May 21, 2024
Fucked My Sexy Maid

In English Sex Story titled "Fucked My Sexy Maid in Absence of Wife" after reading this story you will not be able to stop shaking your cock.

In Today’s English Sex Story titled “Fucked My Sexy Maid in Absence of Wife” I assure you that after reading this story you will not be able to stop shaking your cock. Let’s start today’s desi Sex Story.

Today I am going to tell you how I Fucked My Sexy Maid. You can also do this work, just you should know how to remove the itching of the girl’s pussy.

One day a very beautiful maid came to work after all the maids in my house. She was very beautiful.

Apart from being beautiful, she was also looking sexy. He was of medium height and well-built. Her figure must have been 32-28-34. She was also married.

Seeing that maid, I started feeling jealous of her husband. Her husband seemed very lucky to me that he has such a sexy wife.

I was pretty sure that fucker must be fucking this sexy maid a lot. Her teats were such that on seeing them, I felt like pressing them right here.

No matter how much she tried to cover her boobs with a saree, her boobs used to come out from somewhere.

Even after trying a lot, she could not hide the crack above her nipples. When I peeked at her cleavage, I came to know that she was not even wearing a bra inside.

Maybe it could be that she thinks why spend extra money on a bra? When she used to dance, her butts used to move and while moving it seemed as if she was saying hold me and press me.

When she used to walk holding her thin satin saree near her pussy, I used to wish that I could touch her pussy too.

I wish I could suppress her boobs. I wish I could suck her boobs. At the same time, I used to feel like sucking her pussy and enjoying paradise.

I can fuck her by putting my cock in her pussy. Even my cock did not agree.

My cock was desperate to enter her pussy. But I used to think that how will it happen if this dream of mine is fulfilled? That sister-in-law did not even look at me.

She was only concerned with his work. After work, she used to go back to dancing.

I also never let her feel that I have my eyes on her pussy and I am so desperate to fuck her. But anyhow I had to fuck her pussy.

I thought that all this could be possible only by heating somehow.

But I have to do all this slowly. If she gets angry then everything will explode.

After a few days, I started talking to him on the pretext. Her name was Poonam. One day I asked her to make tea.

When she gave me tea with her soft hands, my cock jumped. I said to her while drinking tea- Poonam, you make tea very well.

She said – Yes Sir, I make good tea anyhow.

After that, I started making tea with Poonam every day. Then one day when I was going to the office, I gave my shirt to Poonam to press.

I said – you do press well too.

In such a situation, when my wife was not around me, I used to talk to Poonam.

I asked- Poonam, what does your husband do?

She said – My man works in a mill.

I said – how many hours is the job?

She said- It takes 10-12 hours and sometimes they even put on duty at night.

I said – how many children do you have?

She replied shyly – Right now I have only one girl of 1 year.

I asked – so do you leave him alone at home?

She said- No, I have an old mother-in-law. She takes care of her.

I asked – how many houses do you work in?

She said- Sir, just one I work in your house and one goes to work in the house below.(Fucked My Sexy Maid)

I asked again – so do you both manage?

She said- Sir, it is possible, but the work can be done with great difficulty. My man wastes a lot of money on alcohol.

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Now the matter of my work started from here.

I told Poonam – ok, no problem. I can help you if you want.

Poonam looked at me with strange eyes.

She said – what do you mean?

I said- Hey I mean you bring your man to me, I will explain to him.

She said – ok sir. Saying this she took a long and deep breath.

In this way, both of us talked for a long time, and gradually with the help of words, I started trying to reduce Poonam’s hesitation.

One day I said in a mischievous tone – Your man must be mad. Despite having such a beautiful wife, he drinks alcohol.

Friends, women are very intelligent. Perhaps Poonam also understood my hint but she did not let me feel her displeasure at all.

I also got a little hint that this too will be ready. If I get a chance to catch it, it will probably bite too.

One day I also got a chance. It was Sunday. My wife had gone to her maternal home a day earlier. She also took both our children with her.

My wife had said that if Poonam comes, then do the housework properly. Laddoos were bursting in my mind since morning and my cock started puffing.

I was thinking about Poonam again and again.

Poonam came home after some time. She closed the door and started his work. After talking for so many days, now both of us had opened up a lot to each other.

Poonam also had faith in me. That’s why She probably closed the door without telling me.

I thought that if I do not take the initiative today, it will never come again. Things will get out of my hands. Then I thought how do I initiate? then i thought

I just want to talk about money.

I said – Poonam, if you need money then tell me. Don’t hesitate at all.

Poonam said- Sir, are you going to cut my salary?

I said oh no you bitch, if you need some extra money so tell me. I am ready to help you. I will not even tell my wife about this.

But you also have to take a promise that you too will not say anything about this to my wife.

Having said this, I started waiting for Poonam’s reply.

Poonam said – Why did I start telling your wife?

I was happy to hear this answer from his mouth. My arrow hit the target.

I said – now you be happy.

She said- Yes sir, it will give me a lot of relief.

I said- Poonam, I have given you happiness. Don’t you want me to be happy too? But for this, you have to keep your mouth shut.(Fucked My Sexy Maid)

Saying this, I gave a note of five hundred rupees to Poonam.

Poonam asked – what should I do sir?

I said – first you close your eyes. If you open your eyes, you will lose the bet.

Fucked My Sexy Maid in Absence of Wife

On my saying, Poonam closed her eyes and stood in front of me. I saw that Poonam’s cheeks were turning red and her lips were trembling.

I said again – you don’t have to open your eyes until I tell you.

She said – ok sir.

Poonam blushed and stood there silently. She tied both his hands by bringing them in front of her young pussy. Like trying to hide it.

First of all, I kissed Poonam lightly on her forehead. Till now I had not touched it with my hands. She stood silently with her eyes closed. Then I kissed her lightly on her eyelids.

