June 25, 2024
Fucked My Neighbour Sister

Desi English Sex Story was given to me by our tenant girl who is 5 years older than me. I used to like her and used to masturbate thinking about her. the title of this story is Fucked My Neighbour Sister.

Friends, my name is Rohan. I will tell you about an erotic incident that happened to me.

Apart from my family, another brother and sister lived in the same house on rent.

They used to live in the upstairs room. Both of them had been living there for a long time.

Her Brother’s name was Guddu and her name was Sudha.

I used to call Sudha Didi and she was 5 years older than me.

Even though I used to call her Sudha Didi, I started liking her because when she used to stay in the room, she used to take off her scarf.

Earlier I used to stay in her room for the whole day. Then one day after hearing scolding from my father, now I started going less in his room.

Two months passed like this, While shaking my cock, I used to see Didi only occasionally.

Once again got a chance. Then the whole family had to go out of town for the wedding.

I did not know that all those people had to go. No one had even told me.

His train was at 5 am the following day. Everyone was talking in the night, then I asked what is being talked about.

Then Father said – no one told you?

I said – no.

Papa said – I have to go tomorrow morning, you also pack your clothes, I didn’t want to go, so I refused.

Papa also agreed, Then at the same time, Guddu Bhaiya came from above.

He said – I also have to go for the exam, let’s go together.

I thought this was a great opportunity.

Father said – We will come after 1 week. Then will Sudha be alone here?

Guddu Bhaiya started thinking about something, and then he asked – are all of you going?

Father said – No, Rohan is not going.

Guddu Bhaiya said – then there is no problem, where is Sudha also alone?

The matter was settled. Guddu Bhaiya asked to come after 5 days.

I said – ok. I was very happy.

Everyone left in the morning, I and Sudha didi were the only ones left in the house.

She had to go to school, she left.

Fucked My Neighbour Sister

I also went to school, When I returned from school, I saw no one in the house. She came back at 2 o’clock.

I asked – how did it take so long?

She said – she had gone to a friend’s house. After that, she closed the gate of the upstairs room and started studying.

Fucked My Neighbour Sister

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After some time Didi came downstairs and started watching TV.

After that, he cooked food and asked me to have food. I sat with them and started having food.

She was silent, I found all this boring, She was a bit tired, so she went upstairs to her room and lay down to sleep.

I also came to her room.

She said – what is the work?

I said – should I sleep here?

She also said – yes sleep, I moved away from them and closed my eyes and slept there, Seeing me sleeping, she also closed her eyes and fell asleep.

I wanted to have sex with Didi, I slowly moved near her and stuck my banana in the crack of his watermelons.

My banana became bitter and I felt like taking off my sister’s pyjama and putting my banana in her crack and going to sleep.

Although I was feeling very scared, very slowly I slid down his pyjama. The pajama had elastic so it was very easy to slide down.

But the side where she was lying on her side, the pyjama was not getting down from that side.

I thought if I exert more force, it is possible that Didi will wake up, Then I stopped moving her pyjamas from that side and put my banana next to her.

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I was feeling very excited, my ass was bursting, but I was also having fun. Now I felt that if I slide down the pyjama pressed from the other side, it would be fun.

When I mustered up some strength, he fell, Now Didi’s watermelons were in front of my bananas.

My banana slowly went inside the gap between Didi’s watermelons. Ah… I had never had such fun.

It was my first time, Keeping the cock in the same way, I started shaking it while slowly moving back and forth.

After some time, what was feared happened. Didi woke up and turned back and said angrily – what are you doing?

I said without any tension – give your pussy my dick.

Even today I laugh at that statement of mine.

She said to me trembling – step back, I held her tighter and started shaking her waist tightly.

She started to free herself, but when she could not get rid of it, she said – Do it from the front, not the back.

That’s the wrong hole, Hearing this, I felt I had found wealth by tearing the roof, My happiness knew no bounds.

Then I took off all his clothes and straightened up and climbed on top of Didi.

Didi also opened the hole by spreading her legs. I started putting my dick in Didi’s puffed pussy.

But he was not going inside, Sudha didi was also feeling pain. Looking helplessly here and there, I saw Dabur Amla oil kept in front of me.

