May 14, 2024
Virgin Cousin Sister Fuck

Hello friends, your Ritika has brought an Sister Sex Story for you.

The author of this story is Sumit and the story is of virgin cousin sister fuck

HI! Friends, today, again, I am going to tell you my Real Sex Story of a virgin girl fuck! My name is Sumit, and I am 21 years old. I am pursuing B.Com from Delhi.

And my height is 5’7″, and my penis size is also 6 inches. I am fair looking, and I like those girls with big boobs. Now, I will come straight to the story.

It is a matter of those days when my mother was operated upon. Then, my aunt’s daughter came to work on our farm, although we were just brothers and sisters.

And I didn’t even think of having sex with him. Her name was Nita.

She was not like any actress in appearance; she was very fair in color and most sexy in her body, her chubby lips and her chubby ass.

When she walked, her ass was not able to fit. Her height was also 5 feet 6 inches.

And the figure was 32-30-34 Boom; her age was 20 years.

So, my mother used to come to the hospital every few days for a check-up.

So we both used to talk usually. But when the date of my mother’s operation was finalized.

And once, when no one was there, she was changing her clothes in the inner room.

He also felt that there was no one. But when I entered the house and was about to go straight to the room

I saw that Diksha was standing completely naked, and in front of the mirror, she was shaking her white pussy with her finger, and strange sounds were also coming out.

That day, I was applying my Nita sister’s ass, boobs, and mast material, and my parrots flew away, and my cock could not fit in my trousers.

After her water came out, she started wearing clothes, and then I went to my bathroom and started masturbating in her thoughts.

Then, when I went to sleep after dinner, I could see that naked body.

And I thought of leaving him. Then my mother had to go to Ahmedabad for an operation, so only me and I were on edge.

My mom and dad went out in the morning, and I went to college. When I returned in the afternoon, no one was on the shore.

So I went to my room and saw that Diksha was again fingering her pussy after watching a blue film on the computer.

I thought today was a good chance; today may be the final day of my leaving.

Then, I quietly went into the room and stood behind. Later, when I was taking the juicy water of my pussy, I held her hand and took it in my mouth.

Then she became stiff and started to panic, and you started fixing the salwar; then I took advantage of the opportunity to kiss her and put my finger in her pussy, and started pressing her.

Then she gave me Dhaka and started saying what are you doing, I said whatever you want to do.

Then I started kissing. She didn’t protest, and then I removed all the clothes while kissing her, and she was completely naked in front of me.

Then I started sucking her boobs and started rubbing other boobs; she was getting mad and started saying please more loudly; then I took her and started kissing and licking her pussy. What a pussy

It looked spotless and fair, and its seal was not broken. I fucked her Tight Pussy for about 20 minutes, and she released water.

Then she undressed me and saw my cock coming out of my underwear and said what a cock

I asked you why what happened. She said she was in such good shape, and the color was fair, fat, and better.

She looked at my cock as if her thirst for days was being quenched. Then listen, she started fucking my cock and was licking it like a pornstar.

And mine came out, and she started drinking it. Then we both went to the position of 69; after about 25 minutes, I made her lie down and put my cock on her pussy.

So imagine lightning flashed in her body and went out through the pussy, and then she ate it.

So the whole cock went inside, and she started crying in agony and said as if someone had put hot iron in her pussy.

Then after some time, I filled my cock inside, and then she also started giving me a response.

Nita had sex for an hour, and during that time, we had sex in many positions when I was on top of her.

So he used to kiss her on the lips and lick her boobs, and we both were on cloud nine.

Then she climbed on me and hit the corner, and I also fucked her in doggy style. Then I was crazy about her ass.

I said that I want your ass, then she agreed, then I forced

She agreed, and Sarat Rakhi was in much pain, so she would not give me a corner; I decided.

I put Vaseline on her ass and then applied it to my cock, and then after trying to go inside, the cock went, but she was screaming and crying too, but I was enjoying it.

I didn’t stop, and when she got over her pain then later she also started enjoying with me, and then I cleaned the cock and sucked it again and started leaving it in her pussy

And after 10 minutes, it got stuck, and all the goods came out in her pussy as if the thirst of rain was quenched even more than that.

Later, when we took a bath together, he said he had already had sex with her.

When she was 18 years old, then, for 4 days, we used to leave the goods in the morning.

Today she is engaged, but even today, whenever we get a chance, we leave, and I kick her ass.

See you in this story till here in the next Sister Sex Stories in English full of sex, till then keep yourself in mind and keep reading ReadXStories.Com Thank you

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