July 16, 2024
Unsatisfied Bhabhi lust

My hot pussy was always hungry for sex. My boyfriend started fucking my pussy, his friends also started fucking me. So I started becoming crazy about sex. My name is Maya.

In today’s story, a Unsatisfied Bhabhi lust got fucked by many boys to satisfy her lust and became a prostitute.

I am a 34 year old sexy woman with big breasts and butts. My complexion is fair. Thick pussy, black hair reaching till the waist, deep navel like pussy, round cheeks! So my body is enough to make anyone’s penis erect.

First let me tell you the history of my pussy. I have become so hot and sexy only because of getting fucked before marriage. The more times I got fucked, the bigger my breasts and buttocks became.

My body was not like this in the beginning. Then when my boyfriend gave me medicine and started fucking my pussy and his friends also started inserting their dicks in my pussy, I became crazy about sex.

After this, wherever I got a chance to get fucked, I would spread my thighs and offer my pussy. Whenever my parents took me to a wedding, I would come back only after having sex with some boy or relative.

Many times my own relative had extinguished the fire of my pussy. Now which relative’s name should I take? My lust had increased so much that sometimes I felt like convincing my father to get fucked. But to quench my thirst, I used to get cock from time to time.

Once I was caught having sex in my neighborhood. At that time, being young, I could not handle the matter. Due to which my parents quickly got busy in getting me married. Then a boy named Sonu liked me.

He was the only son of his parents. Later, when I saw his photo, I started laughing. I had already got fucked by this boy. I also thought it was good, now I can get fucked openly.

After the marriage was fixed, he used to call me to fuck. Now I too could get fucked without any fear. We both told each other all our secrets about whom we have fucked or fucked. Both of us had opened up.

He fucked me so much that I became pregnant. I did not tell this to my parents. And within a few days we got married. That bastard made me a mother at a young age.

But this also had its advantages. After becoming a mother, no matter how much I fuck, there is no pain, only pleasure. Even though I was such a big slut. But he was lucky. After marriage he got a job in a big company. For that we went to another city.

I thought that by staying here, I would get fucked by many cocks. Then I came to the city with Sonu and my mother-in-law and father-in-law. I don’t know anyone in the city, no one talks to anyone, and being pregnant, I was not even able to get fucked.

My husband was in love with the city. Due to not being able to fuck my pussy, he started going to prostitutes. And as soon as I left home, father fucked mother and made her pregnant.

After a few months I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I named her Karan. After that I thought that now I will fuck her to my heart’s content. But it was as if my luck was bad. My husband was promoted and ordered to go abroad.

But my in-laws and father-in-law refused to let me go, due to which I also could not go. Sonu told me that he would definitely come in a few months and fuck me. And what about him?

He also started enjoying fucking the prostitutes. Only my pussy was left to suffer. I was scared of getting fucked by anyone in the city. I had heard that people start blackmailing by making videos.

I saw my father-in-law but he was so old that he could not fuck me. Then God took pity on me and my brother was born. On this pretext, I got a chance to go to the village and get fucked.

I went to my parents’ house with my in-laws. On the very first night of going there, I went out of the house and was caught in the field with my neighbor. I was getting fucked by him. During the whole day that I stayed there, I got fucked by different cocks of the village all those nights.

I was a free whore for the village boys. The village was like heaven for me. Then my time ran out and I had to come back to the city. I started controlling myself. She calms herself by putting cucumber, radish, brinjal in her pussy.

To distract myself from sex, I started doing courses. My mother-in-law and father-in-law also supported me. Within a few years, I got a job at the ticket counter in Railways. I decided that now I will not go to the village and get fucked.

My son was growing up. If someone said this about me, what face would I show? My husband used to come once in 6 months or a year to fuck my pussy. And I used to get fucked by him a lot.

After that, what could I do here, the maximum I could do was finger my pussy and calm it down. Then after a few years my father-in-law died and then my mother-in-law too. I was freed from them. But my son was growing up.

My husband asked me to come abroad but everything was going on here so I refused. Now I come to today’s time. My husband is on a good post abroad. There is no problem of money here now. I helped my brother Kamal and put him in a good school.

Now I have even stopped going to the village. My son is 20 years old. Studies in college. And he is also the owner of a good cock. You might be wondering how I know?

