May 14, 2024
Fucked a Hot Girl

In today’s English Sex Story titled “Fucked a Hot Girl in the Mountain and Enjoy Her Warm Pussy” I assure you that after reading this story you will not be able to stop shaking your cock. Let’s start today’s desi Sex Story.

Friends, My name is Sahil. There are many characters in this sex story of mine, but those who have this story are only three.

Me, Aashika and Kritika.

This hot babe sex story is a true incident of my life and I will write it as it happened without any chili spice.

I am a resident of Delhi. This thing is from 2003. I used to study at Delhi University.

Summer vacations had started.

My cousin’s brother-in-law, whose name is Naveen, and his sister Poonam came to our house and asked us to go for a trip to Dalhousie.

I asked at my house and got permission.

Five of us were ready to go to Dalhousie. Me, Naveen, Naveen’s eldest sister Poonam, Naveen’s other sister Kritika and his niece Aashika.

I was very happy to hear about hanging out with Aashika as I used to like her a lot.

Her age would be around 19 years. Her figure was 32-28-34. Her body was full and her face was very cute.

In Dalhousie, we were going to stay with one of his relatives, who was a widowed aunt and had no children.

We all reached Dalhousie.

After reaching there, I freshened up and went for a walk in the market with Aashika.

On the way I proposed her.

She said- I need time to think.

I also said – ok.

The day passed like this.

After having dinner, we were putting the bed to sleep.

Aunt’s house had only two rooms. One on the ground floor… and one on the first floor.

Me, Kritika, Aashika, and Poonam slept on the bed.

Auntie slept on the folding bed next to us.

Naveen was unable to sleep, so he started watching TV in the upstairs room.

Me and Kritika had to share one blanket and Aashika and Poonam had to share the other blanket.

We were sleeping like this. Poonam on one side, then Aashika, then me and Kritika in front of me.

Till now there was no wrong thing in my mind about the season. One, she was 6 years elder than me, secondly, I used to like Ashika.

Kritika was a very open-minded and candid girl. She used to get along well with me because we both had the same nature.

Two days have passed like this, but now there is no response from Ashika.

I told Kritika that I like Aashika and I even proposed to her. But still, no response was received.

Then Kritika told me – ask once again.

When I asked Ashika again, she gave a very diplomatic answer – I am a girl, you are my friend, so I am your GF.

She didn’t say anything clearly. That’s why I became happy.

We used to talk a lot while sleeping at night.

Stealing everyone’s eyes, I put my hand in Ashika’s blanket and started rubbing on her leg.

Uff… what smooth muscular legs she had… enjoyed it.

My 7 inch cock got erect in full swing.

When Kritika, who was lying behind me, suspected something, she hugged me from behind.

I quickly pulled my hand back into my blanket, Kritika’s hand touched my cock and she blushed and fell asleep again on my back. (Fucked a Hot Girl)

she had hammered my erect penis.

The little fun I was having with Aashika also went away because now she was lying under the blanket.

The next day Naveen and I were roaming in Dalhousie.

When we came back in the evening, we came to know that someone else had come to the house. I don’t remember his real name, but he was called ritik.

He was the nephew of that aunt. He also came to visit Dalhousie for a few days.

That night I, Naveen and ritik all three of us slept in the upper room.

Next day we all went to visit Khajjiar.

It was a very beautiful place.

Mildly cool weather and valleys were just like Switzerland.

I could see that ritik was having too much fun with Aashika and Aashika was also very happy today.

It seemed as if these two already knew each other and were behaving in front of us as if they had met for the first time.

Doubts had arisen in my mind.

All my attention was on these two and Kritika was noticing me.

Which I didn’t know.

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Then after some time Ashika and ritik sat somewhere under a big deodar tree.

I saw that ritik was smooching Aashika and his hand was rubbing her boobs inside her top.

Seeing this I came back and don’t know why my eyes got watery.

when season came to me (Fucked a Hot Girl)

When she saw me crying, she immediately hugged me.

I burst into tears.

When she asked me – why are you crying?

So I told the whole thing.

She said – don’t take tension and there are many girls. There is no deficiency in you. If you were not so younger than me, I would have become your girlfriend.

By saying this he rectified my mood.

I also pretended to laugh and we came back to Dalhousie.

Even at night I was not in a good mood and felt as if I had lost something dear to me; Maybe I’ll never get it now.

I really fell in love with Aashika but she didn’t respond to me.

When Kritika told the whole thing to Aashika, Aashika bluntly said – what should I do, whether someone feels bad or good… it doesn’t matter to me.

After listening to all this, I started hating Aashika and I started getting close to Kritika.

Now it had been 7 days since we came here, but no one wanted to go back.

we phoned our house

So and told them that we will stay for one more week.

Everyone had holidays from college, so even the family members did not face any problem.

That night Kritika and I were lying on our blankets and talking softly.

I asked Kritika – are you really Will be my gf?

She said – yes, why not? You’re smart, you have a good family… what more could a girl want. The only problem is that you are much younger than me.

I told her – then why didn’t Aashika say yes?

Saying this my eyes filled with tears again.

Kritika got very angry seeing this and she said to me – why is your needle still stuck on Aashika?

Saying this she took my lips in his mouth.

I was not ready for this act of his. I was also completely shocked that what has happened.

Then after some 10 seconds, she left my lips and lay down hugging me after kissing my forehead.

By now it was one o’clock in the night. Everyone was sleeping but that act of ritik created a storm inside me.

I hugged Kritika and started kissing her again.

She did not stop me and started supporting me.

I kept sucking her lips and she too.

Then I slowly started kissing her cheeks and neck.

Her sobs had started coming out and she was just sobbing.

