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Fucked in The Hotel

This English Sex Story is very interesting, you will enjoy it. The story is Fucking of Cock Thirsty Girl

My name is Kumar. I am a resident of Delhi. I am almost 24 years old. I am a regular reader of

I am sharing an Adult English Story with you, Pallavi, whom I fucked in the hotel, my cock is 8″ long and 4″ thick.

Pallavi is a very hot and sexy girl, I felt like fucking her because the photograph she sent me was very sexy.

As soon as he saw me, he felt like fucking her. He said that he is married and has a 3-year-old child.

It has been 5 years since her marriage, after the baby, her relationship with her husband is not good and her husband also does not fuck her properly.

Nor does he pay any attention to him.  Pallavi’s figure was said to be 34-30-38.

I asked  Pallavi where he lived and where can I meet him.

So  Pallavi said that I live in Delhi, she said that after 2 days I have to go to Noida for some work and I will stay in that hotel. And that’s what I will get you.

I said ok we will meet after 2 days in Noida. And then we started talking about sex.  Pallavi started making sexy sounds during sex talk. 

Pallavi was fingering and I was also getting excited and I also started shaking holding my penis.

 Pallavi said in a loud voice, Satyendra, I am about to ejaculate. Aaaaah!!!! And she fell.

After 2 days I reached Noida and reached the hotel as told by him. When I saw  Pallavi, she was looking amazing.

And seeing her, I told her that  Pallavi, today you are looking doomed, seems like you have an intention to kill yourself.

He said there was nothing like that. Today, for the first time, I feel strange with an unknown sex.

I said why are you getting nervous sweetheart, it will be a lot of fun, why are you getting nervous. She smiled.

Then we went together to the hotel and booked a room there.

We entered the room with the room key. As soon as I entered the room, we left our belongings and I grabbed  Pallavi tightly from behind and pulled her towards me.

He said wait what are you doing then keep the same first. I said let the same be here. And come to me. I do not like to waste time.

I didn’t blush at all. Like the first time you did with your husband. I want to love you more than that.

And then I turned her upside down and pushed her on the bed and fell on her. And started kissing her continuously.

My hands were on her boobs. What wonderful boobs they were. Just like football. I was sucking her very hard and biting the nipple with the stopper. Was pressing harder.

She was screaming. Satyendra dear it is hurting. I said that there is fun in pain, dear. And then I started smooching her. She also started supporting me.

Both his hands were in my hair.  Pallavi’s tongue was hitting mine. His breath was driving me crazy. The taste of his lips was tremendous.

Then I slowly started moving downwards. One of my hands reached her pussy from the top of her pyjama and started rubbing it. He started enjoying.

And he spread his legs wide. One of my hands was pressing her boobs. And I was kissing on her breast.

I picked him up and took off his shirt. She was wearing a black bra. Her football-like boobs were imprisoned in the bra.

If I could not help it, I turned her around and started opening the hook of her bra by putting it in my mouth. It started rustling.  Pallavi said that Satyendra is getting tickled. Open it by hand.

I was excited to open the hook. And then I opened the hooks of her bra and freed her boobs. Her big nipples.

After perfecting her, I again put her boobs completely in my mouth and started sucking her nipples.

Slowly I started moving down, her naval was very deep. He got angry with his tongue and started sucking it. She placed her hand on my head and started pressing it.

And she was feeling tickled. Then I unbuttoned her pyjama and in one stroke I separated her pyjama from her tango.

She wore black coloured panties only. Transparent type. Very small. Due to which her swollen pussy was visible.

I put my hand on her pussy and kissed her pussy from the top of her panty with my lips. Her panty had become wet. And once  Pallavi even had an orgasm.

Then I also opened her panty.  Pallavi was now completely naked in front of me. She did not look like the mother of a survivor in any way.

He has maintained himself well. I lifted her legs. And I slowly started moving my tongue into her pussy. And started licking her wet pussy.

What a delicious pussy that was. Hmmmmm. Uuuuu. It was a lot of fun drinking the flowing water from her pussy.

She raised her waist and pressed my mouth tightly on her pussy. I started getting more excited. I took out my tongue completely and inserted it in the depth of  Pallavi’s pussy.

And then pressing the tip of her pussy between my teeth. Started biting vigorously.  Pallavi started screaming Aaaaahhh! Satyendra is in pain. Dear, lick, don’t bite.

But I kept biting his grain with my teeth. And the water from her pussy was continuously flowing. Which I was cleaning with my tongue. And was drinking it with pleasure.

Then she started tightening her body and held my head and pressed it tightly on her pussy and ah!! I ejaculated while making a sound. I cleaned her pussy.

Then I got ready for the next round. Her pussy was also very tight. Because she had not been fucked much, she still looked like a virgin.

I also took off all my clothes.  Pallavi went mad after seeing my cock. I gave my cock in her hand and asked her to suck it. 

Pallavi also put it in her mouth without being afraid and started sucking it like a lollipop. Holding her hair, I took my cock down to her throat.

And he covered her mouth hard and started fucking her. After fucking her mouth continuously, I ejaculated in her mouth and she drank all my fluid.

I started smooching her again. She held my penis and started caressing it. My penis became erect again. I asked  Pallavi to open her legs.

He opened his legs. I lifted her legs upwards and started spreading her pussy with the fingers of both my hands. Had to open her pussy and peep to the bottom. 

Pallavi asked What are you doing Satyendra. Do you intend to rip my pussy? I said I am seeing the depth of the pussy. How red is your pussy from the inside?

And then I kissed my full mouth in the depth of her pussy and then I came over her and lifted her legs and put them on my shoulder.

And by setting his cock on her pussy, he made a strong push and inserted all his cock in the depth of her pussy.

She is not in much trouble because of having been fucked before. But her scream came out. Her pussy was tight due to not having sex for a long time.

I slowly started thrusting into her. He also started having fun. She also started kissing by bouncing her waist. 

I increased the speed of my thrusts. Started pushing hard continuously. After fucking for 10 minutes I asked her to become a mare.

And she became a mare. Then I made her a mare and fucked her. 

After making her a mare and fucking her for 5 minutes. Then asked him to sit on him. And she held my penis and inserted it into her pussy and started bouncing up and down.

I started having fun too. Then I placed my hand below her waist and started pushing continuously from below.

And after 10 minutes I started ejaculating, so I asked her if she should release her semen.

He said to leave my mouth. Then I started pounding the lids. And in the last 3-4 breaths I asked her to get up and then I fell in her mouth and she drank all the water of my cock. 

And she cleaned my penis with her mouth. And then I lay down next to her. That day I fucked her 3 times, and she said look,

whenever you want to fuck me next time, tell me 5 days in advance, on the pretext of a job interview, I can come around Delhi or in Delhi only for one day.

See you here in this story, and in the next another sex-filled Best English Sex Stories till then Keep in mind and keep reading ReadXStories.Com Thank you

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