June 18, 2024
Fucked Friend's Sister

Hello, friends, I am your Piya, today again I have come to tell you a sex story of a boy whose name is "Fucked Friend's Sister And Made Her My Prostitute".

Hello, friends, I am your Piya, today again I have come to tell you a sex story of a boy whose name is “Fucked Friend’s Sister And Made Her My Prostitute”.

Hello friends! My name is Ritik. I am a resident of Madhya Pradesh…but currently doing my studies in Mumbai. I am a regular reader of Readxstories.

Friends, I am a 25-year-old well-built person. My height is 5 feet 8 inches but my cock is 7 inches long, which can extinguish the fire of thirsty youth, girl sister-in-law, or aunt’s pussy of any age.

While reading stories on Readxstories, I also thought that I should also share a sex story of my life with you.

This thing is from some time ago. I had a friend in the neighborhood of my flat in Mumbai, his name was Imran. Imran used to live in my neighborhood with his family. His Mom, Dad and his 19-year-old sister Shehnaaz lived in his family. This Shehnaaz was the same girl, whose thirsty youth I had tasted.

I have no words to say anything about Shehnaaz’s beauty and body, she was an Angel. Her body size of 34-30-36 was very attractive. When she used to walk, it was like doomsday. Her complexion was fair like milk and her face was oval. And the eyes were very sharp.

Shehnaaz was studying in the final year of B.A. and His father had been transferred out of the city, so only three people lived in the house.

I always wanted to taste Shehnaaz’s pussy and was incredibly crazy about her ass. The whole locality was talking about her intoxicated ass. I was also one of those fans who wanted to drink the juice of his thirsty youth, wanted to tear her pussy and ass. But the problem was that Shehnaaz used to call me Brother and she had nothing in her heart for me.

But luck was with me.

One day in the afternoon I got a call from Shehnaaz’s mother. The aunt called me to her house and asked me to come soon.

I also asked Auntie, what happened Auntie that you are calling me right now… is everything alright?

Aunt just said – Son, you have come to my house quickly.

I quickly went to their house and went inside and saw Imran fighting with his sister Shehnaaz. As soon as I entered inside, he raised his hand at Shehnaaz and started hitting her in a very dirty way.

I quickly went ahead and caught hold of Imran and took him to another room. I asked him – what happened after all, why is he raising his hand to his sister?

Taking out abuses, he said – This sister-in-law is coming from the hotel after getting fucked by a boy.

On hearing this, the ground went out from under my feet. On the other hand, Imran was continuously abused.

Then I said to him – shut up once… I will talk to Shehnaaz.

After a long time, he became silent. (Fucked Friend’s Sister)

I went to Shehnaaz and the aunt, who was crying and sitting near Shehnaaz, picked her up from there and sent her to Imran’s room.

Then I went to Shehnaaz, she hugged me crying. Then I asked him angrily – tell me what happened?

I was getting angry because she has made someone else drink the juice of her pussy. She was coming after kissing someone else.

Then Shehnaaz said – Brother, I have not done any wrong thing. I went to the hotel with my friend to meet her friend.

So how do I believe that you are right?

She said – Now how can I convince you?

I was relieved after listening to her that now its seal can be safe.

I put my hand on his body and stroked him on the pretext of making him silent and said – I will find out when the time comes.

By caressing her body a lot, I made her silent and took her mobile, I rang my number and took her number.

Then after a while when the atmosphere was a little better, I and Imran came to my house. Imran had slept in my house only.

I messaged Shehnaaz’s number, so I started talking to her.

So while talking, Shehnaaz said – Just now when Imran Brother raised his hand on me, I got hurt.

I asked – where did it go?

She said- She has got attached to me in such a way that I cannot even tell you.

I said – tell me… Otherwise, there can be some problems.

Fearing, she said that my chest was pushed, so I am feeling pain there.

I said – means did your breast hurt?

She said hesitatingly – yes… there only.

I asked her to go to the doctor, but she refused.

I said that some treatment has to be done… It is a sensitive place.

On this, she started saying – You bring some medicine.

I said where have I seen your injury, how can I bring any medicine till I do not know where the injury is?

Since she was considering me as her relative, she said – well… you come and see my place.

On hearing this, my cock saw its destination. I looked at Imran, he was still sleeping.

I said to Shehnaaz – ok I am coming. (Fucked Friend’s Sister)

She said – Yes you come, but mom is at home.

My cock was on fire to see her nipples, so I said – don’t say anything to Mom. I am coming.

When I went to her house, I saw that the aunt was standing outside getting ready.

I asked the aunt – how is Shehnaaz now? Where are you preparing to go?

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The aunt said- Son, you only talk to her… She is not talking to me at all. I have to go to the market for some important work, Until I come, you stay near her.

I said being happy in my heart – yes yes aunty you go and come comfortably. I will stay with Shehnaaz.

Auntie breathed peacefully and went to the market.

Now when I came inside, Shehnaaz was sleeping in her room with her ass up.

When I touched her ass lightly, she jumped out of fear. Then looking at me she said – Oh brother!

So I said – yes … and show me where is it?

She said – now it is Mom.

I told her that Ammi has gone to the market.

She said – I am ashamed.

So I said – I am watching… not eating.

She laughed and said – if you eat it!

