May 21, 2024
Punjabi Aunty Fucked

Hello friends, my name is Samir, and I am from Delhi. I have read almost all the stories on

Today I have brought a new Adult English Stories in front of you. I hope all of you readers will like my story.

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In this Story, Seeing the tits of a Punjabi aunty with a thick ass in the office, I used to want to fuck the aunty’s pussy. I befriended Aunty. One day, my aunt called me to her house.

I am just average in appearance. My height is also five feet, eight inches.

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The story I am going to tell you today actually happened to me. Where I work, an aunt used to work as a receptionist.

That Punjabi aunt was very cool to watch. Her big butt were sticking out.

Whenever she used to sit on the chair, her ass was clearly visible sticking out of her chair.

When she used to walk, her big ass used to wiggle as if it had been glued separately to her body.

Seeing her moving butts rubbing together, my cock also used to hiccup. Not only me, but anyone could fall for her by looking at her ass.

I often used to dream of fucking that aunt’s ass and pussy. But I never got the chance.

Aunty’s boobs were so big and cool that water started coming out of his cock upon seeing them. I had peered at her bust several times from the top of the reception table.

On the same day even a small part of her white boobs was visible, I used to go to the bathroom and masturbate.

Many times I took out my semen while fisting the name of that sexy aunty. In the beginning, I also used to talk to him in a normal manner, as there are often relations between senior management and staff.

But with the passage of time, gradually the lust started awakening in my mind, and the thoughts of Aunty’s pussy fuck started filling my mind.

Often, I used to find excuses to talk to Aunty. Slowly, I started making friends with Aunty. I started trying to open up to him in small talk. While doing this, I also took the WhatsApp number of the aunt.

Now both of us have started talking on WhatsApp as well. After two or three months, I started talking openly with my aunt.

Both of us were often engaged in chatting. Maybe they started coming closer to each other. Whenever I used to chat with Aunty, my penis used to stand erect.

Auntie’s husband was a businessman and mostly lived outside. This was also one of the reasons that soon our closeness started increasing, and we both came closer.

Many times I even started going to my aunt’s house, but after going there, I came to know that they have a joint family, so I used to sleep at night only by fisting.

I could not see any jugaad happening at my aunt’s house. Some days passed like this.

Once upon a time, it was a Sunday, and my office had a holiday. I was sleeping peacefully at home when suddenly, around 9 in the morning, I got a call from my aunt.

Picking up the phone, I said hello, then the aunt said, Are you still sleeping?
I said, So what is your intention? Do you want to get the work done even today?
Auntie said, So won’t you do my work?
Aunty was talking with a double meaning. My cock got erect as soon as I heard such things from his mouth.

I said to the aunt, Hey, how are you talking? If you don’t do your work, then whose work will you do?
She said, Then come to my house quickly.
I said, Now?

She said, If you want to get the work done now, you will have to come right now, or will you come in the next birth?
I said, Hey madam, if you ask me to fly and come?
Aunt said, No, come on your feet. Till then, I also get ready. Right now, I am going to the bathroom to take a bath.

Aunty was deliberately saying things to provoke me for sex. But they did not know that I myself was dying to fuck her pussy.
I said, By the time you come out after taking a bath, I will have reached your house.

She said, If you keep lying on the bed like this, you will not be able to reach until evening. Now hurry up; I have very important work.
I said, I just came.
After saying this, Auntie hung up the phone.

Within half an hour, I got ready and reached Aunty’s house.

I reached the aunt’s house and rang the doorbell, and then within a few seconds, the aunt opened the door. Auntie was in a gown, and Auntie’s hair was still wet.

Seeing the cleavage of her big boobs, my mind went crazy. I started staring at the cleavage of Aunty’s boobs, and Aunty was also paying attention to where my eyes were.

Aunty sensed my eyes and said, Will you keep watching or will you come inside also?

I went inside. Auntie closed the door. No one was visible in the house.
I asked, Where are the other people in the house?
She said, What do you care about the rest of the people in the house? If you say so, I will call the whole locality. My family members have gone out.

Laughing at my aunt’s words, I said, Look, madam, if the neighborhood comes, then anything can happen to you.
She said, What can happen?
I said that when such a beautiful woman is standing in front of him, then anyone’s intention will get spoiled.

She said, Ok, so is there any fault in your intentions too?
I said, No, we are your friends.
She said, Just be friends!
I said, So, what else can I say?

Aunt said, I had thought something else.
I asked, What did you think?
She said, Leave it. You will not understand.

I was understanding Aunty’s thirst very well and thinking about Aunty’s pussy fuck; my cock was also fully stretched in my jeans.

But I wanted to spit out everything from the mouth of the aunt.

For some time, things kept happening here and there, and then she went to the kitchen to make tea.

Taking tea from the kitchen, she came to me in a hurry and extended the cup of tea towards me.
I asked, What is your job? Were you talking about some work on the phone?

She said, If work doesn’t work, don’t you come to meet?
I said, No, that is not the point. But I thought that you would have some important work, so I have been called in such an emergency.
She said, I was alone at home and was getting bored, so I called you. All the family members will be back by evening.

I was looking at my aunt’s boobs. Knowing that my aunt is alone at home, I was tense.

Now the whole line seemed clear. Now I started staring at my aunt’s boobs deliberately.
She said, What are you watching?

I said, The thing to be seen is seen.
She said, The thing to be seen can also be taken in hand.
I had to say so much that, leaving the cup of tea incomplete, I pulled the aunt towards me and put my lips on her lips.

The fire was burning equally on both sides. Today I got the opportunity for which I had been waiting for a long time. I started sucking Aunty’s lips hard. She also started supporting me equally.

