June 25, 2024
Fucked My Real Sister and Aunt

In today's English Sex Story titled "I Fucked My Real Sister and Aunt in the Dark of Night" after reading this you will not be able to stop shaking your cock.

In our today’s English Sex Story titled “I Fucked My Real Sister and Aunt in the Dark of Night” I assure you that after reading this story you will not be able to stop shaking your cock. Let’s start today’s desi Sex Story.

Hello Friends, My Name is Sahil Khan.

Before starting the story let me tell you about my family.

My family consists of my mother, father, my sister, and myself.

My age is 20 years.

There are two rooms in our house. In one, Ammi Abbu sleeps and in the other, me and my sister, both of us sleep together.

My sister’s name is Shehnaaz and she was 21 years old and she does a job. My sister is very sexy looking.

Whenever she comes out of the house, everyone keeps looking at her.

Don’t know how many boys wanted to impress my sister, but my sister never used to give feelings to anyone.

This is about the time when I had given my final exam.

It was time to rain. My sister was coming back from her work.

While coming, she got wet in the rain on the way.

At that time I was alone in the house, Ammi Abbu had gone to my maternal uncle’s house.

When I was free, I was playing PUBG in my mobile.

Then my sister came completely drenched in the rain.

When I saw her, she was looking very cool.

Her nipples and teats were clearly visible in the wet clothes.

Seeing my sister like this, my cock started saluting.

This was the first time when I saw a girl like this.

My cock was not even taking the name of getting down.

Then my sister calls me.

She was asking me for a towel.

To date, we used to sleep together, and I never had bad thoughts about my sister.

But now I wanted to fuck my sister.

I brought a towel for her.

She took the towel and went to the bathroom and I started looking inside through the crack of the door.

My sister had taken off all her clothes. She was looking cool. I was going crazy seeing her tight big Boobs, little pussy.

I started banging on the door thinking about my sister.

Then there was a commotion at the door, I quickly ran away. I ran away from there and came to Ammi’s room.

By then my sister had gone to her room.

I was going to masturbate.

then my cock left the semen.

After falling I was relieved and I closed my eyes and started thinking about my sister.

Now I wanted her under my cock in any condition.

Now I came to the room and started staring at my sister.

In no time she also came to know that her brother is taking an interest in her.

After having dinner we both went to sleep. (Fucked My Real Sister and Aunt)

My sister went to sleep early but I could not sleep.

My eyes kept seeing my sister getting wet in the rain, her naked youth in the bathroom warming me.

When I could not resist, I took some courage and put one of my feet on his feet.

She was sleeping in a deep sleep.

When nothing happened from her side, my courage increased.

I gently pressed one of her boobs.

Still, she didn’t say anything. My courage increased.

I slowly started coming down.

Then she turned and my ass burst.

She said – Brother, what are you doing?

I didn’t say anything.

I said sorry to her and went back to sleep.

Then she also fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning, my sister gave me tea and she went to her work.

After a while, Ammi Abbu came and I also went to play with my friends.

When I came home in the evening, my sister had not yet returned home.

I was still worrying lest she should tell Ammi.

I lay down after eating something.

When sister came back from work, Ammi Abbu told her that they both have to go to Pune for marriage. There is a wedding at my aunt’s place.

When Ammi asked her to go with her, my sister refused to go.

Ammi asked me to live with my sister. Ammi did her packing and at night they both went to Pune by bus.

I ate food and started walking outside.

My sister called – Come on now come inside and sleep.

When I came inside, I saw that my sister was looking amazing.

She was wearing a knee-length frock-like nightie.

Her youth was oozing from inside, her nipples were looking hard and she was also smiling looking at me.

I didn’t react to seeing her and lay down straight.

When I started sleeping, she said- Brother, what you were doing yesterday, can we both do that today?

At first, I was shocked to hear her words but remained silent.

My sister again said – answer.

I said – I made a mistake.

Sister said – make that mistake again today.

I didn’t say anything.

She growled and said – If you do not do as I say, then I will definitely say that to Ammi Abbu.

I started crying.

I said – Aapa, I will do whatever you say. Please don’t say anything to Ammi.

She smiled and hugged me and started kissing me.

By kissing her my courage increased and the heat also started increasing.

We both started kissing and kept kissing for 20 minutes.

Now she started taking off my clothes and she also became naked.

After a few moments, my Sister was standing naked in front of me.

My cock was about to explode after seeing her clean pussy.

Then my sister caught my hard cock with her hand and started caressing it.

I was looking at her, she sat down on her knees looking into my eyes like a porn actress, and started sucking my cock.

I felt like I had access to Heaven as soon as my sister take my cock in her mouth.

I closed my eyes and started enjoying cock sucking. (Fucked My Real Sister and Aunt)

After sucking for five minutes, she took the cock out of her mouth and spread her legs, and lay down.

Looking at me with lust, she said while caressing her pussy – now you lick my pussy.

I also started licking my sister’s Virgin Pussy loudly.

After getting her pussy licked for a few minutes, she said- Brother, fuck me now, I can’t take it anymore.