I picked up the vial and put it inside her soft pussy like a flower. After that I gave my hard dick, Because of the lubrication, my cock penetrated halfway.

When there was a sudden attack, Sudha didi started crying and said in a moaning – Ah I died… Uff take it out.

I got scared all of a sudden and took out the cock. Moaning with pain, she said – Leave it tomorrow.

I was left shrinking my cock. After that, I fell asleep naked by sticking my dick in the crevice of my sister’s ass.

Then I woke up at 2 in the night. I switched on the light and saw Sudha didi.

My cock got erect again. I thought that if I do it again today, she will not do it.

But Lund was insanity. I thought for some time that she is ready to fuck, she is just pretending because of pain.

There will be pain tomorrow too. I will not be able to get cock like this. Just now I tied both the hands of Sudha Didi tightly to the bed.

Then I slowly spread their legs and tied them too so that they might not turn into a ferocious bull and break her ass.

After that, I poured oil into her pussy by making a squirt from the vial and pushed it inside forcefully by setting cocks.

She was startled by this sudden attack and woke up.

Didi said – Move… It is hurting.

I pushed harder. This time the whole dick went inside. She started crying. I was stuck, Then slowly when I started doing inside out, she became calm.

Fucked My Neighbour Sister

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After some time, she said in an intoxicated voice – keep sighing. I did too. After that, my penis felt like something hot.

When I took it out, I saw blood. Also, there was something like Lislisa White White.

I knew what they were. After that, she said – now go to sleep.

I said – it is not mine yet.

She said – Open my hands and legs.

I opened got up and sat on my lap and put my dick in the crack of her nipples and started shaking it.

My work was done in no time.

She said – now sleep.

I fell asleep. When I woke up at 8 in the morning, Didi had cooked food.

I said – I worked hard at night, so I am hungry.

She said – then eat. Food is ready. Then we both ate.

I said – let’s do it again.

She said – I have to wash clothes. She started collecting clothes.

She even took off his clothes in front of me. She did this to wash. Looking at his naked youth.

I said – wash my clothes too!

She said – yes give it.

I took off my clothes and gave them to her and started shaking cocks.

When she laughed, I picked her up and started kissing her holding her tightly. So she also became Chudasi.

After that, I brought sister to the bed and made her lie down and put oil in her pussy and gave my penis to her.

When the cock went inside, I immediately started pushing inside and out.

She said – What is the hurry… Pelo slowly.

I started doing it slowly. After some time all my water dripped inside her pussy.

Now she got up and went to wash her clothes.

The same day she went for a walk with her friend. I was getting bored at home alone, I also went for a walk.

I came at 7 in the evening and went to sleep. She came home at 8 o’clock.

I asked – where did you go?

She said- Today she had gone a little far with her friend and also came to see the film.

I asked- Was there any boy with you?

She said – If there was someone, why would she have sex with you?

I said – let’s do it again.

Didi refused. She said – I am feeling very sleepy today. I will do it tomorrow, I am very tired today.

I said – you sleep, I will do it. She refused and she went to sleep.

I closed the gate and came to sleep in her room.

I said to Sudha didi – sleep with your clothes open! Till I come after having food.

After speaking well, she got naked and fell asleep. After eating food, I fell asleep next to her.

I put my dick in her ass crack and fell asleep. Woke up at 5 in the morning.

Then I had only dreamt of sex and felt like doing it. I got up to get oil, but the oil was over.

Sudha Didi was sleeping naked. Then I thought that I will bring ghee.

It will be even smoother than that. I brought half a cup of ghee from below and spread her legs and put it in her pussy hole from outside.

She was still sleeping. I lowered my pant and slipped the dick in her pussy.

She had got up but started talking – I don’t even let her sleep.

I said – I will do it slowly. She didn’t say anything. I slowly entered.

She was feeling a little pain but after some time she started enjoying it.

After ten minutes his water broke. Then my water also came out. When I took out my dick, it was loaded.

She got up, got ready, and went to school. After that, we had sex many times.

Friends give me your thoughts about my sex story in the comment box. thanks for reading it.

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