She said in my ear – now sleep, I am yours. If someone wakes up, there will be trouble.

I also understood that the time and place is not right and Aunty was sleeping nearby. Why unnecessarily slander?

I hugged Kritika tightly and we both fell asleep. (Fucked a Hot Girl)

The next day everyone made a plan to go to Chamba but I refused.

Kritika also refused on the pretext of ill health.

We both stayed at home, all the others went sightseeing in Chamba.

It was ten in the morning.

Aunty made breakfast and fed him and she went to her library.

Now I had more seasons at home.

I went to the room and hugged Kritika from behind and started kissing her ear and neck.

Kritika was also taking sobs sssss.

She stopped me and said – come to the upper room in ten minutes.

I said ok.

She went upstairs.

After ten minutes I went upstairs and she was lying on the bed under the blanket.

She asked me to close the door.

After closing the door I lay down next to her on the bed and started kissing her.

Today Kritika was in a different mood.

She grabbed me by my hair and we started smooching.

My cock was standing in my lower. I knew that today the pussy is going to be found.

Kritika kept kissing me and the sound of our kissing was getting louder.

As soon as I put my hand in the blanket, my hand went straight to Kritika’s bare breasts.

I quickly removed the blanket.

Kritika was lying naked in a blanket without clothes.

Her figure was very cool. Full 34 inch boobs, 30 inch waist, and 36 inch ass.

The color of her body was very fair and soft like velvet, I won the lottery.

I started kissing her again. Passing through the lips, i first licked the cheeks, then the ears and her jug-like neck. (Fucked a Hot Girl)

Kritika was just going ‘ah ah oh first ohh…’.

The atmosphere got hotter with her sexy voice.

Now I had come through her neck till her breasts.

As soon as I caught hold of a boob and sucked, she let out a heady sob – aaah oooh umm!

I would suck her breasts, sometimes kiss on her stomach, sometimes kiss on her stomach.. which would make her more excited and start sighing.

Now my attention was on her pussy.

What a cool pussy. Clean shaven and like a pink flower on the inside.

I put my tongue on her pussy and started licking her pimples.

Kritika was just saying ‘aahh darling aahh maja aa raha hai… aahh… eat it…’.

By licking her pussy, I had brought her close to ejaculation and she was screaming by holding my hair and pressing my head in her pussy.

In the next few moments, she fell down saying ‘aah ohh ohh darling oh…’.

His whole body was trembling and lust was clearly visible on his face.

After being unconscious for a few moments now that hot girl was yearning for sex, she came on top of me and was kissing like crazy.

She licked my whole body.

Only the sound of sssss was coming out of my mouth.

Then she took off my lower and started licking the cock from the top of the underwear.

I was dying.

As soon as he took off my underwear, seeing the cock, she said – Ooo God… this is very big.

She started licking and sucking the cock in her mouth. She was licking my cock from root to tip with her tongue. Then suddenly she fills her mouth and starts sucking.

Aaah really I was in heaven.

Within no time her pussy started getting wet again and she started trying to take the cock in her pussy.

It was hurting a lot to sit on the cock.

She started taking cock while saying ah ah ah hmmm um ah hh.

Just now top of cock had gone inside her pussy and her condition worsened.

I made her lie down and wet her pussy by licking it. Then put my long and thick cock on her pussy and hit a light blow. (Fucked a Hot Girl)

The top of the cock had gone inside the pussy. She let out a sigh and pushed her cock into her pussy.

She was a sergeant, Its paining. her voices were telling.

I was kissing Kritika and she was sighing.

I stopped.

She said – don’t care about the pain now and stop after putting it completely inside.

I put my mouth on her mouth and pressed my cock in her pussy with full pressure.

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From his mouth only ‘goooooooo… Only the sound was coming out.

She buried her nails in my back and now my cock was in her pussy till the root.

After a minute I started shaking my back.

By now Kritika’s pain had subsided and she was enjoying.

I loudly 

When pussy started jerking, the room started echoing with the sound of ‘pat thappa thappa thappa…’.

Kritika’s ‘aahh ohh and zorrr se…’ voices further heated up the atmosphere.

After some time I asked Kritika to become a mare and she immediately became a mare.

I put cock on her pussy and in one stroke put the whole cock inside.

Kritika shuddered and stuffed the sheet in her mouth with ‘Ah I am dead…’.

Now with every jerk of mine, the 34 size boobs of that hot babe were swinging, which were looking very sensuous in appearance.

Kritika was just going to say ‘aah oooh ohh died… aah maja aa gaya jaan ohh…’.

The season was about to fall in a while, she said – I want to come up.

I said ok.

She came over to me and took the cock in her pussy and started thrusting it.

I also rested my back on the bed and started sucking her breasts.

Kritika left her water by saying ‘aah ohh huh prathamam…’.

My long and thick cock was still standing.

I made Kritika lie on the corner of the bed and put cock in her pussy and started jerking.

Kritika was dying with every blow.

After a few minutes, Kritika started feeling pain and refused to get her pussy killed.

I said – it is not mine yet.

She said- I know dear… I will suck your cock and clean it.

Saying this she took my cock in her mouth.

After about ten minutes of sucking, my cock left the water.

The pressure of the semen was so high that Kritika did not get a chance to take the cock out of her mouth, all the water went down her throat.

She drank the water of my cock with pleasure, she licked the cock and cleaned it.

That day I fucked Kritika twice and we both lay naked hugging each other.

After this whenever both of us got a chance. I used to fuck her.

In the next sex story, I will tell you how I fucked Ashika.

So friends, how did you like this story of mine, do tell.

If you like this Fucked a Hot Girl then do let us know in the comment box.

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