May 21, 2024
Rough Sex With Unsatisfied Bhabhi

Hello to the readers of, my name is Abhay, I am 25 years old, I live in Karol Bagh area of Delhi. I am a regular reader of and today I am going to share my true story with you guys, I hope you will like the story.

Hello friends, once again I am going to tell you Rough Sex With Unsatisfied Bhabhi sex story of mine and I hope that you will like it very much. This story started when my elder brother got married

My elder brother is 18 years older than me and he treated me exactly like his son. When sister-in-law came home, he told me to consider him as his friend and share everything with him. So I also used to share everything with him.

I was 22 years old then. I also had a girlfriend and my sister-in-law also knew this and everything was fine for a year after marriage, but for a few days my sister-in-law was a little worried.

I asked many times but they did not tell me anything. Now I was more than 25 years old and had started going to college and my body also changed a lot. Because I had started going to the gym.

One day in the afternoon when I went to sister-in-law’s room, I saw that sister-in-law was crying and I went to her and asked her, she said that if I promise, she can tell me everything.

So I promised him and he said that he and brother had gone to the doctor for checkup. Because she was not able to get pregnant and she said that your brother is lacking and he can never become a father.

So I said, Bhabhi, nowadays medicine has progressed a lot. Will brother be cured with medicines or can she become a mother with some other treatment, then sister-in-law took out the report.

She showed it to me and said, look, your brother has very less sperm in his semen and I can never become a mother through him. She started crying loudly and while crying, she hugged me and I started consoling her.

But sister-in-law started moving forward. I felt very strange and came out of the room leaving sister-in-law there. Now day and night I was thinking about how to solve this problem of brother and sister-in-law.

My girlfriend’s uncle was a doctor and when I showed him those reports, he said that the condition is very bad and perhaps your brother would not be able to satisfy your sister-in-law sexually.

Becoming a mother is a distant thing. Then after meeting her, I felt very sad about the condition of sister-in-law and I really wanted to help her, so the next day I went to sister-in-law’s room.

Told him that I had gone to Sapna’s uncle with the reports of both of you and he also told the same and after saying this I became completely silent then sister-in-law said tell me what did he say?

I hesitatingly said that brother is not even able to satisfy you and after hearing this she started crying and then it was my shoulder to console her and she said that now you are the one to save my marriage.

Can you help me? I said, sister-in-law, you tell me. I will go with you to whichever doctor you ask for. So he said that there is no need to go to the doctor. You can help me right here.

I was not feeling well and she came very close to me and said please satisfy me and give me a child and she was so close to me that I could clearly feel her breathing.

My mind got jammed and my body became cold. I was standing like a statue and sister-in-law kissed my hand, then I pushed her on the bed and said that sister-in-law, this is all very wrong and I can never do this.

Then he said that you cannot do this but you can see your brother’s house broken and he said that he has heard many times from Sapna about your sex. So now I couldn’t think of anything.

Sister-in-law was emotionally torturing me. She was crying and then I also got emotional so I said okay Bhabhi but we will have sex only once and that too for the happiness of both of you.

Then I went and sat on the bed near sister-in-law. Taking my hand in hers, she said, don’t worry. I will not tell this to anyone and sister-in-law kissed me hard but I was not able to respond properly.

So after some time sister-in-law took off her saree and now she was in front of me in petticoat and blouse. Sister-in-law’s body was very sexy and I also started supporting her a bit.

Then I slowly opened the knot of sister-in-law’s petticoat and the petticoat came off.

I was surprised to see sister-in-law’s lower body. What a sexy friend he was, sister-in-law started laughing and said what are you looking at, then I asked what to do. If you have never seen anything like this then it is very sexy.

I also removed her blouse and bra. His friends were even more powerful. They were dark pink in colour. I could not control myself and started playing Reiki. Sometimes I think and sometimes I suppress.

ever cut Sister-in-law was having a lot of fun. I was taking her stocks and bulls and on the other side she was caressing my penis, yet I moved one of my hands towards her panty and her panty was completely separated.

I laughingly said that you have already left the water. How do you enjoy sex? So he said, no problem. Then I said, sister-in-law, there is nothing to worry about. Today you will get such sex satisfaction in Apartment.

That your entire life memory. I then removed her panty and cleaned her pussy. I made her lie down on the firing bed and spread both my legs and then I inserted my tongue into her pussy and she started sobbing.

I was licking her pussy and she was moaning and after some time her pussy was cleaned and now she was very happy.

As I was saying, she was doing only Adarsh. I took my penis out and told Bhabhi to take it in her mouth two-three times and she did the same. I lay down straight again.

When I placed my penis on my penis, it was absolutely hot. When I pushed my penis into her pussy with a force, she groaned in pain and started sobbing. Her clip was very tight, just like a virgin.

So I asked if it was hurting. She nodded yes but said it’s okay if you don’t show it. Laughed and continued to thrust in business for 10-15 thrusts and for 10-15 thrusts Bhabhi did not feel pain but then her pussy became useless.

After getting some rest, I felt that now the speed of pushing needs to be increased. I went to sell with more force and sister-in-law released the water again. Then after some time it was also shown inside a photo.

Now it was evening and I thought that brother would be coming and started going out of the room, then sister-in-law asked where are you going. When I said that brother would be coming, sister-in-law took my hand.

