May 14, 2024
Fucked Newly Arrived Bhabhi 3

In this English Sex Stories, I continued with my previous story Fucked Newly Arrived Bhabhi 3, and now tell you what happened after that.

If you have not read the previous part of this Real English Sex Story now, then read that first for full enjoyment. read the last part of this story from here Fucked Newly Arrived Bhabhi 2.

I tell you about myself, My name is Kamlesh. I am from Aerocity, Delhi. This is my Real Fuck story. I hope you guys will like it very much.

You already read that I had sucked the pussy of the Bhabhi and then licked the entire juice of her pussy.

Now forward:

After licking pussy, Bhabhi hugged me and started kissing my lips.
I also took her in my arms and started caressing all her parts one by one.

First of all, I pressed the big boobs of Bhabhi, caressed her back.
Then caressed and pressed her round and fair butts.

That’s why one hand of Bhabhi started going inside my pants.
The very next moment, Bhabhi started pressing my cock in her hand.

Seeing this act of his, I became mad.
I made her lie there on the sofa and pressed her lips to mine.
We both started kissing.

After sucking her lips for ten minutes, I removed her blouse.
Then the saree was also separated from her.
Later, by opening the pulse of her petticoat, she took off her petticoat.

Now at this time, Bhabhi was only in bra and panty.
I started rubbing and sucking Bhabhi’s nipples from the bra itself.
After a few moments, I came to her navel kissing Bhabhi’s belly.
I put the tip of my tongue in Bhabhi’s navel and kissed and sucked her with great pleasure.

At last, I again started licking and biting Bhabhi’s pussy from the top of the panty.

By doing this, the voice of the Bhabhi changed completely.
She started saying umm umm umm.
Now I separated her bra and panty from her body.

Bhabhi whispered in my ear – I want to suck too.

On hearing this, I separated from my Bhabhi and both of us came in 69 position.

Coming into this position, I made her lie down on the bed on her back and I turned my face toward her pussy.

I had turned my cock towards Bhabhi’s face.
Bhabhi was sniffing holding the cock.
I started licking her pussy with great enthusiasm.
At the same moment, Bhabhi also started sucking my cock with great pleasure.

Cock sucking started going on.
While doing this, it took us more than ten minutes.

After this, I got up and sat between the two legs of Bhabhi.
I started looking at Bhabhi’s pussy.

Bhabhi said- Why are you torturing me so much… put your cock in my pussy quickly and calm her thirst… don’t delay now… quickly tear my pussy with your cock… fuck her and drain her water.

I set my cock in Bhabhi’s pussy hole and gave a strong push.
In one stroke, my entire cock got absorbed in Bhabhi’s pussy.

At the same time, ‘Oui Maa… Mar Gayi..’ came out of the mouth of the Bhabhi.

Bhabhi moaning said – your cock is bigger than my husband’s and also fat.

I took my cock out a little and pushed it again, then Bhabhi said – do it slowly man… I am not going anywhere.

I didn’t listen to Bhabhi and spread her legs further and started fucking Bhabhi with full force.

Bhabhi was also taking my entire cock in her pussy by bouncing her butts in fun… Along with this, she was also taking out the sounds of Amm Amm from her mouth.

It must have been some time while I was fucking my Bhabhi that her body started stiffening again.
Bhabhi hugged me to her chest.
Even then I did not stop… I was going on fucking my Bhabhi.

Suddenly a spray of water came out from Bhabhi’s pussy and she said- Ah… after how many days I have had such a fuck… From today I am yours… and will remain yours even further, my king.

Hearing this, I could not live and I also sucked the lips of Bhabhi while pressing her nipples.
I started pushing my cock more quickly in her pussy.

Bhabhi kept saying- Ah… now stop it my brother-in-law Raja… I am getting out of tolerance.

But where was I supposed to listen?
I kept fucking Bhabhi’s pussy continuously.

Bhabhi said – hurry up… whatever you want to do… otherwise my mother-in-law and father-in-law will come.

I immediately thought that there might be a fight.
The very next moment I picked up my Bhabhi and made her sit on top of my cock.

I said to Bhabhi – now you put my cock in your pussy and move it up and down.

Bhabhi did the same.
She started rubbing my cock on her pussy with her hand and putting it in her pussy in one stroke.
She started moving her butts up and down rapidly.
Along with her butts, her nipples were also moving up and down.

I caught Bhabhi’s bouncing nipples in my hands and took them in my mouth.
Along with pussy fucking, I also started enjoying sucking Bhabhi’s milk.
By doing this, Bhabhi started suffering more.
She was moving up and down on my cock faster.
When she got tired, I asked her to become a mare on the couch.

When the Bhabhi became a mare, I came behind her and spread her butt with my hands, and gave a push while setting my cock in her pussy hole.

My whole cock went inside her pussy hole.
Now I started fucking her by holding both the butts of Bhabhi tightly.

Friends, what fun I was having in this position.
Taking out my entire cock, I was again pushing it into my Bhabhi’s pussy.
She too was shaking her ass very cool.

