May 21, 2024
Fucked My Friend's Aunt's Ass

I Fucked My Friend’s Aunt’s Ass… One day I went to my friend’s house and saw her aunt. Her luscious eyes showed that Mal is fickle and can take cocks.

Greetings, I am Rohan, present with a English Sex Story for all of you. I am a long-time reader of Invasion. This real sex story is related to my friend Akash.

I used to visit Akash’s house often. Akash is about three years younger than me, and his body and face are exactly like a girl’s. I used to look at her like a girl and kept thinking about kicking his ass, but he was unaware of all this.

One day when I met Akash at his house, I was stunned to see a young intoxicated woman in the garden. Short hair, puffy body, velvet fair thighs, full face, full cheeks. On seeing her, my cock got erect.

I was startled to hear Akash’s voice, and on asking, he said it was his aunt and had come for a few days. Because my family members are going out for a few days, so aunt has come to care for me.

I thought that if Akash was alone, I could kick his ass. But now I was thinking of kicking her aunt’s ass as well.

Aunt met my eyes. Then her sensual eyes told me this meal is fickle and can take cocks.

I told Akash – let’s go for a walk outside.

He came with me.

I asked him – When are your family members going?

So he said – there is a train at eight in the morning tomorrow.

I said no problem. We will have fun for a  week then.

He said – no man, there is a significant college project in which I must be swamped.

I told him – to take leave of college.

But he flatly refused.

I asked him when he would go to college.

He said – I will come back at eight in the morning and four in the evening.

Hearing this, my cock was about to come out, tearing my pants… because Akash’s aunt would be alone in the house for that long. Now I started planning to kill her aunt’s ass.

I told Akash – let’s meet tomorrow evening.

Throughout the night, Akash’s aunt kept coming in front of my eyes, and my cock did not let me sleep the whole night. I didn’t realize when I fell asleep all night thinking about fucking them.

When I opened my eyes at around eight in the morning, my cock was still erect. Throughout the night, I kept hitting Akash’s aunt’s ass and sometimes her Tight Pussy. By the way, I enjoy fucking ass more.

I took a shower, got ready and started having breakfast. Akash’s aunt was roaming in my mind, and today I wanted to fuck her under any circumstances.

I did a good oil massage on my body and an excellent oil massage of the cock. I only wore jeans, so my cock was completely free.

I put a T-shirt on top so it would be easy to get naked. The fun of sex comes only in the nude.

Now it was ten o’clock. I knew that Akash must have gone to college, and his aunt would be alone.

I walked towards Akash’s house and parked the bike some distance away. Akash’s home is a little distance from the road in a little deserted place. The surrounding houses are also built at a distance.

Fucked My Friend's Aunt's Ass

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When I reached home, I was stunned. Akash’s aunt wore a sky-blue skirt and a light yellow top.

She sat down, looking at the flowers and unknowingly showing her marble-like body.

Her white panty was visible from her velvety thighs. The bulge of her Big Boobs was also clearly visible from her tight top.

I controlled myself with great difficulty, but my cock was completely uncontrollable, and it was visible standing.

When I knocked on the compound gate, the aunt saw me and asked – who are you?

I- Yes, I am Akash’s friend.

Aunt- Akash is not at home.

Me- When will it come?

Aunt- will come only till evening, saying there is much work.

Aunt’s entire body, fleshy fair thighs, full cheeks… My cock made me sit up, and maybe she understood it too.

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I was staring at her while talking to her. My eyes were fixed on my aunt’s intoxicated job. I wanted to fuck them at any cost.

Me- who are you?

Aunt- I am Akash’s aunt.

Me- You wasn’t look like her aunt, don’t you?

Aunt- Why, what is the point of it?

Me- I mean, you look like a modern and intelligent girl of a very young age… so said.

She laughed at my words and said – where have you come from?

I said – from far away.

She said – sit. Will you have tea?

Now I want to take advantage of this opportunity. I tried to open the gate and go in front of them and express my intention to fuck them with my cock and my eyes twinkling.

Seeing my lustful eyes, she understood this desire very well.

I went right up to her and said – Yes, of course. … but you will be in trouble.

Perhaps she, too, had joined in the fun. She proudly said – what is the problem with this. Come, I will also like it.

Now I had got the green signal from their side.

I said my bike is standing outside… I will bring it.

She said – it’s okay.

Now I was feeling a bit relaxed because, to a large extent, I had convinced her to fucked by me.

Now I wanted to be sure about the neighbourhood also that no one should come at the last moment.

At this time, the area seemed quite deserted. It seemed as if there was a forest.

I brought my bike into the house and closed the gate. Then I went inside the house and closed the door. Inside, my doom was making tea in the kitchen.

Akash’s house was huge, but due to the fridge, the space in the kitchen had become very tight, because of which two people could not come on the same surface without meeting each other.

My sweetheart was making tea in the kitchen. I quickly came behind her and thrust my cock between her butts.

Aunt’s face turned red. She said – what are you doing?

Being ignorant, I said that I was going to get water.

