June 25, 2024
Fucked Erotic Cousin Sister

My eyes got stuck on the youth of one of my cousins ​​who came to my sister’s wedding. She was also giving me feelings. How did I manage to fuck that sexy cousin? In this English sex story you read how I Fucked Erotic Cousin Sister And Enjoyed.

Friends, my name is Sohil; I reside in Aerocity, Delhi. My penis size is eight inches. My body is very cool. This is my first sex story; if I make any mistake in writing, please ignore it.

This Erotic Sex story is based on an actual incident. You will also know by reading this sex story yourself whether this story is true or not.

It was a matter of my sister’s marriage; my sister was going to get married because of that, many guests were coming to our house. Many beautiful girls and Bhabhi had gone in them.

In the enthusiasm of youth, my eyes were burning for some beautiful goods.
That’s why my eyes fell on my cousin; she looked amazing.
We were meeting after a long time. I could not find that she was also secretly watching me.

Although we had a perfect friendship, we did not meet.
Today many of my friends had also come to my house for my sister’s wedding.

During that time, one of my friend’s eyes fell on this sister of mine.
He told me to get Sohil to befriend me with your cousin.

I felt a little wrong about his words, but even then, I told her let’s see.

On the other side, all my relatives were there, so I could not get my friend to befriend my cousin.

I told my cousin’s sister to say to her that Sohil was calling out.
I have some work with her.

Hearing this, she went to her cousin, shaking her head.

I saw her going to my cousin, and seeing her saying something; I came out.
I stood alone on one side and waited for the cousin to come.

She came out after some time… means after about 10 minutes.
She was wearing a white coloured frock-like dress. She looked like a cutie in that dress.

As soon as she came near me, she smiled and said, ” Why have you called me alone?

I told her that my friend wanted to meet you.

She asked – why?

I said – he wants to befriend you.

She didn’t say anything about this, and she ran away from there.

I thought she must have been ashamed, so she ran away.
But I felt thrilled to see the mischief in her eyes.

Since then, I got busy with the wedding work and forgot everything.
I could not sleep the whole night at Didi’s wedding.
When morning came, my sister had already bid farewell.

After all the work was over, I went upstairs to sleep.
I could not sleep properly due to continuous employment for two or three years.
So I found a place upstairs and spread it out.

The house was overcrowded because of so many relatives.
Many guests left at night as soon as the marriage took place, and some had left at the time of farewell.
I did not know which guest stayed in this room and whether anyone had left.

Unaware of this, I spread my legs and closed my eyes.
I soon fell into a deep sleep.

I felt while sleeping that someone was waking me up, but at this time, I was not in a condition to wake up due to tiredness.
But I constantly felt someone’s touch, so my sleep became weak, and my eyes opened.
When I saw my cousin before me, I made a place for her to sleep beside me.

Seeing her, I remembered to inform my cousin what had happened and why you ran away from there at that time.

When I opened my eyes and asked her about this, she told me I love you, not your friend.

Hearing this, laddoos started bursting in my mind.
I held her head and started kissing her.
She also laughed and started kissing me.
I pulled her next to me and started having fun with her.

The size of her boobs was huge.
I caught both her boobs with my hands and enjoyed mashing them.
She got hot immediately, and whispering sounds started coming out of her mouth.

I took one of her big boobs in my mouth and started sucking her milk from the top of the clothes.
Intoxicated sobs began coming out of her mouth.

I put her hand on my cock; then she started playing with my cock.
I started rubbing her nipples vigorously from the top of the clothes.
She was also trying to give one of her milk in my mouth with her hand.
When I saw her supporting me, I put my hand over her pussy.

I put my hand in her panty and my finger in her pussy. Her pussy was very wet. I told her that I was not going to stop now… I have to get inside.

On this she refused me, she said – not now… whatever you want to do, do it at night.

I obeyed her and left her after having fun with her.
She got up from me and left.

Now I was feeling that when is the night… and break the seal of my cousin and enjoy the fuck.
After some time, I fell asleep and woke up straight in the evening.

