June 18, 2024
Fuck The Village Girl

Hello friends, I, Ritika, welcome you to my other English Sex Story. You are reading this story on readxxstories.com.

This story has been sent by one of our readers of Readxstories.com whose name is Amit and, live in Delhi, so let’s read the story

Amit was the only wrestler in his village; he loved exercising and wrestling. But Amit also loved to wrestle with beautiful and full-bodied girls in the middle of the night.

Amit says that he used to love only one girl from his village.

Now, what did Amit do so that the girl agreed to have sex? It will be known only after reading the story of Fuck The Village Girl.

We asked the author to use simple English, so our readers could understand the story better.

This Desi English Sex Story is just for erotic entertainment, so don’t do anything in real life after reading the story.

If you ever go to any village, you must impress any girl there because only after that will you know what the fun of town desi sex is.

My name is Amit, and I am the most outspoken wrestler in my village. Seeing my broad chest and strong body, every woman would become sensual.

I liked many women in my mind, and because of this, I had sex with many different girls.

But who likes to fuck whores, after all? I got tired of fucking whores ass, and now all I wanted to do was fuck one girl.

That girl’s name was Sunaina, the daughter of the wealthiest man in the village.

Sunaina was a very educated girl; I used to get nervous whenever I went near her. Seeing her way of talking and throbbing ass, my body started sweating, and my cock watered.

Now after giving up, I started reading English sex stories like you guys and started masturbating my penis hard.

This work of mine had become daily. I would close my eyes and dream of Sunaina’s hanging boobs and dripping pussy.

In those days, I also learned that the boys in my neighborhood were gay, so they used to stare at me, and I used to think they were jealous of my body and wanted to have a body like mine.

Sunaina came to see the work in her father’s fields a few days later. His father had invited laborers to work on his farm by paying them.

That’s why I also talked with my colleagues. That day, seeing Sunaina, my heart started beating fast, and my friends said Go, brother.

So that there was no flag in front of my colleagues, I stood near Sunaina.

On seeing me, Sunaina’s friends started laughing shyly. Then, my chest became wide with pride.

Sunaina – You are Amit, aren’t you?

I said – yes, yes!!

Seeing my eagerness, Sunaina’s friends understood what I wanted from Sunaina.

Both of them held Sunaina’s hand, took her away, and started saying something.

I didn’t realize Khichdi was being cooked between all three of them, but what happened afterward was very funny. After talking, Sunaina came to me, and her friends left there.

Sunaina – Have you come here to see my farm?

When I came, I wanted to see Sunaina’s sensual body, but when Sunaina asked this, yes, it came out of my mouth.

During that time, I saw that Sunaina’s body language changed after talking to her friends.

After I said yes, Sunaina grabbed my hand and dragged me to her fields, where I got to have a desi fuck.

After some time, we talked openly, and everything was going well.

At that time, when I looked around, no one was around, and we were both in the grain field.

Finding myself alone with Sunaina, my intuition started rising, and I started looking at Sunaina with lustful eyes. My eyes were only on Sunaina’s boobs, so my penis got stiff.

I put my hand on Sunaina’s neck and said, “I want to fuck with you!! ,

Sunaina – what?? Shit, we thought that you have come to tell me only with love.

I put my hand in Sunaina’s salwar and started rubbing her pussy. Sunaina started getting sensual, seeing the interest in my eyes.

She touched my shoulder, pulled my mouth closer, and started kissing my lips.

Had it not been for Sunaina today, I would still be shaking my cock reading the Adult English Sex Stories. After that, both of us started having sex in the field itself.

I took off Sunaina’s suit, dropped my spit on her breasts, and started licking and sucking.

Soon Sunaina’s pussy started getting wet, and my cock started getting sticky.

Now even if I did, the girl was lying in front of me with her pussy open, and I was forced to cock.

I opened the nada of Sunaina’s salwar and took off her panties, and started looking at her pussy. Sunaina’s pussy was pinkish red, and water was dripping from it.

Then Sunaina caught my hand and inserted my two fingers in her pussy.

At that time, I came to know why I did not enjoy fucking the pussies of bitches.

Sunaina’s pussy was tight, and by putting my finger, I learned that no one had fucked this pussy to date.

I quickly took off my pant and sandal and made Sunaina lie down on the ground, and started cocking her pussy.

I enjoyed the warmth that my cock got as soon as it went inside the bosom.

Sunaina started rubbing her hands on my chest and shoulders while fucking. He liked my manly and muscular body.

Caressing my shoulders and chest, she also started touching my butts and started giving me strange pleasure.

After some time, I hugged Sunaina tightly, and Lodha kept giving in and out by shaking my waist.

I enjoy fucking a lot. I was going to fuck her tight pussy by giving my mouth in the soft boobs of Sunaina.

Sunaina – ahh ahh get up uhh no don’t be so fast!!

I said – why what happened??

Sunaina – No, to date, I have used only my two fingers; yours is big enough for me!!

I said – ahh ahh!!! Please bear for a while!!

Sunaina – No, now I am jealous downstairs!!

I didn’t listen to one thing about Sunaina because I was about to fall then. I held Sunaina’s head and started kissing her lips and tongue, sucking hard.

Sunaina’s big lips were like the petals of a rose. While kissing, both of our mouths became sticky with saliva, and at the same time, the pussy cock also started releasing water.

Sunaina started climbing white material from her pussy, and I sprayed white from my cock.

Our penises became so dirty and sticky that we just wanted to bathe quickly.

Even after the fall, I started looking at Sunaina like a flower I wanted to pluck.

I removed my Lola from Sunaina’s dirty pussy and began licking her shamelessly again.

The taste of Sunaina’s pussy was not good, but at that time, I could do anything to make Sunaina sob.

Now after such a tremendous fuck, there was no life in my load, but still, I wanted to fuck Sunaina a lot.

That’s why I started licking Sunaina’s pussy ass.

After about 20 minutes, Sunaina again released water from her pussy, and after that, she went into a state of unconsciousness.

It was 7 in the evening while having sex and doing all this in the dark was incorrect.

If I wanted, I could have removed water from Sunaina’s pussy 3 to 4 more times because she was in a whole mood, but I did not do so.

After resting naked, we dressed, and I dropped Sunaina at her house. After that day, Sunaina fell in love with my manly body; now, she is my girlfriend.

This was not known to anyone except Sunaina’s friends.

We had sex several more times, and I enjoyed fucking Sunaina’s chubby body every time. So, friends, this was my story of Fuck The Village Girl; if you like it, tell me.

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