May 21, 2024
Fucked My Aunt

In Today’s English Sex Story titled “Fucked My Aunt in Front of Uncle and Quenched Her Thirst for Sex” I assure you that after reading this story you will not be able to stop shaking your cock. Let’s start today’s sex story.

Friends, My name is Shivam Thakur, and I live in Mumbai. I consider myself a big incest guy. Incest is a person who has sex with the woman of his own house.

I have also had sex with many women in my own house, but I was not like this from the beginning, earlier I was a very shy boy,

but what is written in destiny, it happens, and one such incident happened which changed the course of my life.

But how did all this happen, when did it happen, today I am going to tell you about that?

I live in Mumbai with my family, my mother, father, elder sister and I are the only four people in the house. Our uncle’s house is just a short distance away, uncle is in the army.

Only the aunt and her children live in the house. Due to the proximity of his house, we have to visit his house every now and then.

We never got to know what is the difference between our house and uncle’s house, it just seemed that we had two houses.

As long I was a child, I never paid attention to these things, nor did I ever see anything like this, because I used to consider my aunt as my mother, I just used to call her aunt.

But as I grew up, I started to understand something that my aunt is not a good woman, then I was in 12th class when I came to know for the first time.

Mother was telling the father that Poonam was having an affair somewhere outside.

Poonam is my aunt’s name. I found it very strange that Uncle is such a handsome man,

has such good health, and looks like a strong man from his face,

then why does Aunty need to look outside to someone else?

I did not understand this then.

But these illegitimate relationships are never hidden.

Once uncle was home on leave, his leg was injured in a military operation, so after treatment, he was sent on leave for 2 months to rest.

Meanwhile, one day the uncle also came to know about the affair of the aunt,

there was a lot of quarrel between the two, and the uncle could not get up, otherwise, the aunt would have been beaten up that day.

I naturally went to his house at that time, so hearing noises from inside, I stayed outside. The sound of uncle’s screams and aunt’s cries was coming inside.

I stopped and started listening to what the quarrel was about.

Uncle said – So now you are feeling so much fire that if I am not in the house, you will lie down under someone else, Motherfucker, doesn’t your stomach get satisfied with me?

The aunt also said while crying – You come for four days, and then I have to die alone for the whole year, what do you know, what is the pain of living alone.

Uncle roared – Why, don’t I live alone there?

Aunt again said – You will have many companions with you, who do I have with whom I can talk about my heart, I also have a heart, I also have desires. (Fucked My Aunt)

Uncle again said – So it means that if the husband is not in the house, then make Relations with someone else, with whom else to fuck your mother. Are? Whore, how long have you been eating his cock, bitch, tell me.

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I saw that aunt was also full of shamelessness, she said – it’s been a year.

Uncle became somewhat silent, and said – Will marry you?

Aunt said- No, he is married, and has children.

Uncle flared up again – so he is using you to play orgy, I don’t understand, what should I do, I feel like shooting you.

Aunt got scared and went and fell at uncle’s feet – no, forgive me, I was misled, I did such a thing by being forced by my helplessness.

And the aunt started crying.

Aunt was now near uncle, then uncle caught hold of her hair and slapped her face many times and grabbed her hair and pulled her hair,

I was also scared seeing all this from outside, lest my uncle kill my aunt. So I also went ahead and stood in front of him.

Uncle saw me and asked – when did you come here?

Fearing, I said to Uncle – Yes, it’s been a while. 

So the uncle said to the aunt – Look, now even the children have come to know about your black act, bitch, what do you say now?

And the uncle’s leg was fine, he gave it to the aunt and the aunt cried out in pain, I went and took care of the aunt.

Aunt probably got the support of her pain because of me, so she started crying and hugging me.

Of course, Aunt was hugging me, but her soft and big breasts which were adjacent to my shoulder were giving me great pleasure.

Of course, she was my aunt, and I had never seen or touched her with dirty eyes before, but today she was hugging me.

I had also become young at 18 and now my desire for sex was increasing.

But I liked it so much that my aunt cried hugging me like this, that it changed my whole thinking towards my aunt. (Fucked My Aunt)

The uncle said angrily – Shivam you know, this is your aunt, who is getting her pussy fucked by someone else.

Aunt also suddenly turned – keep quiet, don’t bring the children into all these things.

Uncle screamed – why shouldn’t I bring, now the children have grown up, they should also know what their family members are doing. The bitch, Asshole, would be clinging to her friend in the same way.

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Aunt left me immediately, and aunt roared – yes, I am wrapped, and I am even more wrapped, and I will wrap further, do whatever you want, go die and go somewhere, now I have also thought, what to do Yes, I will do it openly, I will do it in front of you, whatever is uprooted from you, uproot it.
Seeing this form of aunt, both me and uncle were shocked.

