May 14, 2024
Fucked A Sexy Youth Girl

In today's English Sex Story titled "Old Man Fucked A Sexy Youth Girl Tore Her Pussy" after reading this story you will not be able to stop shaking your cock.

In our today’s English Sex Story titled “Old Man Fucked A Sexy Youth Girl Tore Her Pussy” I assure you that after reading this story you will not be able to stop shaking your cock. Let’s start today’s Sex Story.

Today I am telling the story seen with my own eyes, it happened about two months ago, when I came home on leave.

Before telling the whole story let me tell you about my Cousin Sister and that old man.

My cousin’s name is Poonam. Her age is 19 years. By looking at her one can say that Her name suits her perfectly.

Her complexion is fair and her height is five feet six inches. Her face and complexion are so beautiful that after seeing her everyone would like to have her in their heart.

The other man who had sex with her, we call him Uncle. His age is 50 years. But even today they are as strong as ever.

Now let me take you towards that day. I had gone to my aunt’s house those days. At that time there was no one at home except my aunt and cousin and that old man whom we call uncle.

That day in the afternoon, I saw my aunt, who is forty years old, sleeping in a room on the terrace.

I was lying there in the next room. Uncle came to my room. He saw me and went towards aunt’s room. Maybe they thought I was sleeping.

As soon as he closed the door after going into the room, I heard the sound of the door and understood that something wrong is going to happen today.

Seeing the eyes of uncle and aunt, I was already feeling something wrong.

I thought why not go ahead and see? I got up and went to the window of that room and looked inside.

I saw that as soon as the uncle went and sat near the aunt, the aunt sat straight and said – Hey have you come?

Uncle said – Yes, I have come.

Then Aunt asked – where is Poonam?

So uncle told that she is sleeping downstairs.

Immediately after this, the uncle started rubbing his hands on the feet of the aunt and slowly started lifting the clothes of the aunt. Aunt was smiling slowly.

As soon as the uncle lifted the aunt’s saree and shadow up to the waist, he saw the aunt’s pussy and said – Wow, what a body you have got.

Having said this, Uncle started caressing aunt’s silky hair with his fingers. Aunt closed her eyes and put her hand inside uncle’s lungi.

Aunt took out his cock and started caressing him.

My mind wandered and my hand automatically went to my cock. Today I got a chance to watch a live blue film.

Now uncle removed his hand from aunt’s pussy and aunt also removed her hand. After this, the uncle spread the thighs of the aunt a little.

Aunt’s both thighs were completely adjacent to each other.

While spreading Aunt’s legs, Uncle took out a little spit from his mouth and took it in his hand, and rubbed it on Aunt’s pussy.

After this, the uncle sat between the thighs of the aunt and holding his cock with one hand, attached it to the pussy of the aunt.

As soon as Uncle put his cock on Aunt’s pussy, Aunt spread her pussy with both her hands and showed Uncle the way to her pussy.

Now uncle put the cock on aunt’s pussy hole and hit the waist hard. Then aunt said- ‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
I saw that uncle’s cock had gone on entering aunt’s pussy.

Now Uncle completely climbed on top of Aunt and slowly started moving his waist. Chachi was breathing heavily with each of his jerks. (Fucked A Sexy Youth Girl)

In this way, Uncle kept on fucking Aunt for about 15 minutes.

After about 20 minutes, the uncle said to the aunt – Poonam has become young now.

Saying this, the uncle gave a strong blow. ‘Ummh… ahh… hi… yah… aauu… died…’ came out of aunt’s mouth.

Then uncle while fucking aunt said – tonight I will fuck her, you send her to me.

Aunt nodded her head and agreed.

Uncle got excited after hearing aunt’s yes and now uncle’s whole cock started coming out inside aunt’s pussy.

Fucked A Sexy Youth Girl

At this time Uncle looked as if he was punishing Aunt’s pussy. Aunt’s eyes were closed and both legs were raised in the air.

Meanwhile, Uncle started sucking the lips of Aunt and she started jerking loudly. Seeing this, I understood that uncle’s hot semen is going to fall into aunt’s pussy.

After some time, the aunt also raised her waist and started giving full support to the uncle. This round lasted for about 5 minutes, after which both people became calm.

I understood that uncle’s semen has fallen in aunt’s pussy.

I also took out my cock with the last jerk and went to my room and slept.

At night aunt cooked food and Poonam fed me and uncle. While eating food, I saw that uncle’s eyes were less soft but more fixed on food.

As soon as Poonam bent down to give food, uncle used to look at her boobs.

After having dinner I went upstairs to my room. As soon as the uncle was ready to go upstairs, he asked Poonam to bring water in a pot and a can of oil to his room.

Poonam said – Ok uncle, I will take you upstairs.

I didn’t like Poonam’s intention either, maybe she had also seen uncle and aunt’s fuck.

After having food, Poonam started going to her uncle with water and oil in a vessel.

So aunt stopped her and called her.

Aunt said to her- Look, he is like your father, despite being from another house, he guards the fields all day long. (Fucked A Sexy Youth Girl)

Apply oil on their body by asking. It is necessary to massage them at this age, only then they will be able to work hard.

Gentle quiet – ok.

There uncle was waiting for her. As soon as she went to the room, Uncle said to her – keep the utensils in front.

Poonam said – Uncle, can I massage your body?

Hearing this, the uncle’s arms blossomed, and he quickly said – If you do this, it will be very good, then I will get peace.

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Poonam said innocently- Yes, ok… I do.

She sat next to uncle by touching the door. Uncle first asked her to apply oil on his feet. When he applied oil on his feet, he asked to apply oil on his hands.