Have I got fucked by him? No, I have not fucked him because of my son. But I am his mother, I have been watching him since childhood. Sometimes secretly or seeing the erect penis while sleeping, sometimes I thought of getting fucked by my own son! But I was afraid to do even that.

Then I started watching mother and son sex videos, i.e. porn, on my laptop. My fire had lit up again. I used to extinguish the fire of my pussy by putting cold cucumber in my pussy and used to massage my breasts.

Within no time I reached a dating site. I created my profile and started peeping there. Many people were looking for pussy and cock. Many people also messaged me. I also started talking with great enjoyment.

Then I started visiting that site every night. Many people would send me pictures of their penises. In return, I would also send him photos of my breasts and pussy, and videos of me fingering myself. One night I was chatting with a boy and I came to know that he was an Indian. He was like my son.

I asked, where are you from? He told the name of his city. The city was not far away. I thought that since I am unable to get my son’s penis, why not get fucked by him. At first it seemed wrong, then I thought that my husband also fucks prostitutes. What’s wrong with me doing it?

I inquired about him and came to know that his name was Tushar. He has come to another city to study. I told him about myself in the conversation and asked him for sex. He said yes. I wanted to fuck him very much but it was difficult because of my son.

I made a plan, applied for three days leave from work using my laptop. And I got leave. In the morning I said to Karan, it has been a long time since I went to uncle’s place… let’s go for a few days. Karan, for how many days mummy?

Me, I have taken three days leave and today is Friday. Reason, meaning today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow… meaning straight till Sunday. Me, please son, don’t refuse. Reason, okay I will go.

I, but there is a problem, my leave has been given from tomorrow and I have also booked the afternoon ticket, let’s say that you leave in the afternoon and I will come straight from work by bus.

I also packed some of my clothes and asked my son to take them. He said, I will leave after the college comes. I had breakfast. Instead of work, I started preparing for the night.

First I went to the beauty parlor. Got full body waxing done there, facial done all. Then from there went to spa to spend time and relax. Got a body massage. I was worried about when it would be evening. Then I got a call from my son who told me that he had left. I went to the bathroom and called Tushar and asked him to come tonight. .After that I left from there and went to the restaurant and had food.

Then started shopping. I took Veet to make my pussy smooth. I bought a new small black bra and panty. Then I went to the medical shop and took birth control pills.

Because I wanted to fuck him without condom and take his hot semen in my pussy. I also bought liquor and some food items. Now it was evening. I went home.

I took out the second key of the house from my purse and opened the door. Then I called Karan and told him that the work here has increased a lot and my leave has also been cancelled.

I can’t come. You stay there till Monday. He said ‘Okay’ and disconnected the phone. I closed the windows of the entire house. Then she went to the kitchen and started cooking chicken in Western style.

After this, I went to the bathroom to take a bath. There was no one in the house otherwise I did not close the bathroom door. I took off my saree, blouse and petticoat in the hall. I was completely naked in the hall.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I spread my pussy through my pussy and started looking at it. Then I took hair cream and got under the shower and started getting wet. I started playing with my pussy. After some time, I turned off the shower and started cutting the hair with scissors.

After cutting the hair, I applied cream and then started massaging my pussy. Aaah aaah aaah aahh and a sound of licking from the pussy was coming from my mouth. Meanwhile, I started measuring the depth of my pussy by putting my finger in it.

Then I cleaned my pussy and came out of the bath. After wiping my body, I started wearing my new black panty. The panty started getting tight when it reached my thighs. I was able to pull it up and bring it over my big buttocks. The panty got stuck in the crack of my buttocks.

Both my buttocks were exposed and in the middle was a thin strip of panty which had become a twisted rope. The same rope passed between the clefts of my pussy and went up to the deep navel.

From a distance it seemed that I was wearing only the waist band of my panty. The panty was so tight that my pussy got soaked with water. I started wearing my bra. First I took off the bra and started wearing it on top.

That was also very tight. My breasts were visible from top to bottom, only the nipples were covered. The bra pressing my breasts and the panties rubbing my pussy were making me intoxicating and hot. I did not wear petticoat and blouse.