His eyes were still closed. Then after kissing her eyes slowly, I kissed her cheeks also slowly. In no time, my cock got erect and became hard like iron inside my clothes.

After that, I kissed Poonam on her chin.

This time Poonam tried to open her eyes but I had already told her that if she opened her eyes she would lose the bet and hence kept her eyes closed for now. She quickly closed his eyes.

Now I have also understood that I will not have to work hard to prepare it. Now all I had to do was to prepare her, enjoy her pussy fuck. This time I kissed her on her trembling lips.

I still haven’t touched it with my hands. After that Poonam opened her eyes again and I closed her eyelids with my hands.

Now I moved a little further, I took her hands in mine and placed them on either side of my waist. Then I filled Poonam in my arms and kept my lips on her lips and started sucking her.

She does not have lips but cups of wine. Both his hands started moving on my back. Here I was busy sucking her pink lips and drinking their juice. Was having a lot of fun. My wish was coming true.

Only then I felt that her boobs were pressing on my chest. Her nipples had become tight.

Then I dropped the pallu of her saree and while pulling Poonam towards me started sucking her lips hard. Her nipples were just like cream. Now my cock started throbbing very loudly.

Then I pulled Poonam’s butts towards me and started pressing them with my hands. My cock stuck to her body. I wanted to feel my cock on Poonam’s body.(Fucked My Sexy Maid)

Friends, it is very easy to fuck a married girl. One reason for this is that they already know everything. Such girls do not panic.

Poonam did not wear a bra from below. The buttons of her blouse were at the back. I moved my hand towards the back and felt the button of her blouse and then started opening it slowly.

I opened the buttons of her blouse using both my hands and removed her blouse. Her teats were already stretched, so as soon as I opened them, they jumped in my hands.

Although her nipples were hard but soft like cream. Then I started taking off her saree.

I started pulling Poonam’s saree lightly and taking her towards my bed. When I reached the bed with her, I made her lie there comfortably.

I said – Poonam, now you can open your eyes.

Poonam said – You are very juicy sir. Saying this, Poonam closed her eyes again.

I also quickly started taking off my clothes. I also became naked in no time.

My cock was bouncing and started hurting. I quickly opened her petticoat and saw that her pussy was completely naked. He wasn’t even wearing shorts underneath.

I said – Poonam, your pussy is completely naked. don’t you wear shorts?

Without answering my question, she said- Sir, there is a lot of light coming in, close the curtains.

I got up and pulled the curtain and the room got a little dark. After that, I immediately came back and lay on top of Poonam.

I kissed Poonam’s lips tightly and started pressing her nipples. Then I moved my hand on her pussy. There were curly hairs on her pussy.

I was liking her pussy hair very much. Then I took his teat in my mouth and started drinking it. I was feeling great.

After that, I put my one finger on the crack of her pussy. Then entered his pussy. My finger entered her pussy like a knife enters butter.

Her pussy was very hot and wet. Sobs started coming out of his mouth. Her sobs were filling me with more pleasure.

I said – Poonam Darling, what to do now?

She said- Sir, don’t worry anymore don’t stop it now.

I said – No, it is not like that. call me dear

She pulled me to her and said- Sir, do this, don’t worry now.

I said – No, it is not like that.

She said – put it, sir.

I said – what should I put? I asked mischievously. (Fucked My Sexy Maid)

I was enjoying hearing all this from your mouth.

She was talking about putting it again and again but I wanted to hear the whole thing from her mouth.

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She said – Put this cock inside me, sir…

She stuck her lips to mine. I also started sucking her lips while pressing her nipples.

I said – yes my queen, now this cock will go inside your pussy. say, shall I fuck you?

She said – yes sir, fuck me.

Poonam was very hot. Now I put my cock on her pussy. Gave a jerk and cock rammed into her pussy.

After that, I started pressing her nipples with my hands. Sometimes kissing her lips and sometimes on her cheeks, she started fucking her. I got engrossed in fucking Poonam.

I just wanted to keep fucking her. She was also jumping and getting fucked by my cock.

She said- Sir, you are having a great time. Ahh… you just keep fucking me. I’m having a lot of fun. Oh…

Slowly Poonam’s hands started tightening on my back. He wrapped his legs around my buttocks.

Along with that, she was also bouncing her ass from below. She was getting fucked and I was fucking her with pleasure.

I said – Poonam Darling, this pussy of yours is made only to fuck with my cock. You have a very cool pussy. Having lots of fun.

Tell me how my fuck is looking. How much are you enjoying my cock?

She said – you just keep fucking. Having a lot of fun. Ahh…ohh..ufff…ummm…

In this way, both of us kept talking for a long time and kept enjoying sex. After that suddenly both of us fell together. But my mind was still not full.

After 20 minutes I again put my cock in her mouth and started sucking her. Now both of us were in the position of 69.

When she was sucking cock, I was fucking her pussy with my tongue. By the way, the fun of fucking another woman is something else.

In fact, the second time I enjoyed fucking her even more. I enjoyed it so much that I can’t tell.

This time penis also supported me for a long time. It took a long time for my cock to fall off. I kept enjoying her a lot.

Then when we got tired, she started wearing her clothes.

I said – Poonam Darling, now you keep kissing me.

She said – You have done a great job, sir. Now I will fuck you with your own cock. Even if you don’t give me money, still fuck my pussy with your cock.

After that, I pressed her nipples lightly and started caressing her hands.

Then I made Poonam lie down on the bed beside me and kept sucking her lips for a long time.

Now whenever she gets a chance, Poonam herself gets ready to get her pussy fucked.

So friends, how did you like this story of mine, do tell.

If you like this Fucked My Sexy Maid then do let us know in the comment box.

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