May 21, 2024
Make Neighbor Bhabhi Girlfriend

Hello friends, your Ritika has brought an English Sex Stories for you. You guys will start masturbating after reading this.

Jatin is telling this story. Let’s read his story. ( Make Neighbor Bhabhi Girlfriend and Fucked Her )

Dear friend, today I am sharing a Bhabhi English Sex Story with you. I hope you guys like it so let’s start the story

This story is of a Bhabhi living in my neighborhood. It is a very cool thing, friend, fair body,

very tight and bulging nipples, anyone’s mind will be shocked to see it,

if you Once you see it, you cannot live without fisting or fucking.

I also fell in love. I am telling you how this incident happened. But first, let me tell you about myself,

My name is Jatin. I live in Delhi, I am not married yet, but I have licked Tight Pussy juice many times,

Now, I clean my hands on the same compelling goods; my wish has been fulfilled.

Bhabhi lives on the floor above my flat. One day, I was resting after coming from coaching,

and then the woman who came to work at her place rang the bell and said Brother,

Bhabhi is calling you upstairs, and she came downstairs. Gone When I went upstairs and rang the bell, my Bhabhi came out…

I was surprised that she was wearing a frock; she looked amazing.

The frock was also up to the top of the knee, and amazingly fair legs, tight nipples, and a crack in the middle near the neck looked terrific.

I said yes, Bhabhi, you called, she said yes, see, your brother has gone to Gurgaon,

and I have to change the gas cylinder. I am unable to do so. Please help me.

I said there is no question of please in this, let’s go and I entered the kitchen,

I took out the cylinder and put the filled cylinder in. She thanked me very much,

so I said no, I have to be a neighbor. When I come to you, Bhabhi said, well, for what use can you be?

So I smiled and said that any work will be done, I am present…

Bhabhi said, I also have the same hope: sit; I’ll bring cold drinks for you. I sat on the sofa.

I was looking at them when they came out hard from the fridge because, to date,

I had not seen them them them them them any woman wearing a frock. It was looking amazing.

She again sat on the sofa; I said Bhabhi, you are looking very hot in the dress, then Bhabhi said,

I am looking very hot, so don’t burn, I said, I would like to burn if you agree. So.

So Bhabhi said, Well, what’s the matter? There is no girlfriend;

I said No, there is no Bhabhi, that’s why Bhabhi said,

No problem, today I am looking like a girl in a dress, today I become your girlfriend.

I said it would be my good fortune; she said then what does the girlfriend have to do?

I said, If I had a girlfriend, I would kiss first, She said, Then who forbade me,

I said, I am your girlfriend, I kissed Bhabhi lightly on the cheek, and she said, That’s it.

I Said no, this is just the beginning. Then I kissed her on the lips; she started looking at me with intoxicating eyes…

I lost my senses, and I filled her in my arms and started kissing quickly.

She also caught me and pushed me onto the couch and started kissing me;

I lifted her dress and held her butt; I went her close to my cock, then Bhabhi said, ‘Achha ji panty ke’ Will you enter from above?

I said yes, my cock has become very tight. It can tear anything now. And both held each other even more tightly.

Bhabhi said, let’s go to the bedroom, then I lifted my brother-in-law on my lap and threw him on the bed and took out the panty by spreading both legs,

and I started doing what is my favorite, drinking burr juice, oh oh oh salty It was fun oh oh oh.

Bhabhi also started moaning. Ouch, you hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh have, lick please lick tongue inside; I started doing the same;

I climbed a little higher and pressed the teat. He broke down while opening the hook; sometimes, he took one teat,

sometimes the other teat in his mouth, biting the nipple, occasionally shaking it; she started getting even sexier.

Then Bhabhi said please don’t torture me anymore, fuck me, tear my hole,

I raised my Bhabhi’s leg and put my cock in the middle, and pushed it; my cock had become very thick and long; Bhabhi said this happened.

No problem, he has a great cock, and she started getting him fucked after picking up her ass.

I was going to drink, but she was fucking her hole water had become watery;

I took out the cock and licked all the water, then put the cock on the mouth of the hole and pushed it hard, and now loudly, quickly,

she is hi I started fucking, she was fucking me, I would move from above, she would make from below.

At last, taking a long sigh, Bhabhi caught hold of me; I also started pushing hard, and all my semen got absorbed in her hole, and they became calm together.

Both slept holding each other for about 10 minutes, then sister kissed me and said,

“Will you be free tomorrow afternoon?

I said yes, then she said come, just don’t come after 6 o’clock because your brother is coming until he is home. and I am yours, After this, my and my Bhabhi Sex Story continued for many months.

See you in this story till here in the next Sex Story full of sex, till then keep yourself in mind and keep reading ReadXStories.Com Thank you

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