May 21, 2024
I Fucked My Stepmom

Hello, friends, I am your Piya, today again I have come to tell you a sex story of a boy whose name is "I Fucked My Stepmom In Front of Dad".

Hello, friends, I am your Piya, today again I have come to tell you a sex story of a boy whose name is “I Fucked My Stepmom In Front of Dad” Let’s get started.

Hello friends, my name is Kartik. I am thirty years old. So far I have fucked lots of girls, sisters-in-law, aunties, and my stepmother 30 times. This is my first English sex story.

Come on friends, first, let me tell you about my family. My mother, my elder brother, and my father live in my family.

My present mother is from my father’s second marriage. Very beautiful and sexy. She has long black hair and her breasts have become very big.

My mom’s ass is swollen. My father Fucks my mother’s ass every day. Sorry friends, I didn’t tell you my mom’s name, my mom’s name is Poonam.

My mom was 36 years old when mom’s pussy was shot. Her figure is 34-26-38. Seeing this figure of her, my penis used to stand erect every day.

She was very beautiful from above, so she seemed like my wife, not my mother.

Everyone around wanted to fuck my mom. But my Stepmom fucks only family members.

Yes, only the men of the family fuck them, you will get to know this at the end of the story.

When I was 19-20 years old, I had fucked my mom hard for the first time.

That day my father had gone out of the house and my brother had gone on a college tour. Only me and my mom were at home.

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I had decided that day that tonight I will make my mother my own and give her the status of my first wife.

At night when I came home after reading sex movies and stories, I was seeing my mom as my wife and felt like holding her and fucking her. (I Fucked My Stepmom)

At that time my mother was cooking. After cooking, he called me – Kartik comes on let us eat dinner.

I had dinner with my mom and went to my room. Mom also finished all the work and went to her room.

I was not able to sleep at night. When I went to my mom’s room at night, I was shocked to see her. Mom was wearing a nightie.

I looked at Mom’s lips and put my lips on her lips and started kissing loudly. This opened my mom’s eyes.

Seeing me doing this, he pushed me back and said – I am your mother. This is all wrong, go to your room… I will not do anything like this to you.

I said – Mom you are mine but before Mom, you are a woman. And I am a man before your son. There is nothing wrong in this, the man always fucks the woman.

Today I will fuck you and give you the status of my first wife. You are very beautiful and sexy. Today I will not leave you, I will stick my cock in your ass.

After some time, when I opened my long penis and waved it in front of my mother, my mother was surprised to see my penis.

He looked at my cock with great eagerness. I knew that my father’s penis is much smaller than mine.

Now Mom was also happy to see the cock. Since he also had the habit of cocks every night. Mom said – you have to catch me to fuck me.

Saying this, Mom started running around the bed in the room. After a lot of effort, I finally got hold of Mom.

After that, I held Mom in my arms and started kissing her on the lips. Now Mom also started supporting me.

She also started kissing me on the lips. While kissing, I was also pressing my mother’s breasts.

Mom was having a lot of fun after her boobs got pressed. She was also kissing me with great pleasure.

I lifted Mom from the bed and made her stand and opened her nightie. My mom also opened my shirt.

My mom was now in panty and bra in front of me. Friends, I had never seen my mom in panty and bra like this. Today I saw Mom like this for the first time.

After that, I started kissing my mom again and running my hands on her hair. Mom’s hair was very long, so I was pulling it too.
She was saying ‘Ah aaah…’. (I Fucked My Stepmom)

I kept kissing Mom for 5 minutes and took all the water from her mouth into my mouth. After kissing Mom, I started pressing and kissing her breasts.

After a while, I tore her bra in one stroke. Now my mom was completely naked in front of me. I started drinking my mother’s breast milk.

Mom was making loud noises- Ah Aai… and by pressing hard P… I… P le beta… This is for you only. In childhood, I drank a lot of my mother’s milk. Now suck even in youth..’