Wore a blue transparent saree, from outside the saree, my breasts pressed in the bra and pussy in the panty were visible. Then Tushar’s call came, Hello, I am Tushar. Me, say yes? Tushar, is everything ready there? I , your ass is ready to be fucked. Come quickly.

I disconnected the phone and left the food to warm in the oven. Then I turned up the AC. Then I did some make-up and set the table and started waiting. After some time the bell rang. I ran to open the door.

He was the same nice young tight body as I had seen in the laptop. He came in t-shirt and jeans. His age would be around 27 years. I called him inside and locked the door. We both hugged.

He pressed my buttocks a little while hugging me. Since my panty was already tight and he pressed it, my pussy caught fire. Then he looked at me from top to bottom. He placed his palm on my breasts.

I sent him to the bathroom to wash his hands and face, I started waiting at the table. He came. We started having dinner together. Me, have you ever fucked anyone before? Tushar, I have fucked but only whores. Never fucked a bitch like you.

Me, fuck me like a whore, not like a commodity. And you call me Maya, not you. Tushar, okay whore Maya. He took the liquor bottle and started making the peg. He also gave me a glass.

I had never drank alcohol before, I had never drank alcohol before. How is it? Tushar, drink it today. This makes sex even more fun. I also started drinking while smiling. I was getting hot because of the tight bra and panty.

I finished eating and came into the room while drinking wine. I sat on the bed. Following me, he also brought liquor. He kept the liquor and sat near me. In one fell swoop, he laid me down on the bed, spread himself over me and started kissing me.

I also held him with my hand and started moving my lips and tongue. One of his hands was on my breast and the other on my pussy. Due to the bra and panty being tight, he was not able to put his hand inside. Our kiss stopped, I was on the floor. Stood up.

He started pulling down my saree. I was not wearing a petticoat underneath. As soon as the saree came off, he saw my pussy stuck in the black panty. My panty was not slipping so he tore it and saw my smooth pussy.

He pulled me and lay down. I climbed on the bed, bent my legs at the knees and placed my pussy on his mouth. He started fucking my pussy with his tongue. And here I also freed my breasts.

I was having fun by pressing my breasts, the sounds of ‘hmm ah ah’ started coming out of my mouth. Then I turned towards his penis. Lately I started opening the hooks of his jeans.

When I removed his underwear, his throbbing penis came in front of my mouth. He also had no pubic hair. I took his penis in my mouth, started sucking and licking it. On the other side, I was getting the pussy licked and in front I was licking the penis. His penis seemed like iron to me.

I was about to ejaculate. I said to Tushar, Tushar, take some water and drink it. And I ejaculated on his mouth. Tushar said, what a wonderful pussy you have! I have never licked such a tight pussy. He removed me from himself and got down from the bed and stood down.

Holding both my legs, he pulled them and spread my thighs. Then he said, looking at this pussy it doesn’t look like it has even been fucked. I said, quickly insert your penis and make yourself a whore.

He touched his cock to the pussy and immediately inserted it inside. After so many months, the pussy is filled with some cock. He placed both his hands on my breasts and started pressing them, I will tell you how a whore gets fucked. Then he started fucking my pussy. Put.

Moans ‘ah oh umm’ started coming out of my mouth. Hearing the moans he started kissing me. I also held her tightly. He started asking, tell me where will you take my juice? In the pussy or in the mouth? I said, put your juice in the pussy, you bastard.

He started pouring his hot semen into the pussy and kept fucking. Then he took out his penis and brought it in front of my mouth. His penis was soaked in semen. She put her penis in my mouth, taste her pussy and the juice of my penis!

The penis was getting smaller. After making me clean his penis, he lay down, but the fire in my pussy had not subsided. I was sitting on his penis and pressing it with my pussy.

Tushar, stop, you are acting like a whore. His penis got erect a little. I put my hand on my pussy and sat down. He held my buttocks and started moving them up and down. His penis had become hard in my pussy.

I was also biting my lips while sitting on his penis and getting fucked. He asked me to become a bitch. I raised my ass and became a bitch. “Now, not your pussy… I will tear your ass!”

I got scared after hearing this. I have had my pussy fucked a lot till now but I had never had my ass fucked. He spit on my naked ass hole. I started refusing him.

That’s all in today’s story, I will tell the further story in the next part. To read more such stories full of Lust, subscribe to English Sex Story and quench the lust of your mind.

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