Now even Uncle could not understand what he should do, what could I understand? Then the uncle, who was thundering earlier, said in a low voice – Listen, Poonam, it cannot happen that you don’t get my respect in the mud outside the house.

Hearing his soft voice, Aunt also became soft and went and sat holding his knee – I love you very much, I never wanted to cheat you, I don’t know why I was shocked that I got into his smooth talk.

When Aunt started crying, Uncle started caressing her head, then said – why don’t you do something so that you don’t have to go out of the house.

Aunt said – What is it that I do not go out of the house?

Uncle said nothing but he looked at me, I did not understand the meaning of his look, but as if an alarm bell rang in my mind.

Aunt first looked at Uncle and then at me, then said with great surprise – Shivam??? haven’t you gone mad?

Uncle said – No, I am not mad, now our Shivam has also become young, he will take good care of you.

Then said to me – Shivam, will you take care of Aunt?

What can I say, I just shook my head lightly. (Fucked My Aunt)

Uncle said – go home, come tomorrow when I call.

I came quietly to my house.

That day I shook my cock for the first time thinking of aunt, I was once again feeling that soft feeling, when aunt’s fat teats was touching my shoulder.

I was thinking that if I had to fuck my aunt, how would I do it, standing in the bathroom, I kept practicing by shaking my waist in many ways.

Till now I have not even seen how to fuck pussy, how it is. 

The next day in the afternoon I got a call from my uncle that Shivam should come here.

I reached my uncle’s house with hundreds of desires in my child’s mind. Uncle made me sit near him, meanwhile, Aunt brought tea, she was wearing a very beautiful saree and complete makeup.

Was looking beautiful. Her dark green saree, white blouse, her boobs tucked into a bra, and her cleavage peeking out a bit, with her neck chain pendant stuck in it. 

Uncle said while drinking tea – Shivam, you heard about our fight yesterday, you must have come to know that your aunt is having an affair with some other man. But I want that no woman in our house should go out, if she needs it, she should find it in her house, who knows who is outside, and who is not, it is our own that the matter of the house should stay at home. Will go, work will also be done, and no one will even know, and there will be no defamation.

I kept listening to my uncle silently.

He further said – After you left yesterday, we thought a lot on this subject, and then decided that you are the right person for this work. Tell me, will you be able to satisfy your aunt?

Now I had no answer to this question, so I stuttered and said to my uncle, “Uncle, I… I… how to Aunt…?”

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He said – I had seen yesterday when she was hugging you, then you were also clinging to her with great pleasure, and now she plays drama in front of me. (Fucked My Aunt)

I understood that uncle had caught my theft, now there was no scope for any drama, but the shame was still there.

Uncle said – I have talked to Poonam, and she has agreed to have a relationship with you, now you also need your approval, tell me, will you do it with your aunt?

I thought, if I remain silent now, then this opportunity might not go away from me, so I nodded my head and said yes.

But seeing me blushing, my aunt caressed my head and said – He is very shy.

Uncle said- Listen, Shivam, have you ever done this before?

I shook my head no. 

So the uncle said – Hey idiots, till now he is living only by shaking hands.

Aunt scolded Uncle sweetly – don’t you too, firstly he is already nervous, secondly, you are scaring him more.

Then aunt said to me- Look Shivam, one day you have to do all this, so don’t be afraid, don’t be shy, I and your uncle are there, we will teach you all, okay?

I nodded yes but I was torn from inside that I don’t know whether I will be able to do anything or not.

Then uncle said – then let’s start again, I will also see.

I kept sitting like that, I could not understand what to do.

But aunt got up, and holding my hand took me to the bed, Uncle was also sitting on the sofa in front of me,

plaster on one leg and he had kept that leg on the table in front of me. My aunt and I were on the bed, both of us hanging our legs down.

Aunt caught my hand and put it on her thigh, even from inside the saree I could feel her big thigh, turned her hand on my face, and said – why are you so scared?

With great difficulty I could speak – No aunt. (Fucked My Aunt)

She said – Now I am not your aunt, call me by my name, call me Poonam.

I hesitated a bit and said – Poonam.

Really felt very good.

Uncle said from there – Poonam, it will not open like this, warm it by showing something.

Auntie stood up and right in front of me she took off her saree from her shoulder and dropped it down on the floor.

Saw Aunty in a blouse for the first time today, her raised boobs were looking very cool in a white blouse.

Read after that what happened in Fucked My Aunt sex story in the next part of the story.

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