After a while, I made Mom stand against the wall and tore her panties too. Mom also took off all my clothes except my underwear.

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Now my mom was standing completely naked in front of me. When I saw Mom’s naked body, I felt as if there was only one very beautiful girl standing in front of me.

Then I lifted Mom in my lap and threw her on the bed. After throwing her on the bed, I saw her pussy, there was not a single hair on her pussy.

When I asked him about pussy bumps, why don’t you have hair on your pussy?

So he said that your father fucks me every day, so I clean my hair in the morning itself.

Then I opened both legs of Mom and pointed. I took her hint and put my head in her pussy. I started licking Mom’s pussy loudly.

Her pussy was as soft as butter. I was drinking Lislisa water coming out of my mom’s pussy and she was making loud noises.

‘Aah ui aai amma… drink all the water of your mom’s pussy… aah aai aai re…..

Her voice made me obsessed with fucking her. Within 10 minutes, I drank all the water from her pussy in my mouth. After that, I took off my underwear.

After my dick came out of the underwear, my mom saw him and said your dick is bigger and longer than your father’s.

Today you put it in my pussy, so that my pussy’s thirst can be satisfied. Put it in your mom’s pussy, son.

Then I opened Mom’s pussy for sex and while aiming, I inserted half of my cock in Mom’s pussy in one stroke. (I Fucked My Stepmom)

Mom screamed because of this sudden pain.

I didn’t pay heed to her screams and inserted my remaining half cock inside in a second stroke.

Mom screamed louder after full cock penetration. Now my whole dick was inserted in Mom’s pussy… and I stopped after pulling my cock.

Mom was screaming in pain because my dick was long and thick. Then I started pushing slowly. Mom was asking to fuck even while writhing in pain- ah ummah… ahh… hi… oh… ai ah… fuck your mom son fuck me harder.

I started pushing slowly. Mom was in pain so I lifted her one leg and put it on my shoulder. After that, I started fucking Mom loudly.

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Mom’s sexy voices were not taking the name of stopping. She had already fallen once. After pushing for a while, I took out the dick from Mom’s pussy and gave it in her mouth.

Mom sucked my dick for 10 minutes. When mom was sucking my dick, I fingered her pussy.

After sucking the dick, I fed them the contents of Mom’s pussy. Then started kissing.

After kissing, I made Mom’s mare and fuck. Mom fell again after a few minutes of sex. Later I also fell. This time I left all my semen in Mom’s pussy.

After fucking Mom twice, I started going to my room to sleep. That’s why mom held my hand and pulled me and started abusing me in various ways and said – motherfucker….asshole….. fuck my ass… then go to sleep.

I started licking Mom’s ass. While licking Mom’s ass, I was also fingering her ass. Mom started making noise again – aah aah aah aah I am dead!
After licking her ass for some time, I gave my dick into her ass and started fucking her ass.

Holding Mom’s nipples, I started saying- Mom… from today you are my mistress. I will fuck you whenever I want. I will never sleep without fucking you.

After beating the ass, the mother asked – when will you make me the mother of your child.

I told my mother – I will make you the mother of my child in 40 days.

That night I fucked Mom 4 times and made her my first wife.

The next day when we woke up in the morning… I told my mother – Papa would be very angry with me if I made you the mother of my child.

Then Mom said – our family is a pussy licking family… Your brother has already fucked me before you. Your father knows that after that I make your brother fuck you. If you make me a mother, then there is no problem. (I Fucked My Stepmom)

Then I kissed Mom on the lips and asked – who first fucked you?

Mom said – First of all your father had fucked me. Your father made me cry.

“then after that?”

Mom said – I married your father. That rascal beat me to death. If you fuck me in front of your father too, then he will have no problem.

After that, I again fucked my mother in the morning. Now I fuck my mom every day. Now Mother roams around the house completely naked. I have also fucked her with my father. I will write his story later.

It was the story of how I Fucked My Stepmom In Front of Dad.

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