As soon as I woke up, I started searching for my lover.
She left smiling in front of me.
I just kept caressing my cock, just looking at her.

When night fell, we all had dinner.
Now everyone was preparing for their sleep.

I asked her – what is the plan?

She said – Later… Everyone is awake now.

I could not sleep, so I switched off the light because I could not sleep in the morning.

After some time, I fell asleep with my eyes closed.
After some time, I felt that someone was shaking me, and then I saw that my cousin was waking me up. Seeing her, I lost my sleep and was completely awake.

I looked here and there; no one was there.
When I looked at her, she pointed out to me that there was no one in this room.
But there were mummies etc., in the adjacent room.

I pulled her towards me and kissed her by taking her in my arms.
She also started kissing me.
After having fun like this for some time, she removed all my clothes.

I also made her completely naked.
She was not wearing anything inside.
Maybe she knew that today she was about to fuck.
She was in the entire mood to fuck.

I attacked her boobs after stripping her.
I took one of her boobs in my mouth.
Sensual hisses were coming out of her mouth- ah maa aah…do it louder…do it louder…ahh more audible.

My penis also got erect due to the rubbing of her nipples.
I told her to take my cock in her mouth.

She immediately agreed, as if waiting for me to ask for it.

She quickly took my cock in her mouth while sitting, and she started sucking cocks with pleasure.
First, she moved her tongue on the surface of my cock and took the language moving out of my cock till the balls.

She did this two or three times. She runs her tongue on my cock and takes the language down to the balls.
Due to this, my whole cock was getting the touch of her tongue.

I was having a lot of fun.
I saw that she was also enjoying doing this.
Then she filled my cock inside her mouth and started sucking it with pleasure.
My eyes were closed with joy, and I started getting the happiness of heaven.

After about 10 minutes, I could not stand it and fell in her mouth.
She drink the goods of my cock with great pleasure.

When my cock fell utterly, I wanted to take it out of her mouth, but she kept sucking my fallen cock, too; she didn’t even let me take it out.
I was forced to suck my cock from her.
The result was that, in no time, my penis was erect again.

After a long time, the lust strings started floating in her eyes.
I grabbed her arms and pulled her towards me, and by applying my lips to her lips.
I started sucking the taste of my cock from her lips.

The next moment, I made her lie on my back, spread her legs, and came between her two legs.

Now I started licking her pink pussy.
Her mouth started making intoxicating sounds of ah… unh… ummh… ahh… hay… yah… unh… do it louder… ah louder…

While lifting her ass, she pressed my head with her hand and stuffed it with her pussy.
I was licking her pussy very impatiently.

She fell shortly after.

I also kept licking her pussy for five minutes, due to which she again became hot and sexy.

She said – I can’t tolerate it now; you quickly put your cock in my pussy.

I set my cock in her pussy hole and pushed.
Now only half of my cock had gone into her virgin pussy, and she was about to make a loud noise.
I put my lips on her lips and started kissing slowly.

She calmed down a bit, so after a few moments, I gave another push.
This time my entire cock had gone deep inside her pussy.
She thrashed like a fish out of water for once.
Then it calmed down on its own.

Her lips were still pursed, and she pulled the bed sheet with her fists.
I started caressing her, so she became calm, and now she also started enjoying herself.

In no time, she also started lifting her ass.
I understood that she needed cocks.
I started moving the cock back and forth in her pussy.
She was also enjoying getting fucked by lifting her ass.

Intoxicating and lustful sounds started coming from her mouth in a soft tone – aah mah haha… fuck… fuck me… fuck Sohil hard.

I also pushed her pussy for a long time and fell inside.
By now, she had also fallen.

After the fall, we kept lying on top of each other.
After some time, we parted, and she asked to go to the bathroom to clean herself.
I got up with her and went to the bathroom.
Saw inside that her pussy was torn, and blood was coming out.

She had opened the seal of her pussy with my cock.
There was pain on her face, but she was smiling.

This was the story of my first time sex with her.

Do let me know by commenting me how you liked my real sex story or not.

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