June 18, 2024
Fucked Newly Arrived Bhabhi

In this English Sex Story, read how I Fucked Newly Arrived Bhabhi in my neighbourhood and soothed her by pouring water from my cock and sex drive on her.

My name is Kamlesh. I am from Aerocity, Delhi. This is my Real Fuck story. I hope you guys will like it very much.

My height is 5 feet 8 inches. I do a private job in Gurugram.
I like my aunty and Bhabhi very much because when they are in front of me in a saree.

I feel like holding them in my arms and kissing their lips.
Squeeze them entirely and drink every drop of their beauty juice.

Only my mother stays with me in my house because my father is on duty outside.

This Desi English Sex story is from when I was in the final year of graduation.
At the same time, a new family came to live next to my house on rent.

After a day or two, I came to know that there is a brother in that family who does fieldwork.
He had to go out of Delhi several times for his work.

In his absence, only her mother and father, a younger sister, and his wife used to live in his house.

I used to leave for college in the morning and then come home in the evening. After graduating from college, I also taught one or two tuitions.

I used to talk to the family next to me only on Sundays. That too used to speak only with my uncle and aunt, and like this, about three months passed.

One evening, the mother said – Son, the aunt next door, had come. She was asking you.

I asked- why… what happened, mother? Is everything alright?

Mother said – I do not know. You go and find out.

I went to my aunt’s house as told by my mother. And rang the bell of their house.

No one came out, even after ringing the bell once or twice.
As soon as I turned back to leave, a voice came from inside – wait, I will come.

After a moment, the door opened, and I saw a wonderful woman standing there.

Friends, what can I tell how she was looking? She was in front of me with open hair, wrapped in a red saree. I was amazed to see her fair body.

Looking at her condition, it seemed as if she had worn a saree in a hurry.
Drops of water were dripping from her body one by one.

A few drops were dripping down her face, kissing her cheeks.
Drops dripping from the cheeks were going through her neck and inside the blouse.
A few drops were disappearing in the sari tied around her waist through her stomach… and then through her abdomen.

Seeing all this, my 7-inch cock started to move.
You must have seen a whole cucumber, which would be 7 inches long.
Just like that, my long and excellent thick Malang-type cock started hissing.

At that time, it was difficult for me to control myself.
She was almost equal in age to me.
However, being the wife of my neighbour’s brother, she seemed to like my Bhabhi.

Somehow, I controlled myself. As soon as I was about to say something, she said, ” You are the sun, aren’t you?

I shook my head yes.

Bhabhi said- I am sorry, it took some time to open the door… because I am just now coming straight from the bathroom after a bath.

I asked – why did Aunty call me?

So, my Bhabhi said- Today is my Nanad’s birthday… and there is a small celebration in the evening.

I said – what can I help you with?

So, Bhabhi smilingly said – Will you come inside also or do everything at the door.

I came inside the house along with her.
I felt that no one else was there except me and her.

I asked – is there no one in the house?

She said- Yes, my father-in-law has gone to the market to buy some things, and my Nanad has gone to school. My husband has gone on a Agra tour as usual.

It came out of my mouth – Bhabhi, are you not afraid of being alone?

She was continuously looking at me.
I thought in my mind that I had not said anything wrong.

Then she said – what did you say?

Avoiding the matter, I said that nothing… nothing.

But she said once again – what did you say… repeat it?

I repeated my point – Bhabhi, are you not afraid of being alone?

She said – You called me Bhabhi?

I said – yes. … You tell me, what should I tell you?

So she said that means you have become my brother-in-law from this relationship.

After listening to this, I mischievously said, You look so young… You are my age.
Now I cannot call you aunt… So you tell me what I should call you… Whatever you say, I will called you about that.

While going inside to make tea, she laughed and said – I will bring tea for you… and yes, you will call me Bhabhi, so should I called you brother-in-law?

I said – you call me Kamlesh.

My Bhabhi said – You also call me Pooja.

I said – you are older than me in the relationship… so how can I call you Pooja.

She started laughing.

Again, I said mischievously – I have an idea which can solve both problems.

So, my Bhabhi said – tell quickly, man… I have a lot of work at home.

I said- When we both be alone in the house, as we are now… then you will call me Kamlesh, and I will call you Pooja… and when someone is with both of us, I will call you Bhabhi, and you will call me brother-in-law… OK right?!

