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Bro Sis Sex

Hello, friends, I am your Piya, today again I have come to tell you a sex story of a boy whose name is "Sister Taught Me How To Fuck Bro Sis Sex Story".

Hello, friends, I am your Piya, today again I have come to tell you a sex story of a boy whose name is “Sister Taught Me How To Fuck Bro Sis Sex Story“.

Friends, my name is Krish. I am a resident of the village. I was a very simple boy before this incident happened. Before this incident, I used my penis only for peeing.

By the way, In today’s world, everyone gets the knowledge of sex at a very young age. But at the time I am telling you, there was very little talk about sex at that time.

Everything was done secretly. No one used to talk openly, nor were there enough resources to know much about sex.

That’s why I haven’t done sex yet. Not alone sex, I had never done masturbation. After the incident that I am telling you today, I had a taste for sex.

I had only heard about pussy fucking before. Neither had ever seen a pussy, nor had I ever tried in such a way that I could get a pussy somewhere.

This story is about the first incident after which I learned to have sex.

This story of mine happened with a girl whom I used to call as Big Sister. She was not my real sister but her house was very close to ours and in the village, the boys used to call the girls of the nearby house as sisters.

In the cities, young boys do not call anyone Big Sister, but in the villages, even if there is no relationship, the girls used to look like Big Sister.

So friends, let me start the story. The girl I am talking about here was named Poonam. He was around 22 years old while I was already in my 19.

My Poonam Big Sister’s height was five feet and five inches. While I was taller than her. I was about five feet and eight inches. I was fine to see. Only three of us lived at my house and my parents

This is about the day when no one was at my house. My mother and father had gone to another village for some work that day and were to come the next day.

There was no one to cook at my house that night, so my mother told Poonam’s mother to take care of me.

Since I was alone in the house, I was getting bored sitting at home. During the day I had gone to play cricket. Somehow it is evening. Now thinking to eat.

Then when I went to Poonam’s house, I asked Auntie – Auntie, at what time the food will be cooked?

Auntie said – After cooking at my place, I will come to cook at your place.

But then Poonam came out. Poonam started saying – what is the need to cook there. When food is cooked here at our home, he will also eat it here. (Bro Sis Sex)

Poonam’s mother also found this thing correct.

Then his mother said – you come to our house around seven o’clock in the evening and eat here.

I said – ok.

After that, I went to my house and started watching TV to pass the time.

After seven o’clock in the evening, I went to Poonam Big Sister’s house to have food.

While having food, Aunty said – Poonam will sleep at your house tonight because your mother said that you do not sleep alone at night.

Then the food was over and I came back to my house.

After an hour, Poonam came to our house. There are four rooms in my house. The house is very big. That’s why I was scared at home.

After Poonam’s arrival, we watched TV for a while and then started preparing for sleep. When Poonam started going to the other room, I told her – You sleep with me in my room only.

She said – ok.

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Till now there was no such thing as sex in my mind. I was just making Poonam Big Sister sleep beside me to avoid fear. (Bro Sis Sex)

It was already 9 o’clock in the night and everyone in the village goes to sleep by 9 o’clock. I had fallen asleep. Poonam Big Sister was sleeping near me on my cot.

But suddenly in the night, I woke up when I felt something moving. When I woke up from sleep and rubbed my eyes, Poonam was lying with her back towards me and her hand was shaking.

When I paid more attention, I came to know that she was fingering her pussy.

After that, I lay down again and did not let Poonam know that I saw her fingering her pussy.

I was lying quietly with my eyes closed. But there was a stir inside me. I was getting restless. Along with a young girl fingering her pussy, then who was going to be at peace.

Then after some time maybe Poonam changed her course. Poonam Big Sister held my hand and tried to put it inside her tights by taking my hand in hers. I was pretending to be asleep.

But for how long would the drama last? Fingers touched her pussy. I got the touch of pussy for the first time. That’s why my cock started getting erect immediately.

Now I thought it was useless to pretend. I started running my fingers in sister’s pussy.

She understood that I am also enjoying it. She caught my cock with her hand and started pressing my cock. My cock was erect in my lower, which Poonam was caressing with her hand.

