May 14, 2024
Sex Enjoyed With Wife's Friend

In Wife’s Friend Sex Story and Had Sex Enjoyed With Wife’s Friend, read how I impressed my wife’s beautiful and innocent friend by posing as Sali and fucked her at my flat.

I Rohan is a Manager in a company in Gurgaon and lives alone in my flat. The rest of the family is in another city.

I am 28 years old and the owner of an athletic body… with a sexy heart that appreciates beauty as well as sensuality.

Sometimes I could not believe myself. But it is true that by reaching this age, I have given the pleasure of my powerful cock to more than 50+ aunties, Salis and unmarried girls.

It means to say that at such a young age, I have gained a lot of experience and I have also satisfied many pussies by juicing them.

When body and mind get tired in this rush of life, then what does any woman want?

Just a nice massage… that too with a romantic feeling!

And after that strong cocks and innocent pussy rubbing…

isn’t it?!? (Sex Enjoyed With Wife’s Friend)

Just Rohan is also like that.

That’s why I took massage training!

Rohan understands every part of a woman and also irrigates her in this order.

Sex Enjoyed With Wife’s Friend And Fucked Her Hard

Coming to my wife’s friend’s sex story, how I seduced my wife’s friend by posing as Sali and fucked her at my flat.


as good as the name…Komal is more beautiful and sexy than that…just like cream and blush on the cheeks!

Don’t know how her husband didn’t appreciate her and left her for dowry at a young age.

Long thick hair, beautiful eyes like a deer… in which there is so much intoxication that just the heart does not want to come to senses.

Sex Enjoyed With Wife's Friend

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The first time I saw Komal…that’s when I had given my heart to her.

There is no dearth of beauty in a city like Delhi, Gurgaon.

If you don’t get the bus then that is innocence!

Which I got in Komal. (Sex Enjoyed With Wife’s Friend)

Amazing body shape and very pink lips like rose petals.

Very slim body, radiant face, size 32 breasts peeping through the shirt, very flat stomach, short kurti due to which the curvy navel descending deeply was working as ghee by setting fire to the heart.

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As soon as we greeted each other by shaking hands, my cock also tried to give his salute by jerking.

It was becoming difficult for me to hide the movement in my pants. A black mole on the right side of the lips was a symbol of Komal being sexy.

The pink dress and my biggest weakness…loose curls!

Kajal in the eyes and red lipstick… I have found the princess of my dreams.

While living with my wife, I could not talk to her much but I did not miss any chance to see her and admire her sexy body.

32-26-34 Tits, Waist and Butt!

Tight stomach, slightly bulged back ass!

Perhaps every girl thinks that I wish I had such a body too.

About 4 months ago I had my fifth meeting with her.

Like every time, this time also I picked her up from Sikandarpur Metro; She sat in my car and we went to a small restaurant on the Faridabad Highway.

In the last four meetings, we spent our time getting to know each other, understanding, having fun talking, eating, drinking and laughing.

I wanted to come to her.

Today, at my behest, she drank beer for the first time and then we danced on the DJ floor installed there.

This was the moment when all the distance between us ended. (Sex Enjoyed With Wife’s Friend)

Meanwhile, my hand was roaming everywhere on her nipples, waist.

Komal was also slightly intoxicated and my head started rising. Without hesitation, she started kissing me on the cheeks several times.

Although she started it with the eyes. Which I understood very well.

The desire was evident from both sides and both had the desire to come near each other.

We were in each other’s arms, gazing into each other’s eyes without blinking an eye, synchronizing with the rhythm and… getting closer and closer.

So close that my cock started feeling the heat of her pussy.

Her breath started clashing with mine.

Her erect nipples started rubbing on my chest and her lips started trembling while looking at me by raising her eyes.

My cock was expressing its position by jerking inside.

Komal also felt it very well and in turn, started rubbing her ass with my cock.

Undaunted by everyone’s presence, both of us were completely engulfed by lust this time.

However, I had never imagined this form of Komal even in my dreams.

But when lust dominates, it puts all dignity on hold.

Coming to my senses and understanding the delicacy of the occasion and seeing its extreme, I asked her to walk to my flat. (Sex Enjoyed With Wife’s Friend)

Without thinking, she too said yes at that very moment.

Although before this I invited Komal many times for tea and coffee at the flat she never agreed to come.

The speed of my car kept increasing on the empty road and Komal was also shrinking in me.

As soon as I entered the flat, I pressed Komal’s lips against the same wall.

A kiss on the lips only tells how fun the journey ahead is going to be.

Komal started opening up in no time as if she was handing herself over to me.

In fact, when the lips meet and the tongue starts hugging each other’s tongue and starts asking the teeth whether you will eat or not!

From then the colourful journey begins!