She winked and said – you are brilliant… have tea.
Then you decorate the house, I will cover the housework.

Both of us got busy with our work while drinking tea.

She went to the kitchen, and I started decorating the house.

She was standing near the door for some time, looking at me.
Perhaps he did not know I was also secretly watching her from above.

Then suddenly, the Bhabhi said- The sun is scorching, man… put on a little cooler, na.

I said – Not now, Bhabhi … everything will fly away.

She said with a bang, O master… what did you say now?

I said – I am speaking right.

She said – we both are alone right now… You will call me Pooja.

I said – Pooja ji made a mistake.

Bhabhi said – only Pooja. And you will not return, only you will say.

I said – OK, Pooja.

When she heard the word Pooja, she came to me and said – Yes, it is fine now.

Saying this, Pooja Bhabhi bit my feet with a tweezer and went to the kitchen laughing.

Then suddenly a voice came from the kitchen after a while – Kamlesh, come here soon.

When I ran, I saw that she had fallen in a corner of the kitchen.

I asked- Hey Pooja, what happened?

She told that friend, a fat rat jumped on me… So I ran and got hurt in my leg from the door.

I said – Hey man, how coward are you… Are you OK now?

She said – I am not getting up, please help me.

I started lifting my Bhabhi by holding her hand.

She said while moaning – I can’t even get up… then walking is a far-off thing.

Then, I started lifting my Bhabhi with the help of my shoulder.
I raised my Bhabhi so that her left hand was on my neck, and my left hand was holding her right hand.
My right hand was on her waist.

What an excellent, thin, and fair waist she was… Friend, I wanted to press hard once, but I felt pity for her condition.

In the same way, after walking a few steps, she again sat on the sofa and said – it is not working now,… and it is feeling boiling.

I said – You go inside the room.
I will turn on the cooler.

My Bhabhi said – It is hurting a lot… Now, it doesn’t go away even a little.

I quickly said – so, can I lift you in my lap?

Bhabhi was also waiting for the same thing. She quickly said – will you pick me up?

I said – yes, why not.

Bhabhi said- If you can pick me up, will you be able to take me to my bed… and if you pick me up, I will give you a gift in the evening… but don’t tell your brother.

Understanding the meaning of the matter, I said – OK… But you also don’t say anything to anyone.

My Bhabhi smiled and said – Why would I go to tell anyone.

After hearing this, I quickly lifted her in my lap so that my right hand came near her round butts and the other hand came near her soft back.
My face was right in front of his chest.
My Bhabhi also got attached to me immediately.

As I moved towards the room with her, my hands sometimes pressed her buttocks and occasionally caressed her back.

When I would tighten both my hands, my face would press into my Bhabhi’s chest, and my Bhabhi would hold my head and press it into her chest.

My Bhabhi kept saying while pressing my head in her mother- don’t make me fall… That’s why I am holding your head.

While saying this, the Bhabhi used to rub my face tightly with the blouse and the lap of the saree on her chest.

I was in a bad condition.
A young, beautiful Bhabhi was in my arms.
It didn’t take me long to understand what my Bhabhi wanted.
Still, how would I have taken the initiative from my mouth or side?

I stopped and waited to see what else she did.

I put her on the bed and turned on the cooler.

As soon as she switched on the cooler, she removed the pallu of her saree, which was already completely down from the top.

This means now only the red coloured blouse was left.

From inside the deep neck blouse of my Bhabhi, the crack between her two juicy mangoes was also clearly visible in front of my eyes.

It seemed as if my Bhabhi wanted to show me her mangoes.
His soft eyes indicated that come, king, you have to suck the juice of these mangoes.

I was also continuously looking at those juicy mangoes of my Bhabhi.
She was also looking at me with hidden eyes to see what I was seeing.

My Bhabhi said- what happened, Kamlesh… are you tired of lifting me… will you drink something?

It came to my mind that I should say yes if I could get a little juice of your mangoes… then my tiredness would have gone away. But I didn’t say anything like that.

I asked him the opposite – now tell me where my gift is? I have brought you here in my lap.

My Bhabhi laughed and said- come in the evening… I will give full reward.

I understood what reward my Bhabhi gave me.

I will reveal this in the next part.

So friends how do you like my real sex story, if you liked it then comment please.

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