July 16, 2024
Sex With Hot Bhabhi

Hello friends! I, Akshay, welcome you to this English Sex Story. I have been reading stories on this site for many years.

Sometimes the stories seem fake, but there are also some Real sex stories.

I enjoy reading Adult sex stories. Fun of Sex With Hot Bhabhi All Night, Today I am going to share with you guys the story of my sex with him.

Before starting the story, let me tell you about myself. I am a 21-year-old young man.

My body is normal, neither too fat nor too thin. My height is 5.10 feet. And I live in Delhi.

I have never measured the size of the penis. That’s why I am not writing the size here.

But I do know that I can please any woman or girl in bed. Like I do to my beloved Bhabhi.

This story is between me and my bhabhi. My bhabhi’s name is Neha. Her size is 38-34-36. She is the owner of a sexy body. My bhabhi’s age is 34.

Now come to the story without getting too bored.

Friends, as I told you, my bhabhi is the reason for reading my sex stories. That’s why I mostly like to read Bhabhi sex stories.

My aunt’s house is in a town 50 kilometres away from our house. And the same brother and my beloved Bala’s beautiful queen, Bhabhi, live there.

Friends, what can I tell you about that beautiful angel?

White colour like milk, full body, looked like a fairy of beauty in a red saree.
Bhabhi’s face looks like Madhuri Dixit’s. So you guys can guess.

And almost the whole figure is similar to that. My brother has been married for 14 years and has a child.

Once, Bhabhi came to Delhi to buy some household items. Because there is a limited market in the town. So it was quite late in the night when we returned.

So Bhabhi came to our place to stay for the night. There are three rooms in our house, and I live with my mother and father.

So that day, Father slept in one room, and I, Bhabhi, and Mother were going to sleep in one room.

Bhabhi came and changed her clothes and wore a pink gown.

And she was not even wearing a bra or pants. I came to know this later.

Mother and Bhabhi were lying on a bed in that room. I was lying on a folding bed and watching Bhabhi’s Cleavage on the laptop under the pretence of a movie.

Friends, it was summertime, and cooler air came only from the bed.

So Bhabhi said, “Akshay, why are you sleeping? It must be getting hot. Come here and lie down. And I was waiting for this very thing.

I went to the corner of the bed and laid down. My bhabhi was lying next to me, and her body fragrance was driving me crazy.

I was thinking that I should stick with my bhabhi now. Mother was taking it next to Bhabhi. After some time, the mother and Bhabhi fell asleep after talking.

I also closed the laptop, but where was I going to sleep? Laddoos in the name of Bhabhi were bursting into my mind.

Then I thought, Let me try. I slowly placed my hand on Bhabhi’s hand and started caressing it. After some time, I pressed the hand a little.

There was no reaction from Bhabhi. I was feeling scared, but after this, my courage increased.

I turned towards my bhabhi. Bhabhi was taking it straight.

I took my face closer to Bhabhi, and I started getting more intoxicated with the fragrance of her body.

After that, I placed my hand on Bhabhi’s stomach and started caressing it.

And slowly took his hand towards her boobs and started pressing her nipples.

Friends, it was very dark in the room, so Mummy could not see all this. Bhabhi was not wearing a bra.

It was a lot of fun pressing the very tight boobs of the bhabhi. I was pressing lightly.

Friends, from the experience of reading my sex stories, I felt that Bhabhi was awake and pretending. Because there has been no reaction from Bhabhi till now.

Then my courage increased further. Then I slowly brought Bhabhi’s gown up to her fair, smooth thighs.

Then I reached the pink pussy of Bhabhi and slowly started fingering her pussy.

Bhabhi’s pussy was very tight. I couldn’t believe that her pussy was so dry, even though she had one left.

Then, when I was fingering Bhabhi’s pussy, she woke up completely. And stuck to me. I also stuck with him.

I was sure that Bhabhi was awake. But after some 15 seconds, the bhabhi completely separated from me and said, “I thought it was.

(We don’t take the husband’s name.) I got scared because Bhabhi was fast asleep. That’s why she was not reacting.

I thought now Bhabhi would tell everything to her mother. Bhabhi turned away from me and then spoke.

Bhabhi: What were you doing all this for?

Me: Bhabhi, sorry, it will never happen again. Bhabhi, sorry.

Bhabhi: I am Bhabhi, not your wife.

Me: Sorry, Bhabhi, I’ve liked you for a long time; that’s why it’s done.

Bhabhi: You will have to marry after speaking to your mother. You have grown up.

Me: Sorry, bhabhi.

Bhabhi: Okay, now sleep quietly; I will see you in the morning.

Friends, Bhabhi kept lying down facing me. And my bhabhi and I were so close that we both could hear each other’s mother-in-law.

Then Bhabhi touched my hand after 1 minute and put it on the bed. So I thought I would die one more time.

I held her hand, brought my breasts to her, and touched them. Bhabhi widened her eyes and kept looking into my eyes for 10 seconds. Then she turned her face away and said:

Bhabhi: I love him very much. No, sleep peacefully; otherwise, Mummy will wake up.

Then I thought, It’s not okay now; Mom can wake up. Then I lay down, touching my bhabhi’s hand. There was no way to sleep.

I started waiting for 4 o’clock in the morning. I still had not given up. Because when I kissed my bhabhi, I saw sexual hunger in her eyes.

Friends, my mother sleeps a little deeply and wakes up every day at 4 o’clock. She goes to the temple at 5 o’clock and comes back by 7 in the morning.

