel because she also used to have sex with her boyfriend in a hotel.

One day my boyfriend Nagendra, while kissing me, said that he wanted to have sex with me. We both were with each other for a long time. 

I also wanted to have sex, so I also agreed. We both fixed a day to go to the hotel told by my friend. 

I was very happy that today I would be fucked by cocks because I was completely bored of fingering my pussy. I used to feel like getting fucked by cocks.

Me and my boyfriend both went to the hotel, and he took the room. After going to the hotel room, we started kissing each other.

He was also pressing my ass while kissing me.

Only then did we both remove each other’s clothes and become naked. I had become so hot that my pussy had become wet, and water was coming out of my pussy.

My boyfriend Nagendra took me to the bed and started sucking my big boobs.

After sucking my nipples, he put his tongue in my navel and started kissing it. I also began taking sobs after getting hot.

Now he put his tongue in my pussy and started licking my pussy. I got more excited and started sobbing ummah… ahh… hi… oh… and running my fingers through his hair.

We both started getting restless to have real sex in the hotel room. After licking my pussy, he put half of his cock in my pussy and started fucking my pussy.

I was having pain initially, but when he put his entire cock in my pussy, I started moaning loudly.

He placed his lips on mine so my sobs would not go outside the hotel room.

He started kissing me and put his cock in my pussy and stopped for some time.

When I became normal after some time, Nagendra began to fucking me.

I also started supporting him and lifting my ass and started taking his cock in my pussy.

Both of us lovers started having sex. Sometimes both of us kissed each other, and sometimes we hugged each other tightly.

I remembered my friend’s words. She used to say that it is a lot of fun to have sex, and really, it is a lot of fun to have sex.

Along with having sex with my boyfriend, I was also taking Askaris. He pressed my nipple hard while fucking me.

Then my sobs became more intense. My boyfriend was fucking me, and I was eagerly getting him fucked.

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After some time, we both fell while having sex and calmed down for some time.

Once after having sex, Nagendra ordered coffee, and after some time, the waiter brought coffee for us.

When the waiter came to the room, I went to the bathroom as I was naked, and he left with the coffee, and my boyfriend gave him a tip.

We both drank coffee after relishing it. There was a big T.V. in the hotel room. Felt and both of us T.V. Started watching. We both love romantic songs, so we were watching romantic songs.

Boyfriend Satisfy My Lust in A Hotel

My boyfriend and I were both naked, and he was pressing my tit by taking me in his arms.

Me and my boyfriend warmed up to have sex again, and we started kissing each other.

My boyfriend was kissing me on the lips, and I was kissing his lips. Both of us were kissing each other.

After kissing me, Nagendra started rubbing my boobs, and I started shaking his big cock.

My boyfriend started licking my pussy after rubbing my nipples, and after that, he put his two fingers in my pussy and started taking them out.

I started taking moaning, and I started feeling like having sex. He put his cock in my pussy and pushed hard in my pussy, then I screamed, and after some time, I started whining- ah oui ah!

And he put his cock in my pink pussy and started fucking my pussy.

I almost lost my life because he was pushing very hard. His cock went completely inside my pussy, and I made loud noises.

Both of us were having sex, and I was taking my boyfriend’s cock in my pussy by lifting my ass.

Then while having sex, we changed positions, I became a mare, and my boyfriend came behind me and, after licking my pussy put his cock in my pussy. Nagendra was rubbing my ass and fucking me.

Within a short time, we fell while having sex, our water had gone out, and we were tired and lay on the bed.

We didn’t realize when we fell asleep after such vigorous pussy fucking.

When both of us woke up, it was evening. I was feeling great after having sex twice.

I went to the bathroom to clean my pussy, cleaned myself well and then put on my clothes.

Nagendra had also woken up, he returned after going to the bathroom, and after some time, he put on his clothes.

We both sat and talked for some time in the hotel room and after that, we came out of the hotel room.

I hid my face by tying a cloth over my mouth. We came out of the hotel, went to a garden, sat there for some time, and kissed each other in arms.

And after that, my boyfriend and I went to our respective homes.

When I told about my hotel sex to my friend Komal, she also got hot, and she also went to the hotel for sex with her boyfriend the very next day.

Now both of us friends share our affairs. We both work in the office together. Komal has changed many boyfriends these days, but I still get fucked by him.

My friend tells me to have a new boyfriend. If I make a new boyfriend, I will tell you my sex story.

How did you all like my Real Sex Story? You all tell me by commenting. 

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