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I Fucked my Young Widow Maid

Hi friends, My name is Rahul. My age is 30. I am married, and I have a son. My wife is in the village, and I work in the city. My son is studying. And I live alone in Delhi. This English sex story was made when I Fucked my Young Widow Maid.

I have rented a room, and a maid has been hired to clean it. My maid’s Aunty name is Rekha, and she is 40 years old. One day I had bread with a fork, and she said,

Rekha: Sir, I need your help.

Me: Need help? And why are you crying?

Rekha: Sir, I have a daughter of 19 years. I married her last year. Then, after 6 months, her husband died in an accident, and she became a widow. Now his family members have thrown him out of the house.

Me: This is very bad. But what can I do about it?

Rekha: Sir, if you give him the job, it will be very kind of you.

Me: But here you are already working. And there is no other work.

Rekha: Sir, you eat food from outside. If you keep it here for cooking, then you will not have to eat outside food, and it will also get work.

I said yes to him after thinking for 5 minutes. Then the next day, she brought her daughter. His daughter’s name was Himani. As soon as I saw him, my eyes were fixed on him.

Himani was a girl of 5 feet tall. His body was emaciated. Her size would be 34–30–36, and the colour was fair. Due to her small height, her ass looked very cool. I did not feel that she was a maid.

I thought, This is so sexy to look at, so I will eat whatever food I make. Then Rekha showed him the kitchen and explained all the work. That day was Sunday, so I was at home.

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Himani wore a salwar suit. I could see the shape of her ass in her tight suit. I was sitting in the lobby, and he was being scolded. My heart wanted to take her to God, take her to bed, and fuck.

Then a few days passed like this: Now I’ve started talking to Himani a little. I used to hint to him in talks that I liked him. But I did not get any response from his side.

One day she was mopping the floor, and her cleavage was visible through her shirt. When she turned to the other side, her ass looked even bigger from sitting down. Now I’m getting out of control. But I could not move forward.

Then one day I invited some guests over. It was too late for them to eat and drink. After they left, I told Himani:

Me: Himani night is enough; sleep here tonight.

Himani: Okay, sir.

Then, when she was free after finishing the kitchen work, I made her sit on the sofa near me. Then I offered him a drink, but he declined. Tab, I told him:

Me:Hey, don’t be shy. Today is a party, so you should also enjoy a little.

Then Himani grabbed the glass of liquor. I gave her tandoori chicken along with it. For 5 minutes, she kept eating and drinking comfortably. Then suddenly, she started crying. I could not understand why she was crying. Then I asked him:

Me: What happened, Himani? Why are you crying?

Himani: Nothing, sir; I just remembered my husband. He also used to make me sit with him and drink like this. I’m sorry, sir; I spoiled your fun.

Me:Oh, nothing like that.

And saying this, I put my hand on his thigh.

Me: You understand that you are sitting with your husband.

And saying this, I rubbed his thigh. When he didn’t say anything, I started taking my hand forward. When I reach her pussy, she holds my hand. Then she said angrily:

Himani: What are you doing, sir?

I was scared to see him angry and said, Nothing soft. Sorry, I got it by mistake.

Himani (laughing): Ok? The one who has been taunting me for so many days—is that also by mistake? Sir, you have given me respect and work. So can’t I give you my body? All you have to do is be with me.

It was just too late for him to say that I had gone ahead and pressed my lips against his. What a delight from her juicy lips! Then I came to her garden and started touching her garden and cleavage.

She started fainting, and she wrapped me in her arms. She wore leggings and a shirt. I put my hand on her ass and started pressing her ass while kissing.

Then I took off her shirt and also took off her bra. Now her soft, young breasts were in front of me. She hid her breasts with her hands.

Then I removed her hands from her breast and started picking her nipples. She started sighing and started pressing my whole breast. A very attractive fragrance was coming from her breast.

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Now it was her turn to strip her fat chutdo. I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. Then I removed her leggings. Her thighs were very soft and pearly. These were the best chutds I have seen today.

Then I removed her rawness and started licking her pussy. She said sighing

Himani: Ah, it’s fun, sir. It’s too late; no one has touched this pussy. Fate made me a widow. Fuck this widow today and make her dry pussy green again.

I started licking harder. Then I lifted up her tango and licked her ass hole too.

Her pussy was getting watery and was yearning to fuck. Then I took off my clothes, took my 7-inch Dick, and got ready to fuck her. She opened her mouth and invited me to fuck her.

I started rubbing my Dick on her pussy and kept rubbing it inside. She had a very tight pussy, just like a virgin. And I had no idea how much fun I was having.

I inserted the whole Dick in her pussy and started kissing her by lying on top of her. She started picking at my tongue by holding it. Then I started pushing her pussy, and she started putting her nose in my back.

The fun of fucking a young girl is something else. After fucking her in position for some time, I made her a mare. Now the most beautiful part of her body, i.e., her fat and beautiful body, was in front of me.

After fucking her, I decided to fuck her ass. I wet her ass hole by licking it with my tongue and set our Dicks equal. Then I held him tight and gave him a hard push.

Aaah came out of her mouth, and the top of the Dick entered inside, tearing her ass. I pushed like an animal without stopping, and the whole Dick stopped after entering. He was dying of pain.

Then I put one hand forward and started pressing one of her boobs, and with the other hand, I started rubbing her pussyfoot. When she got hotter, I started fucking her ass.

After sighing for some time, his labyrinth started coming out. I was rubbing her pussy. Till now, she had fallen twice. Then I increased my speed and started slapping the ass. I was rubbing her pussy as well.

After 20 minutes, the pussy and my Dick came out together. Then I lay on top of him. I had a lot of fun and got a lot of satisfaction too. I fucked her several times that night, and after that, fucking her became my daily routine.

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