After that, he started taking off my clothes. Now I have also opened my eyes. Sex filled both of us. I took off my T-shirt and became topless. Here Poonam also started taking off her clothes.

I also took off my lowers and put them aside and I was only now in my tights. Poonam took off her shirt and opened her bra as well.When I saw her boobs, I started teasing them.

I could not understand what to do. For the first time, I had seen a girl’s boobs naked like this in front of my eyes. (Bro Sis Sex)

After that Poonam pulled me near her and got my hands placed on her boobs. I had a lot of fun I also knew that teats are a part of pressing but I never experienced it.

Poonam said – Do not press hard…

I started pressing Big Sister’s nipples. She grabbed my cock from the top of my briefs and started rubbing and squeezing it. Now sex has increased inside me. I started drinking Poonam’s teats.

After that Poonam also removed her pajamas and panties. I saw her pussy and put my finger in it. I started fingering in Poonam’s pussy. She started taking sobs fast.

I had never seen a girl without clothes like this before, so I was intoxicated. I started sucking the Poonam. Started kissing her whole body from top to bottom and she also started enjoying herself while taking sobs.

Then Poonam Big Sister asked me to remove my briefs, so I removed my briefs as well. I was also completely naked now. She made me lie on one side and started sucking my cock in her mouth. She was rapidly sucking my cock in her mouth.

Ahh… I started getting intoxicated by giving cock in my sister’s mouth. She was sucking my cock with speed like it was a lollipop. I didn’t know that sucking someone’s cock in their mouth is so much fun. I had gone mad.

After that Poonam spread her legs and asked me to come between her legs and put cock on her pussy. I understood that now it was her turn to fuck her pussy which was below.

My mind was also trying to fuck pussy. I did not have the experience of this, but some things are like this, nature has made them since birth. There is not much need to learn about them. The act of fucking is also one of them. When there is a naked pussy in front, the cock knows where its destination is.

I spread Big Sister’s legs on both sides and rested my 7-inch cock on Big Sister’s pussy. Then I started putting my cock in the hole of sister’s pussy. I didn’t have experience so the cock slipped.

Then Big Sister herself caught my cock in her hand and put it on her pussy. When I insisted, my cock entered in sister’s pussy. (Bro Sis Sex)

I started fucking my sister’s pussy by lying on top of sister. For the first time, I was fucking a girl’s pussy. I can’t tell you how much I was enjoying it.

I could not stand for long and within five minutes my cock spewed his semen in sister’s pussy. After that, we both lay naked. I kept playing with Big Sister’s nipples.

Seeing Big Sister’s naked body, I had a strange urge to touch her and play with her. Even though my semen had come out, I kept kissing Big Sister. Kept sucking her nipples. She also kept kissing me.

After ten minutes of kissing and licking, my cock got erect again. I had also heard about girls assfucking. I told Big Sister that I want to fuck your ass.

She started refusing but I did not agree. Then I pressed her nipples hard and started heating her. I fingered her pussy and when she started yearning to take cock, I told her to let me put cock in her anal once.

She was hot, so she agreed. I bent over sister and stuck cock in her anal. She started crying out in pain. Since both of us were alone in the house, the sound was not even going outside. I grabbed her boobs and started fucking her ass.

Within three-four minutes she started enjoying getting her anal fucked and she also started supporting me. Before this, my semen had already come out in the pussy, so this time the semen was not going to come out in the anal so soon.

I fucked Poonam Big Sister’s ass for ten minutes. Fucked her anal a lot.

When I left my semen and took out the cock, her anal was attached to my cock. I went to the bathroom and cleaned my cock. Big Sister also cleaned her pussy and ass. Then we both slept naked. (Bro Sis Sex)

When the eyes opened in the morning, the bodies of both were naked. Once again the mood for sex was created. I inserted my cock in her pussy. I hit many sixes on her pussy pitch. Then I got out on the last ball.

Since then sister had become mine and her pussy had also become mine. We both played many matches of Sex for three years and after that Big Sister’s marriage was fixed.

But still when both of us meet, she expresses her desire to take my cock. I also got the experience of fucking. That’s why I had also become a master player of sex and whenever Big Sister and I get a chance, we both enjoy sex.

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