Hearing this, I felt that this thirsty youth herself wants to fuck me. Now I put my one hand directly on her teats and massaged one teat.

So her sobs came out. She said- ah… take it easy… I am feeling pain.

I said- wait… I will fix all the pain now.

Saying this, I put her T-shirt up. She was wearing a black bra underneath. I went crazy on seeing her teat’s and my cock started to stiffen and ache.

She felt my cock rising from the top of my pant and the intoxication of thirsty youth was visible in her eyes. Now she said in a drunken voice – Now look quickly and cure my pain.

I removed Shehnaaz’s bra and saw it, I went crazy what nipples were there… Perfectly white and light chocolate-colored nipples were visible on them with a tight stitch. (Fucked Friend’s Sister)

I said – I massage them with hot oil, then the pain will be cured.

She said- You bring me some medicine… I cannot get you an oil massage.

So I asked – why?

Showing tantrums, she said – I am ashamed.

I said – now I have seen it too… so don’t waste time… I will remove all the pain before Aunty comes.

She didn’t say anything.

I went to the kitchen and heated the oil and brought it.

I asked her to lie down straight, she lay down straight with a little lustful face. My cock was in full swing because it dreamed of tasting Shehnaaz’s thirsty youth which was about to be fulfilled.

Now I asked him to take off his T-shirt completely. She didn’t say anything, so I took off her T-shirt. She was wreaking havoc in a black bra. I told her to close her eyes, so she closed her eyes and lay down.

Without wasting much time, I removed her bra and started massaging her with oil in my hand. I slowly started applying oil on the teats and in between I pressed the nipples.

Shehnaaz started hissing as soon as I pressed my nipples. Shehnaaz was trying to control her thirsty youth by closing her eyes and pressing her lips.

Now I understood that the time has come to fulfill my dream. I asked her while kissing both her nipples – how are you feeling now?

Shehnaaz said in an intoxicated voice – Uhm… very good… you are caressing above and I am tickling below.

I asked – should I go down too?

I could not believe what she said about this. She said – do it and see whether I have done something in the hotel today or not.

Then I said – it cannot be known by looking at it, something has to be done to check it, only then it will be known. (Fucked Friend’s Sister)

So Shehnaaz said that whatever you want to do, do it… but cure my bottom itching.

I understood that its thirsty youth is yearning for fuck.

Then I said – first you talk to an aunt and I talk to Imran that in what time he is coming.

I called Imran, but he did not pick up the phone. On the other hand, the aunt said it will take her two hours to come.

Then without wasting time, I took off her lower. Shehnaaz was wearing black panties underneath and she was getting wet. I removed her panty and started licking her pussy by keeping my mouth on her ass.

Shehnaaz’s lust for work flared up immediately and her intoxicating screams started echoing in the room. I put my whole tongue inside her wet Pussy.

Within a short while Shehnaaz’s water started coming out and I removed my mouth from there and put it directly in her mouth. Now I started sucking her mouth. Shehnaaz was also supporting me completely.

Now I wanted to take out my cock and put it in her mouth, but she refused. But when I insisted, she took my cock in her mouth. After a few moments, both of us came to the position of 69. Now both of us were licking each other’s bad cocks.

After some time she said – now there is a fire below… Please put it out.

When I was putting my cock inside her like bread, she was in pain. she had closed her eyes while bearing the pain.

That’s why I put half of my cock in the depth of the Pussy in one stroke and from there Shehnaaz screamed ‘Ummh … Ahh … Hay … Oh …’

I put my hand on her mouth and slowly started moving back and forth. When I looked at the cock, I came to know that my cock was stained with blood. Due to the bleeding, there was some wetness in the pussy and my cock started moving in and out easily.

Now Shehnaaz said – I saw that I had not done anything wrong in the hotel.

I got more excited and started fucking her. Shehnaaz was also giving me full support now.

After ten minutes I asked Shehnaaz to become a mare to see her ass. She quickly became a mare. I put the cock in the hole from behind and started fucking. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz’s water broke and she lay down tired. I put my cock back in the hole and started fucking.

It had been an hour since I was fucking Shehnaaz was still fucking her. i thought for today that would be enough… because Aunty and Imran could have come anytime.

I took out the cock from the hole and gave it to Shehnaaz’s mouth and Shehnaaz also started sucking hard. Now I could not stop my juice and saying ‘I love you, Jaan..’ I put the whole semen in Shehnaaz’s mouth. After the fall, I piled on top of him. (Fucked Friend’s Sister)

Then Aunt’s voice was heard outside at the gate, so we both got up quickly and got dressed. I saw that the sheet was damaged, so we thought that he had died today.

That’s why I went out and engaged Aunty in talking and Shehnaaz changed the sheet.

Later I asked Shehnaaz over the phone – how is the pain now?

She said – that pain is okay, but you have given me another pain.

I laughed and said to him – Your thirsty youth will be treated whenever it wants. When you want to get an injection, come to my house or call me, I will cure the pain.

In this way, I ended Shehnaaz’s pain. I still fuck Shehnaaz and now I have even enjoyed her ass. It is also a secret that I have also fucked Shehnaaz’s mother. Next time I will talk to you about the story of how Shehnaaz’s ass was killed and Aunty’s fuck.

That’s all for now, after reading the story of thirsty youth, water would have come out of the mouth and throat. You can mail me your suggestions to me.

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