And father also wakes up only then. Then, as soon as 4 o’clock in the morning, my mother’s alarm rang. And she woke me up and asked me to lock the door to the room from inside.

Friends, the room in which we were sleeping was upstairs. And there was an open terrace outside the room.

That’s why we used to keep that room locked from the inside in the morning. I got up, closed the door, and locked it from inside.

I was waiting for this time. Bhabhi also woke up due to the sound of the alarm. I lay back in my place and turned my face towards Bhabhi.

Bhabhi’s face was already toward me. She was pretending to sleep with her eyes closed.

Me: Sorry, Bhabhi.

Bhabhi said it with open eyes.

Bhabhi: You have grown up now. Come on, this mistake happens at this age.

No problem; take care in the future. Tell me one thing: How did all this come to your mind for me?

Me: Bhabhi, I’ve liked you for many years. But never had the courage to speak.

Bhabhi: Do you know that I belong to someone else?

Me: I know that’s why you haven’t spoken yet.
Bhabhi: You will have to get married. Hmm, OK, tell me one thing: Do you have a girlfriend?

Me: That was Bhabhi. Earlier, it was, but now the break is up. (Friends, I had fucked him many times.)

Bhabhi: Then make another one.

Me: Bhabhi, I can’t find anyone hot like you.

Bhabhi: Okay, sir. Am I hot?

Me: Hmm.

Bhabhi: Don’t feel ashamed while calling Bhabhi hot.

Me: Bhabhi, the one who was ashamed, her karma burst.

And winked at Bhabhi. And he said, “Now that you are there, I will have to speak.”

Bhabhi: Achcha ji. (Bhabhi is dying on my essence.) Whatever you were doing, if Mother had gotten up now, both of them would have been in peace.

Me: Sorry, Bhabhi. You didn’t get up, did you? Will remember in the future.

Bhabhi: Okay, this means you will do it later.

Me: If you want.

Saying this, I took Bhabhi in my arms and started sucking her lips gently. Bhabhi started trying to free herself from my hands.

Bhabhi: Leave me. You started again. Look, Akshay, all this is not right. If Mom comes, there will be a lot of problems.

Me: No, Bhabhi, the door is locked from inside, and she will not come now.

Bhabhi: No, Akshay, leave me.

But I did not listen to Bhabhi and climbed on her, started pressing her boobs with one hand, and started tightening her lips.

Then, after 4-5 minutes, Bhabhi also went to lose herself. She was not even protesting.

I was sucking Bhabhi’s lips in this position for about 10 minutes. Then Bhabhi started caressing my hair slowly, and I started sucking her throat.

And started fingering her pussy. Bhabhi started sobbing.

Bhabhi: If you don’t agree, then you will fuck me today.

Bhabhi started pressing my head vigorously against her chest. My years-old dream was coming true today.

I was sucking her lips, sometimes her neck, and sometimes her boobs like crazy. Bhabhi was sobbing loudly. And it was so many times.

Then, after some time, water started coming out of Bhabhi’s pussy. She was completely wet. I put that water on Bhabhi’s lips and started sucking her lips.

Then Bhabhi held me tightly with both her hands. And in one stroke, I was below Bhabhi, and Bhabhi was above me.

Bhabhi: Now my turn, brother-in-law.

Bhabhi removed my shorts with a jat. Bhabhi was stunned after seeing the penis.

Bhabhi: Friend, today I will get sexual pleasure from your penis. How thick is this?

I said, “Me too.” Today I will really tear your pussy, Bhabhi.”

And then Bhabhi sat on my thighs and started moving my cock up and down with her hands.

Then I stopped Bhabhi and took off her gown, and she also took off my tea bag. We were both completely naked on top of each other.

Bhabhi started rubbing my penis in her pussy and started sucking my lips vigorously, making the sound of ‘Aaha.

I said, “Take it out slowly; someone can hear.”

Bhabhi: As you say, darling.

Then, after a minute, she placed my penis on the hole of her pussy. And Bhabhi screamed as soon as the cock went inside.

I quickly pressed my bhabhi’s mouth with my hand. Even though there was less chance of listening to anyone at that time, it was there. I could not take any risks.

After a few seconds, I removed my hand. Bhabhi said, “How fat is this man? I will die. There will be sound in taking it in full.”

I said, “Bhabhi, you slowly take it inside. I will not force it either. And I will put my hand on your mouth till you die in 5–6 shocks. So that the sound does not go out.

Bhabhi: Okay, brother-in-law, as you say.

Bhabhi did it like this. Then, as soon as I removed my hat, my bhabhi shouted, “Oh, she died. Tears were also coming out of Bhabhi’s eyes.

Bhabhi: You really tore my pussy.” Okay, listen, you and I will talk separately while we have sex. I like to talk like this.
I said okay. I understood that Bhabhi likes a little dirty sex. Then Bhabhi started going up and down while sitting on me.

The sound of ‘Aha Ahaha’ started coming out. Then I bent my bhabhi down and started sucking her lips.

And then we kept fucking like this. Sometimes I am above them, and sometimes they are above me.

That day I had sex three times in three hours, and in the last, I fucked my bhabhi pussy in a mare position. Then it was 7 o’clock, and we both wore our clothes.

And then later, Bhabhi said, “Fuck me, Bhabhi, shameless. She gave a sexy smile and went out of the room.

Since then, whenever Bhabhi comes to Delhi or I go to my aunt’s place, we fuck hard. Friends, please tell me how you liked my desi bhabhi sex story.

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