Bhabhi said- Ah what a fun fuck you do… My pussy was blessed to have such a cock.

After about five minutes I said – Pooja I’m going to fall… what should I do?

Bhabhi said- don’t worry my king… take out your goods in my pussy only.

I filled my goods in Bhabhi’s velvety pussy with loud thrusts.

After some time both of us stood up got dressed and started correcting ourselves.
I put on my clothes and Bhabhi also put on her bra and panty.

When she got ready wearing full clothes, I filled my Bhabhi in my arms and said – Pooja Bhabhi, you are the first one, with whom I have had sex for the first time. Believe me, I enjoyed fucking you.

Bhabhi also said- Yes, I am also very happy to fucked by you.
Now whenever you feel like, you can take me in your arms and fuck me to the fullest.

Hearing this, my cock stood up again.
Bhabhi also came to know that my cock was saluting her, so she said – your cock still wants my pussy… see how he is making gestures.

I said – then it should happen again.

Bhabhi said – Friend, I am very tired and it is time for parents to come.
Then someday I will enjoy it completely. But now I have a way to calm it down.

Bhabhi took out my cock from my pant and started kissing it.
Then in one go she filled it in her mouth and started sucking again as if she would swallow my cock whole.

Friends, what should I tell you… Bhabhi was sucking my cock in such a way that I too started moving my cock back and forth in her mouth.

Or it should be said that at this time I started fucking my Bhabhi’s mouth with my cock.

In a few minutes, my goods were about to leave, so I told my Bhabhi – I am about to fall.

Bhabhi gestured with her hand and said – No problem… You take out all your goods in my mouth.

I held the head of Bhabhi tightly and started moving my cock in and out of Bhabhi’s mouth fast.

Then with a forceful squirt, I filled Bhabhi’s mouth.
Bhabhi also drank my entire goods and cleaned my cock completely by licking it.

I said to my Bhabhi, you are very choosy.

Bhabhi said – how is that?

I said – Bhabhi, you know very well how to suck cocks and get fucked by cocks.

Bhabhi laughed.

Then I got ready to go home, then Bhabhi said – Don’t forget to come to the party in the evening.

I said – now Bhabhi will keep coming and going.

Bhabhi laughed and said- yes yes why not… I myself will eagerly wait for you.

Saying this, I came out of his house and came to my house.

Then somehow it was evening. I also reached my Bhabhi’s house with determination.
Her mother-in-law and father-in-law were sitting in front, so I greeted them.

He said- Son, you have decorated the house very well.

I said – Bhabhi also helped me a lot… then it has been possible.

Uncle became happy.

I said – By the way, where is Bhabhi?

Bhabhi’s mother-in-law said – she is in the kitchen.

I asked him – I should go inside… meet him, he doesn’t have any other work left.

His mother-in-law said- Yes, see… The poor thing is getting upset alone since morning. If you stay together, then he will be of some help.

On hearing this, I went to the kitchen. Bhabhi was doing something in the kitchen.

Bhabhi was wearing a pink saree at that time.
What a wonderful cargo it was looking from behind.
I wanted to pick up the saree from behind and insert my cock into her smooth pussy.

But there was a party atmosphere, anyone could have come, so I called Bhabhi from behind – what are you doing Bhabhi?

On hearing my voice, the Bhabhi quickly turned around and said – When did you come?

I cut her talk in the middle and said – Bhabhi, you are looking amazing.

Bhabhi laughed and said – Really!

I said – yes Bhabhi.

But Bhabhi had not applied lipstick, so I said – Bhabhi, have you not applied lipstick?

Bhabhi said Come on… You only put it on.

I said ask goodness and ask… come on.

Bhabhi said that you go to the bedroom, I will come.

I went to his bedroom and started watching TV.
In about ten minutes, Bhabhi came into the room and locked the door from inside.

I said – What are you doing Bhabhi?

Bhabhi didn’t say anything, just pushed me onto the bed, climbed on top of me, and started kissing my lips.

I also started kissing Bhabhi’s lips tightly and held her tightly in my arms.

After some time we both got up.

I said – Pooja, today you are chirping amazingly.

Bhabhi said- Everything is your wonder… After so many days I am feeling happy with myself.

We both clung to each other’s arms.

I said – I am very lucky that today such a beautiful Bhabhi is in my arms.

Bhabhi said- I am also very happy that I have found a partner like you, who has given me so much happiness.
Which my husband could never give me.
You have satisfied me too.

Having said this, we both kissed each other once again, then corrected ourselves.

I told my Bhabhi, I want to celebrate the honeymoon with you like a husband and wife celebrate after marriage.

Bhabhi said – OK I will do something.
I’ll let you know when I get a chance.

Saying this, Bhabhi went out of the bedroom.

Friends, I love to celebrate my honeymoon with Bhabhi because it is a lot of fun to suck her big tits and it is also a lot of fun to rub her throbbing big butts.

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