June 18, 2024
I Fucked My Step-sister

Hello friends, I am your Piya, today I have come to tell you a sex story of a boy whose name is "I Fucked My Step-sister in Everyone's Presence".

Hello, friends, I am your Piya, today again I have come to tell you a sex story of a boy whose name is “I Fucked My Step-sister in Everyone’s Presence”.

My name is Vivek. I am a young boy 21 years old and belong to Uttarakhand. In appearance, I am a man of normal stature.

Today I am going to tell you a true incident that happened in my life. This is about the time when I was 17 years old and studying in class XI. In those days I was staying at my maternal uncle’s house.

Little did I know that I was going to Mama’s place not just to study but to join a relationship that would turn my life around.

My uncle is a little poor. There is only one room in his house for his elder son and daughter-in-law to sleep and one room for the rest of the girls and maternal uncle to sleep.

They have 2 daughters out of which the eldest was named Ashika. She was 5 years older than me, so I used to call her Sister. God has made her very beautiful.

I had always considered her Sister. After all, the maternal uncle’s daughter is also a sister. 5 years older than her, but I didn’t like her way of laughing, her white face smile, her pink lips, and her sharp eyes, at least till the time I found her among the boys of the neighborhood. Didn’t see the urge.

Now because of living together, all of us brothers and sisters used to sit and play Ludo together. A simple beauty was visible in her every action.

Girls were brought up a lot in studies, but probably till that time, the feeling that I could get on touching a girl had never happened before.

I often used to torture her and she also used to tease me a lot considering me as her younger brother and we used to have fun like this as brothers and sisters. Such light-hearted pranks often used to go on between the two of us.

My Sister used to take care of me a lot. When I touched her hand a couple of times while playing Ludo, I came to know that I had probably never felt such a soft touch.

Then I used to deliberately cheat in the game and feel the touch of her hands for a long time while rolling the dice.

She loved my urban outfit. My tight-fit T-shirts and shirts showed him my good fitness. I also found their combination of kurta and leggings amazing like urban girls.

Slowly my attention started going toward his upper body. My prying eyes were often on the lookout for their bulges.

Whenever we used to sit to play Ludo, my attention used to go to his bulge and his thighs. The tenderness of her thighs often called for my fingers and I longed to run my fingers over her thighs.

I used to get thrilled at the touch of her hands many times. Her kurta and tight leggings clinging to his every part attracted me.

One day I was sleeping in my maternal uncle’s inner room. Sister was also taking a bath carelessly knowing that I was sleeping.

Due to the poor economic condition of my maternal uncle, the bath was just built behind a closed door through which there was a way to the inner room where I was sleeping.

It was summer, so my eyes opened because of the heat. As soon as I got up and went out, my eyes remained open.

Sister’s entire youth was in front of me. Seeing her completely fair naked body, currently started running through my body.

The water falling from Sister’s head was soaking her lips, neck, her velvety boobs, her slim waist, and making its way through her thighs her vagina.

For some time I became jealous of water. Like water, I also wanted to touch her soft pink lips, her neck, her boobs, her waist, the beautiful belly button, her soft thighs, and that vagina.

My mind was trying to fill Sister in my arms. Full of the youth of a 21-22 years old girl, that beautiful body, only two clothes on her white body like full milk, at that time, Sister was showing like a film model. Perhaps the lust inside me could be known from my penis erect in my pants.

I wanted to feel that soft and velvety feeling by placing my hand between her thighs. Suddenly Sister’s bath was over and I turned myself back with my feet while saving my eyes and slowly walked back to my room.

I tried to control my thinking and within a few days, the wrong thoughts started leaving my mind. But sister’s youth used to rekindle my inner lust now and then.

Whenever she would look at me with a smile, my thoughts would tell me to wet her lips with my lips. Let me destroy her cool youth and play with her body. Somehow I restrained myself.

I tried my best to avoid it, but it is bound to happen.

The poor electricity system of the village also supported my luck. In my maternal uncle’s village, electricity used to come only during the day between 4 to 11 in the morning and then in the evening between 4 to 11 o’clock.