Pulled and said that Bhaiya has gone on tour and will come after 2 days and now both of us were still staying together completely and were very much enjoying living with us like this.

When I picked up my things, sister-in-law said that I will not wear any clothes today. We stay all night. Both of them would have sex like letters and there were smiles on their faces. I felt like this.

That Mano Bhabhi has got heaven. I had never seen such happiness before. Then I told my sister-in-law that I am feeling hungry, please give me something to eat, then she just went to the kitchen naked. I too am like this.

He walked backwards into the kitchen. Still, I never thought that it was true that we were in the kitchen. I remembered a scene from the same movie. Have sex in an obsolete kitchen.

I told my sister-in-law that there are films like Butter, Gem, Jelly, Masala and some like Boss Outless, then it seemed like a surprising documentary, what to do?

Then I said that now first the eaters gave me some food and then I taught you the real joke and then sister-in-law made chow mein and we both ate chow mein together. Then sister-in-law said that now you have eaten food also.

Now know what all those builders have to do, so take Hansa and Gem and plant it in London. Sister-in-law said what are you doing? Why are you spoiling the gem? I laughed and said, does anyone ever eat such a gem?

But still he did not understand. She took my jammed penis and started licking it. Then she took some butter and applied it on my penis and told me that I have never eaten butter like this but I am enjoying it a lot.

She kept licking my penis for a long time. Then I picked her up in my lap and made her sit on the kitchen counter and filled her pussy with jelly. She said that it was very cold, so I said to have some patience and I started eating the jelly.

I was eating and Bhabhi was in full excitement and I slowly put everything in her pussy, licked, sucked and ate it. I enjoyed it a lot and the program lasted for about half an hour.

Then I took some jelly and applied it on my penis and when sister-in-law got up to lick it, I asked her to remain sitting and asked her if brother-in-law had ever inserted his penis in the back hole?

So she laughingly said that the people in front were not able to put it in the big hole. What do they put in the little hole in the back? So I said- Leave that matter and I will show you today.

Then when I started inserting my penis into her ass, she felt a lot of pain and she asked me to stop but I said just bear it. Then it will be a lot of fun and I too had never inserted my penis in the back hole before.

Then somehow I inserted my penis inside, but I also had difficulty and sister-in-law’s condition was very bad. Tears of pain started dripping from his eyes. Then I started pushing very slowly but she was having a lot of pain.

I asked her if I should stop it and she said no problem, keep going and I kept pushing slowly and after some time maybe her pain also subsided and I kept pushing.

After some time, I took out my penis and asked sister-in-law – Sister-in-law, in which position did you fuck me? So sister-in-law said that your brother used to make me lie down. He would insert his penis and within 10-12 thrusts his penis would ejaculate.

He never even sucked my breasts. Because when he became very hot, he had ejaculated many times without even doing so. I said- Will you push? He asked with great surprise how?

So I lay down and said that now you jump on me. Then she came and sat on top of me and I inserted my penis into her pussy with my hand and told her to now jump on my penis.

Then she got excited and started jumping very hard and the penis came out of the pussy several times, so I said, Bhabhi, do it slowly otherwise you will not enjoy it.

Now she started doing it comfortably and this time I ejaculated first but she was in no mood to stop. She was pushing harder and my penis had become erect again.

Now she was starting to get a little tired, so I said that you sit down and I said that now we will do it in doggy style and I started inserting my cock into her pussy from behind. I was being pushed

But the penis was not ejaculating and both of us were very tired. Then I took out my penis and told my sister-in-law that now she should do something and I told her to suck it and extract its juice.

I was in a lot of pain. Then she started sucking my penis. It had been 10 minutes of sucking. Then my penis ejaculated and I felt some relief. I asked sister-in-law whether she enjoyed it or not?

She came and sat on my lap and kissed me and said that today she felt like a woman. By then it was around 12 o’clock, and both of us were tired.

Both of us went to the bed and lay down naked. Then sister-in-law told me not to go to college tomorrow. Both of us will stay at home so I smiled and nodded yes. In the morning the maid came and asked who came to your house yesterday?

All the stuff in the kitchen is so spread out and there is dirt everywhere. So I was standing in a corner smiling and looking at sister-in-law and sister-in-law was also smiling. So she told the maid that some children had come.

Having said this, she started coming out and due to having her rear hole fucked, she was not able to even walk properly, so the maid asked what happened, is there any problem?

We both looked at each other and laughed out loud. I said that my sister-in-law got hurt while she was playing with the children, and then the woman said why don’t you bring your child.

Sister-in-law smiled at me and said that they were making the same arrangements yesterday itself and saying this she went to the bedroom. I also followed her into the bedroom and dragged her to the bathroom.

When I started taking off her clothes, she said that she has not left yet, wait a while. I said that she is in the kitchen now and everything will be done soon. Don’t worry and she immediately agreed.

I took off all his clothes and mine too. I lay down on the bed and he on top of me. I was pushing from below and sister-in-law was enjoying a lot.

She started making loud noises, then the sister-in-law’s voice came from outside asking what happened, the sister-in-law said, “Nothing, I am just squeezing my waist.” There is just a little pain, we became free in about 10 minutes and came out.

We had fun for three whole days. In those three days, I gave so much sexual pleasure to sister-in-law that all her problems went away and after that she also became pregnant.

She also gave birth to a child and now her life is very happy but even today sometimes she comes to me to enjoy sex.

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