After applying oil on his hand, uncle got oil applied on his back and waist as well. After this oil was applied on his head.

When oil was applied on the whole body, uncle held Poonam’s hand while holding his cock and said that when oil is applied on the whole body, apply oil on it also.

Poonam removed his hand from there.

Uncle again held his hand and held his cock and started shaking it up and down. Poonam was smiling softly.

Uncle got up and sat down and threw Poonam on the bed. After throwing her on the bed, he removed Poonam’s skirt and tights in one stroke.

Poonam could have understood something that he made Poonam lie down. At this time Poonam’s bare ass was clearly visible.

Poonam said – Uncle, why are you making me naked?

But his words were not having any effect on the uncle. Uncle took out oil from the box and put it in Poonam’s ass and sat on Poonam’s thigh.

Then he put his cock on Poonam’s ass and jerked hard and Poonam’s mouth came out loud ‘Aaah… Maaaa…’

Now Uncle slowly started moving his waist.

Poonam started sobbing with a sound of “Aaah … Aaahh … Died … Ooooh … Ooooh”

Uncle’s enthusiasm increased even more with such a voice.

Fucked A Sexy Youth Girl

After some time uncle increased the speed of his waist. Due to this, she started crying softly and loudly with the sound of Aaaaaaaaaaa…

After some time I saw that uncle’s entire cock had gone into Poonam’s ass. Now Uncle was jerking hard and after some time he piled on top of Poonam.

Poonam also became calm, so I understood that uncle has dropped his juice in Poonam’s ass. His cock was still in Poonam’s ass.

Uncle took his cock out of Poonam’s ass and moved away from her. After a few moments, Uncle opened Poonam’s top and immediately opened her bra as well.

After stripping off all the clothes of his young niece and making her naked, the uncle got up from the bed and asked Poonam to get up to urinate.

Poonam went to urinate with her uncle. There uncle washed Poonam’s pussy with his urine. Then Poonam urinated sitting. After urinating, both came back to the room. (Fucked A Sexy Youth Girl)

Uncle came to the room and sat on the bed. Uncle took Poonam’s hand and pulled her towards him and held his cock.

Uncle said to her – Now you have become my half woman, now I will make you a complete woman.

Here this cock has become cold, warm it by sucking it… take it in your mouth and suck it.

Poonam kept looking at Uncle’s cock for a while. Then she took her uncle’s cock in her mouth and started licking it.

After some time now she started taking out the cock inside the mouth. Uncle was now getting heated.

After some time the uncle took out the cock from Poonam’s mouth and asked her to lie down.

She lay down on the bed.

Uncle kept looking at her pussy for some time. Then uncle took out oil from the oil can and first soaked Poonam’s pussy completely with oil.

After this, he dipped his cock, which was about seven inches long.

After taking out the cock from the box, Uncle rubbed his cock on Poonam’s pussy and asked her to spread her legs.

Poonam spread her pussy. Uncle pushed the front end of the cock inside with a light jerk. With this jolt, Uncle succeeded in taking his cock inside Poonam’s pussy.

But as soon as Uncle gave a forceful jerk to push his cock a little further inside, Poonam was completely shivering.

Uncle said – First, there will be some pain, later there will be a lot of fun.

But Poonam’s condition was getting worse due to this cock.

Then the uncle applied oil on both his hands and after applying oil on both the nipples Poonam took both of them in his mouth one by one and started sucking them.

After doing this for some time, I saw that Poonam loosened her legs and spread her thighs.

Then Uncle slowly started moving his waist. ‘Aaah aaah aah aahi isss..’ started coming out of Poonam’s mouth. Simultaneously, the uncle started rubbing Poonam’s nipples in both his hands.

After some time, when his cock went into Poonam’s pussy, Uncle said now I am going to make you my true woman to tolerate.

Saying this, the uncle gave a strong blow. (Fucked A Sexy Youth Girl)

As Poonam breathed her last, she began to wail in a voice of aaah aaah aeeee isss… bap re… eee.

Uncle pressed her lips with his lips and started sucking.

After some time Poonam started to calm down, then her uncle left her lips and said – now you have become my woman completely. Today after many days a young and Virgin girl’s pussy has been found.

Now he was thrashing loudly. Sometimes Poonam used to try to take his hand near her pussy, but her uncle used to pull her hand from there.

After some time Uncle’s entire cock had gone into Poonam’s pussy. After some time Poonam started enjoying her fuck with light sobs.

After this uncle started sucking Poonam’s lips, then I understood that this time his juice is going to fall in my Sister’s pussy.

That’s why Poonam also started supporting her uncle. She was also raising her ass.

Both kept sucking each other’s lips for some time. Then the uncle calmed down and pounced on Poonam.

After some time when Uncle took out his cock, I saw that Poonam’s soft pussy was badly swollen. Some traces of semen were visible on it.

After sex, Poonam got up and went outside near the drain with her uncle and uncle asked her to clean her pussy by pouring water on it.

Poonam washed and cleaned her pussy.

After this, when she started going down wearing her clothes, Uncle said – don’t tell this thing to anyone.

She said – ok.

She went downstairs. Uncle went to his room and slept.

I also fell asleep in my room. When I woke up in the morning, I saw uncle getting ready. When I asked him, he said – Today I am going to the city to buy goods.

He left for the city.

Now I started shaking my cock remembering the story of my aunt and my sister Poonam’s Sex.

So friends, how did you like this story of mine, do tell.

If you like this Fucked A Sexy Youth Girl then do let us know in the comment box.

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