For the rest of the time, there was a power failure. There was only one room in the house in which a cot and 3 cots were spread adjacent to each other. I used to sleep on the cot next to Sister’s cot.

No one would have thought wrong about me for being 4-5 years younger; I knew this much at that time also.

That night when we all were sleeping, I started feeling hot due to the lack of light at that time and woke up from sleep.

When I started running the hand fan, at the same time sister took the fan from my hand and started fanning me while lying down.

After a while, I felt that her hand must be hurting, so I put my hand on the cot to take it from her hand, then I put my hand on her arm.

Falling on such a soft and soft arm, I hesitated a bit, but took the fan, while moving the hand on the whole arm till the palm 

Took it and started running with the fan.

Sister forced me to take back the fan but this time I did not let her take the fan by trapping my palm in her palm.

But neither did I let go of Sister’s hand nor did Sister let go. I didn’t even want to let go of her hand because now every vein in me had a longing to keep touching Sister.

The whole night Sister kept on giving me a love pat (as is given to younger brother) on my hands and I don’t know when I fell asleep.

Sister’s hand was often in my hands at night and the longing to touch Sister’s whole body was increasing in my mind every day.

But this joyous game went awry that night when my aunt made me move from the cot to another cot. In that room, 3 cots and a plank were lying adjacent to each other in a rectangular form.

The cot I went to that night was opposite Sister’s cot. Now Sister and my head were in opposite direction to each other. Sister had a severe headache that night.

Since I was much younger than him, I asked him to press his head. Sister agreed after saying a lot and I started pressing her head behind my hand from my cot.

After about 15 minutes, when Sister and everyone fell asleep, then my fingers started reaching Sister’s cheeks through Sister’s forehead. It was starting to feel like my fingers might have gotten into some cotton ball. I ran my fingers on his cheek for a long time and then slid up to his neck.

The sensation spread in my body because at the same time, Sister moved a little up and my fingers went down a little sliding down her throat and reaching her boobs raised by a muslin.

My fingers trembled a bit, but till then I was so compelled by my lust that when I filled one of her boobs in my hand and started pressing lightly, I did not even give her a chance to think about it, the speed of lust rising in my mind.

As the lust increased, my pressure and grip on her breasts increased. After a while, it was realized that due to the tight suit, the problem that was being faced in moving hands on her boobs suddenly went away due to the loosening of the suit. My hand started roaming completely in the valleys of her boobs.

Only then realized that her lips kissed my hands which brought my cock to the climax of its excitement. Which simply meant that I had awakened the thirst of youth.

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My body got so attracted to her that I didn’t realize it when I got up from my cot and reached his cot. At that time I had also forgotten that even though it was completely dark in the house, there were other people present in the house.

This lust is an unbridled mare… once she starts running, she keeps on running.
My brain had stopped working.

As soon as I reached Sister’s cot, she too took me in her arms. My head was on the velvety and softest of his curves.

Inserting my mouth into Sister’s bulge, I started drowning in the bliss of that first feeling that I was not even knowing whether to go deeper now. For the first time I touched Sister’s breasts with my lips, so there was no limit to my joy.

I was thinking that now I should go ahead, what will happen next? Lust had made my cock in a bad condition and to tear my cock, I was repeatedly being pushed on the thighs of the sister in the pant itself. But till now it was not understood what to do next. The first experience was of the touch of a girl’s body.

But Sister probably had a little more experience. He caressed my hair and then lifted my neck lightly and kissed my forehead. Just now I could see the way ahead. Rubbing my body on Sister’s body, I dragged myself a little higher and put my lips on Sister’s lips.

When the lips met Sister’s lips, it was as if the tongue started getting the taste of jalebi dipped in sugar syrup. But it was the first time, so she didn’t even know how to kiss.

Along with a suppressed fear, in those waves of bliss, I started sucking Sister’s lips. We both were busy doing whatever we could understand.