Which ends with a lot of happiness and satisfaction.

That’s how our journey started.

So much sex and mischief were hidden behind this calm and innocent face on this beautiful night; No one could understand.

Well, the act of kissing that I had started… Komal was completely immersed in it till now.

Her fast breathing, her hands moving here and there and her grip on me was telling how hungry she is and today I have to satisfy her hunger.

Kissing on the dark stairs, we were going up step by step.

Every girl and guy has at least one sexy body part that she can’t control if she touches, kisses or sucks on it. (Sex Enjoyed With Wife’s Friend)

I also have nipples on my chest!

Starting from Komal’s lips, the kissing lick reached the lower part of her neck and ear through her neck.

This was the part where as soon as I reached Komal also lost control over herself and now handed over her whole body to me.

How old was only 28 years… and a girl from a middle family who was away from her husband for 3 years and that too tortured.

She is seeking divorce… but her husband is a traitor and is not giving divorce and on top of that she is defaming her by creating all the worlds.

But such an innocent girl who is living for her 2-year-old son, what wrong would she do?

I had decided to support her and that I would keep getting her released from that person.

Today Komal is happy and has gone back to her home.

I have no contact with her.

Wherever you are just be happy.

After losing control, his hot, fast breath collided with me and was telling his hunger that I am thirsty for a long time, so please satisfy me today.

Biting the lower part of the ears with teeth, my hands were crawling on her body and taking stock of the size of her nipples.

Sex Enjoyed With Wife's Friend

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Without delay, I picked her up in my lap and carried him upstairs to the bedroom and dropped her on the bed. (Sex Enjoyed With Wife’s Friend)

While falling, my T-shirt got tangled in her hand and tore a little; She breathed her last only after tearing it completely. And also dropped me on top of her and started sucking my lips saying ah um.

To date, I have never seen so much impatience in any girl as it was in Komal.

It was bound to happen. She told that she was having sex after about 1 year.

Although there are many in the office who line up, no one touches her heart.

Secondly, because of her divorce case, she did not want to give anyone a chance to speak.

There were many reasons to trust me, one of them was my wife and her school-time friend and I also helped her to get rid of her lowly husband.

The light hair on my broad chest was now getting wet from her tongue. She closed her eyes and was provoking my lust by licking every part of me.

I lifted her in my arms and pulled off her short kurti.

The pink bra was increasing her bright glow.

My hands started rubbing her boobs from the top of her bra.

Komal closed her eyes and started enjoying it.

All my senses were awake and working together.

My eyes were peering into the depths of her tits and felt her hard nipples from above.

I tried to remove her jeans but it was tight.

Komal helped me with this task and unbuckled her belt.

On the lines of the song in the movie Aashiq Banaya, I also made Komal face the wall.

Then going up through her neck started coming down putting his teeth on her waist.

Her breathing was getting faster, and now her ah oh was also getting faster.

As soon as he went down, she pulled her jeans off her legs.

Along with that, the panty was also separated from her body.

Now only my bra was stirring in front of me. Her body was just like an 18-year-old teenage bud! No extra skin just stretched… An idol of Beauty A celestial nymph was standing naked in front of me, displaying her body. (Sex Enjoyed With Wife’s Friend)

Taking off my clothes, and pants, I gave my cock to Komal, and she started playing with it.

I gestured to take it in my mouth.

Going up and down, his hot breath was burning every part of my body.

I was just thinking that his hot lips had taken the top of the mouth by leaving behind the skin of the cock.

I felt as if someone had put coals on it.

Slowly sucking the cock she started moving back and forth.

Today I felt that my penis was getting bigger. (Sex Enjoyed With Wife’s Friend)

My penis size is very decent 6.5 inches and 3 inches thick.

With good timing, the master of hard fucking cock was making space in Komal’s mouth.

Now I also started moving the cock back and forth in her mouth.

With the sound of Ghup Ghup Ghun Ghun, the cock was going up to the windpipe in her throat.

But Komal drowned in the hunger of lust, did not show any wrinkle.

I love abusing while fucking, it doubles to quadruple the pleasure of sex – motherfucker suck my cock, and suck it hard… take out all its juice today!

Holding her hair, the whole cock was being pushed in the mouth.

Her drool was now falling on my feet. Her mouth was full.

She used to cough every now and then. (Sex Enjoyed With Wife’s Friend)

But today what a ghost was on his head… as if all the juice would be drunk.

Even her gandwe husband may not have seen this fierce form of Komal.

He told later that he had never had sex so openly to date.

Do tell me how you liked my story so far. Tried writing for the first time.

Wait for my next story that how we completed this beautiful night journey.

Till then I will wait for your answers, I will also be interested in writing the next part of Wife’s Friend’s Sex Story.

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