I got in position and started rubbing Seven-inch cock on my sister’s pussy.

My sister’s pussy was very smooth and my sister was uncontrollable.

She lifted her ass and tried to take the cock in her pussy.

My cock suddenly went a little inside her pussy.

Sister’s loud scream came out and I pressed her lips and put the cock in her pussy.

Blood started coming from my sister’s pussy.

I was scared to see the blood that happened.

Out of fear, I took my cock out of my sister’s pussy.

Sister started crying and i got started worrying that all this quarrel happened.

I started saying – Sorry sister-in-law, you feel pain by doing this. I won’t do it now.

Sister did not say anything, she kept lying like this.

After a few minutes, I asked Sister – How is the pain now?

She said- Brother, it hurts for the first time. I know this.

My cock was still fully erect.

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Seeing the strong cock, sister said – this time no matter how much I cry, shout, you don’t stop.

You pour slowly at first, when it is completely over, then start speeding it up.

I agreed and climbed on top of Sister.

This time I kept on doing as Sister kept on speaking.

My entire cock went into sister’s pussy.

She felt pain but she asked me to keep doing it.

After some time both of us started enjoying sex.

After fucking my sister’s pussy for about twenty minutes, my water was about to come out.

I asked sister – where should I take it out?

Sister said – don’t take it inside.

I took the whole cock out of her pussy and put it in her mouth.

sister started sucking my cock.

After some time, all my juice came out in sister’s mouth.

I was feeling very good feeding my semen to her.

Then I went to the bathroom and came back after cleaning myself.

After me my sister cleaned herself and we both slept naked.

After an hour, there was a fierce fight again.

That night I fucked my sister four times. (Fucked My Real Sister and Aunt)

We both played the game of sex in the whole house till Ammi Abbu came.

After that my sister fucks me every night and I also fuck my sister with pleasure.

Then one day Ammi Abbu had gone out. We both were in the house.

I was fucking sister, then Aunty saw us from the window.

Sister got scared and said – what will happen now?

I also getting scared.

Then both of us finished our work and I went to take a bath.

For a few days, I kept trying to stay away from Aunty.

It is a matter of a few days after that. Aunty was bringing some goods, then she met me on the way.

Aunt said – listen.

My condition has become so bad that I may not start speaking anything.

But the aunt asked to deliver the goods home and did not say anything.

I picked up aunt’s belongings and came to her house.

When I started leaving after keeping their belongings, the aunt said, wait, I have some work with you.

I said yes tell me what is your work Aunty?

Aunt said- First, tell me what were you both doing that day?

I didn’t say anything.

So Aunt said – I know everything.

I am getting scared now.

Auntie started laughing seeing my condition.

Then Aunty said – come to the terrace at night, then I will tell you what to do?

I came home scared.

I told everything to sister.

Then the sister said – let’s see what happens at night.

I was silent.

Sister said – If aunt said something and she told Ammi Abbu, then we both would run away from home and get married. (Fucked My Real Sister and Aunt)

I was happy that Sister was with me.

Then after having food, I fell asleep.

sister woke up at 7 in the evening and said – have breakfast.

After having breakfast, sister said – whatever may happen, I am with you.

Then sister kissed me.

My mind lightened a bit.

I was sitting there watching TV.

Sister went to cook.

After two hours, my sister and I were about to have food when that aunty came.

She said to sister – Today I sleep at your place.

sister said in a dead voice – It’s okay.

Then we had dinner and I went to sleep.

Aunt said – why don’t we all sleep together.

We were lying on the same bed.

First me, then sister, then aunty.

After some time the sister fell asleep.

I also started feeling sleepy. Then the aunt got up and went to the bathroom.

After coming back, she put sister to sleep at his place. sister was in a deep sleep, so she kept sleeping.

That’s why Aunt came and lay down near me.

I just lay there with my eyes closed.

Auntie thought I was sleeping.

Aunty kept lying straight for a while, then suddenly she caught hold of my cock.

I didn’t say anything.

My cock started getting erect due to aunt’s caress.

Now Aunty slowly started caressing my cock, then she slowly took off my lower.

I don’t wear anything inside while sleeping.

Aunty could not stop seeing my 7-inch hard cock. She immediately started sucking the cock in her mouth.

I was quietly enjoying heaven.

Then after sucking for a few minutes, the aunt spoke softly in the ear – how much more you will torture, now fuck me my life… I can’t help it.

I got up and put on Auntie’s nightie.

Seeing her clean-shaven pussy, I could not stand it and I broke down on the pussy.

I started licking aunt’s pussy, she started taking sobs.

After sucking the pussy for a few minutes, I set the cock and pushed it into the aunt’s pussy.

Aunty’s scream came out and I started thrusting cock inside and out.

After pushing and shoving for about 20 minutes, I got tired and my semen also cum out.

For some time I lay on top of the aunt, then slept naked next to her.

When I woke up in the morning, Auntie had gone to her house.

I told my sister that Aunty had taken my cock at night.

Both of us became happy that now there is no fear of anything.

Now whenever I feel like it, I can fuck Aunty or my sister.

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