Perhaps both of them had a fear in their mind that if the sound of kissing fell in the ears of the people sleeping next to them, then they would not have to give and take, so both of them were moving ahead on the path of enjoying each other with caution.

Sister had filled me in her arms and I was flying in seventh heaven. My chest was tight on Sister’s boobs and the cock was about to pierce Sister’s thighs.

That’s why Sister touched my cock by taking her hand from below, then such flames of lust rose in my body that I bit her lips hard, and probably due to pain, she got a slight tingle. But she did not let her voice come out of her lips and suppressed it inside.

When I put my hand on Sister’s pajama, that raised figure in the middle of Sister’s thighs touched my hand.
It was my first feeling of touching any vagina…very sensual and extremely pleasurable.

I rubbed Sister’s vagina once or twice from the top of her pajama and then started trying to pull the pajama down from her thighs.

Sister was also in full swing, so sensing my intention, Sister also lifted her Big Ass slightly and touched my hand on Sister’s vagina without panty.

Ahh … Touching the naked Virgin Pussy for the first time created such a storm that I could not resist and I put my finger in my sister’s vagina. Sister cried a little but without making any sound.

Both of us brothers and sisters were taking steps with bated breath. The fire was burning equally on both sides.

The Sister untied my pant chain and then I understood that Sister wanted to touch my cock. I also took out the cock and gave it to Sister.

As soon as he went into the soft hand, such a wave arose in the cock that once i felt that i would ejaculate, but somehow i stopped myself and immediately removed the hand of sister. Sister also came to know that maybe I am about to reach the peak, so she also did not try to touch the cock again.

I took out my finger from my sister’s wet pussy and filled it in my mouth. I didn’t know whether all this had to be done or not, but whatever was happening was happening on its own.

After tasting Sister’s juice, now it was my turn to give the juice of my cock to her vagina. Couldn’t understand anything anymore.

Taking my lips near Sister’s ear, I asked while whispering – should I put it inside?
Sister gave her approval by digging her nails into my back.

I groped Sister’s pussy and kept my cock moving on Sister’s vagina. Nothing was known about how the penis is inserted into the vagina. It goes in one go or it goes in many times. How much force should be applied and when should it be applied?

But sex comes only by having sex. When I pushed a little by applying cock to my sister’s vagina, the cock slipped. The land had also lubricated the entire cap leaving Kamras and on the other hand, sister’s vagina was also lying completely wet.

I again set the cock on the vagina and hit a push. Cock slipped for the second time as well. Now Sister felt that she would have to come forward.

Sister held my cock in her soft hand and set it at the entrance of her vagina and pulled me towards her and told me that now there was a shock.

When I pushed, my cock went into my sister’s pussy. Ummh… ahh… hi… oh… what can I tell you, guys, that first feeling of putting cock in my cousin’s pussy… even today remembering that moment, I feel like Heaven.

By inserting cock in my sister’s vagina, I slowly started rubbing my body on my sister’s body. I was able to learn how to apply shocks only later, but that day I had to drink the juice from my sister’s vagina.
I learned all that later only how to enjoy sex.

My young sister’s vagina was so hot and wet that I could not stay in it for more than two minutes and when the semen came out, I got such a pleasure that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
I emptied my entire cock into my sister’s pussy.

My breathing was fast but Sister was probably thirsty. But still, Sister lovingly caressed my back and asked me to separate.

From that night onwards the bond that started forming between our young bodies, we never looked back.

One day luck also supported us completely and both of us were alone in the house. That day I licked and sucked my sister’s vagina as well.

But sex could not last more than five minutes that day too. Then gradually, as I became proficient, my and my sister’s youth blossomed.

We both started enjoying the fuck a lot. Gradually, the matter had reached such an extent that both of them even decided to run away and get married. But nothing like this could happen. Then my studies got over there and I came to my home.

But there was always a thirst for Sister in my mind, so I used to reach my maternal uncle’s house by making excuses again and again. Sister also used to spread her eyelids in my path.

When both used to meet, they used to meet as if they were thirsty lovers of centuries.

Then Sister got married and our journey of love also ended.

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