For some time, both of us kept drinking the juice from each other’s lips. After that, my hands automatically went to the white and thick boobs of the aunt.

Her boobs was so big that it seemed like two big balls had come into my hands.

I started pressing my aunt’s boobs. Along with this, both of us were continuously sucking each other’s lips. I increased the grip of my hands on my aunt’s boobs. Auntie was now swearing.

Leaving her lips, I started coming down. Kissed her neck and then put his mouth in the valleys of her tits.

He started licking them with his tongue. As soon as the touch of my hot tongue happened on the aunt’s nipples, a sob came out of the aunt’s mouth.

I’ve started lifting her gown now. Started caressing her thick thighs. Now the dam of my patience was breaking, and I started groping her pussy from inside the gown.

He removed my hand, but I made him lie there on the sofa.

By raising her gown, the part of her aunt’s pussy was naked. She was wearing pink pants. Seeing the puffy pussy of the aunt in the mesh pants, I broke down on her.

I started kissing her on the sides of her pants around Aunty’s pussy.

She started getting upset with this act of mine. I put my mouth on her pussy and started smelling the fragrance of her pussy.

Aunty had just come out of her bath, and her pussy was smelling intoxicating. I don’t know which perfume she had applied that started driving me crazy to eat her pussy.

I pulled her pants down and exposed her big pussy. I started kissing my aunt’s pussy by placing my lips on her pussy. Now she started pressing my mouth on her hot pussy.

After that, I caught Aunt’s ass with both hands, put my tongue in Aunt’s pussy, and started fucking her pussy with my tongue.

She sobbed madly. She forcefully started pressing and rubbing my lips on her pussy.

I was also getting very intoxicated by putting my tongue in my aunt’s pussy. Aunty’s pussy had started releasing water.

Now I completely separated her gown from her body and made her completely naked.

Now the aunt was lying naked in front of me. The water leaking from Aunt’s pussy was now shining.

I also stood up and started taking off my clothes. I took off the shirt and put it aside.

My dick was about to explode in my jeans. Aunty was giving a killer smile, seeing my erect dick.

The lust was clearly visible in his eyes. My condition was also similar.

After taking off my jeans, I separated my underwear as well. Seeing my cock, my aunt’s face glowed.
She said, Ahh… Today is going to be fun.
Seeing my aunt’s pussy, I said, Yes, my boy is also going to have a lot of fun today.

I had just removed my underwear when the aunt got up and took my cock in her hand.

As soon as the cock was in the hands of the aunt, a fun filled inside me, as if the current ran through the whole body.

Aunty started sucking my cock in her mouth the very next moment. Ah, when the cock entered the hot mouth of the aunty, I enjoyed it so much that I cannot describe it in words here.

She was sucking my cock very fast, and I was running my hand through her wet hair.

She sucked my cock for about five minutes, and when she got tired, she took my cock out while gasping.

The veins of my cock were now about to burst, and he was completely bathed in the spit coming out of the aunt’s mouth.

Now I spread Aunt’s legs and started rubbing my wet cock on Aunt’s wet pussy.

He rubbed his cock on her pussy from top to bottom and bottom to top many times, and she yearned for fuck.

Aunt shouted, Ahh, will you take out life? Why don’t you put him inside now?
I said, Should I put it without a condom?
She said, Until you bring condoms, I will die in agony from Chudas. Please don’t delay now.

Quickly shove your cock in my pussy. It hasn’t taken such a strong dick for a long time.

Seeing the condition of the aunt, I put my cock’s supara on the mouth of her pussy and, while giving a jerk, removed the cock from the aunt’s pussy.

A painful scream came out of the aunt’s mouth, and I put my lips on her lips.

Meanwhile, the aunt caught hold of my waist and pressed it on her side so that I could not take the cock out again.

She clung to me for some time, and I kept sucking her lips. The cock had gone inside her pussy, and I was enjoying the paradise.

After that, the aunt started moving her waist after two minutes. I understood that now Aunty is fully ready for pussy banging. I started taking out the cock inside the aunt’s pussy.

Aunty’s chudai has started. Now sensuous sounds started coming from her mouth, and the sound of fak-fak started echoing in the whole room.

Both of us had become so hot that we were eager to enter each other’s bodies. I started trampling my aunt’s puss vigorously.

It is very difficult to describe in words the rustle that was happening in Lund’s hat at that time.

While fucking Aunty’s hot pussy, I started enjoying it amazingly. On the other hand, Aunty was also getting her pussy fucked with great enthusiasm.

After rubbing her pussy with my cock for the next five-seven minutes, I fell into the aunt’s pussy and fell on the aunt.

She started caressing my waist and kissing my cheeks. My heartbeats were running very fast.

Till now, my cock was in her pussy only. Slowly, the cock started coming out after shrinking, and then suddenly, leaving the aunt’s pussy, the cock came out.

I started caressing my aunt’s pussy with my hand and also felt the semen coming out of her pussy.

We both kept sticking to each other like this. While caressing my aunt’s pussy with my hand, I kept drinking her tea in my mouth, and she kept caressing my cock with her hand.

One more round of chudai happened that day. After that, I stayed at my aunt’s house until the evening.

After that, I came back to my house. After this, I played Aunty’s pussy many times, and then suddenly she left the office and went to Punjab.

Even now, I keep talking to Aunty. She still misses me, but we haven’t had a chance to meet again.

I will definitely tell you guys as soon as I get a chance to enjoy Aunty again. How did you like this Punjabi Aunty sex story?

Tell me about it by mail, and also give your opinion by commenting on the story. I look forward to your responses.

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