She said – you would have told me.

Now my cock was stuck in her ass. I said – I did not want to disturb you.

Saying this, caressing her thighs with my hands, I moved away and came into the room. The aunt laughed and understood me.

After some time, his tinkling voice came – come here and take it.

I asked – what should I take?

The aunt laughed and said – take tea.

I said – bring it here.

She came to my room with tea. As soon as she entered the room, I immediately closed the door and held her from behind. My big cock was stuck in her ass, and my hands were rubbing her tits.

She got a little nervous due to all this happening suddenly, but the heat of my body and cock had made her extraordinary.

She said in a suppressed voice – What are you doing?

I said – today, I want to fuck your ass.

I held them tightly. My cock was stuck in her ass, and my hands rubbed her breasts.

I was also wholly heated up and was abusing her – kill your mother’s bosom… The bastard has been tormenting cocks since yesterday… Bitch…

All night long, your body had made me sleepless, sister… Now suffer the havoc of cocks.

She was getting pain and pleasure from the heat of my solid body, hard cocks.

Aunt’s whole body had made me a monster. I was getting killed by my cock in her ass. Both my hands were squeezing my aunt’s boobs.

Aunt was also hot by now. Seeing the opportunity, I separated her top. Now that chisel was completely naked in front of me.

I quickly took off my T-shirt and pressed my bare body to his bare back. I started rubbing the knuckles of my aunt’s boobs. She, too, had become a bit drunk now.

When she loosened up, I quickly removed her shorts by taking my hands down.

Uff … Now only the skirt was left on her body. Sex was running in my body instead of blood. I had already seen aunt’s white fleshy thighs, and now her bare hips made me feel like a savage.

I was crazy to see her pink smooth pussy. My cock had now become completely iron and stood straight.

I just pounced on my aunt like a savage. Because of my burden, she bent down with both hands on the nearby bed, so I removed my jeans.

Fucked My Friend's Aunt's Ass

My cock was standing red like a loose bull. It was as if the devil had taken over my mind.

I lifted both the legs of my aunt with my hands. The grip of my hands was so tight that she shuddered for once.

I was gasping with excitement looking at her pussy and ass carefully, and my cock was moving up and down. She, too, was ready to kiss now.

But something else was going on in my evil mind. Now I wanted to torture my aunt a little, tried to give her pain.

I wanted to take revenge on her for her one night’s agony. I also wanted to pamper them.

I knew that aunt was mine only for a week. I thought of fucking aunt’s ass so that she craves to be fucked and bears the pain of my cock in her ass.

The aunt spread her legs slightly to kiss me when I left her legs.

I put my cock on top of her ass ring and started rubbing her nipples. The heat of my cock was heating the call of her ass.

My whole naked body was warming them from behind. My hot breath was warming her ears like a bellows.

She had become exhausted now. When she left her ass ring a little loose, I forcefully inserted my cock into Aunt’s ass.

She woke up in agony and started shouting ‘Ueeeeeeeeee..’- What are you doing? That’s the wrong place.

Aunty was trying to get rid of me, but because of my firm grip, she was not getting any chance.

Me- Sister, I am kicking your ass.

Aunty- ah dog… I am in pain… take it out.

Me- bitch you have been troubling me since yesterday… now suffer.

Aunt- Bastard, didn’t you ever do anything with any girl… or did you keep beating boys only?

Me- Bhosdi’s, your ass will be played today.

By saying this, I inserted the whole cock inside the aunt’s ass with full force. She cried out in pain ‘Ummh… ahh… hi… oh…’

After sucking the cock completely, I kept her tied like this for some time. After that, I started ass-fucking, and started pushing lightly.

She started crying in pain, but I enjoyed seeing her cry. When she started crying a lot due to my bumps.

I grabbed her and inserted my cock entirely and started caressing her pink pussy. After caressing her pussy for a while, her pain reduced a bit.

Now I inserted my finger in her pussy and started fingering her pussy. She was getting both pain and pleasure from this. I started thrusting the cocks … as well as fingering in the pussy.

She had come into a different kind of fun in a few moments. Aunty was taking both pain and pleasure together. I was also taking out my cock entirely inside and fingering Aunt’s pussy.

Aunty was now enjoying getting her ass killed, and she was now thrusting her ass on my cock.

Seeing this, I started pressing her nipples with one hand and kept the other hand engaged in fingering her pussy. My cock was moving like a piston in her ass.

Aunt’s pussy left the water in a while and got her ass wet. That’s why my cock also started spreading.

She screamed with pain… But now I started fucking her ass fast. I collapsed after a while. She, too, had become entirely exhausted, and I had fallen unconscious on her.

After a long time, she came out from under me. I also got dressed quickly. She was also dressed.

I hugged her tightly and kissed her tightly – how did you like my style?

She blushed.

Then I kissed her lips and said- Today I fucked your ass… Tomorrow I will fuck your pussy.

Saying this, I caught her pussy.

She laughed, and I left from there.

So friends, how do you like my Hot Indian Aunty Sex Story , tell me in the comment.

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