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Fuck Married Women

Hello. First of all, I would like to thank ReadXStories.Com, because of which we can share our experiences.

Well, now I come to my English sex story. My name is Amit, and I live in Delhi. I am 27 years old.

Even if I am not married yet, you can understand how hungry I am for sex.

I like big boobs women and Fuck Married Women very much.

Whenever I see a girl or woman with a big ass, I feel like taking out my dick and putting it in her ass.

Well, now let me tell you my Adult English sex story. A bhabhi lives in our neighbourhood. He also has two survivors, and his age would be around 40.

It has been 10 years since her husband went to London. From then until today, he has not returned. Now I am young and go out with friends.

So she looks at me and keeps saying, “Going with your girlfriend?”

So I would have said, “Where is our luck that some girl should look at me? And it is also true that I did not have any girlfriends.

Slowly and gradually, I got along with them. Started coming to his house. Because my house was also with me, I had to go a little further.

Then one day during our conversation, Bhabhi asked me about sex: “Have you ever had sex with anyone? So I said, I haven’t done it but have definitely seen it.

So the bhabhi said, “Don’t you feel like doing it? So I said, “He does, but what should I do? With whom should I do it? You have to cool yourself down.

Deep inside, I understood that Bhabhi was also desperate for sex. because my husband, Dev, was out.

I mustered up the courage and said, “Will you have sex with me? So Bhabhi got into a little tantrum and said, “No, I was just talking.

But I said, “When you can talk, you can also do it. And what is the problem? After some hesitation, Bhabhi said, “Okay, we will do it when we get a chance.”

Now you understand that I used to look for opportunities. Because he had two left too. But I would have touched his body whenever I got the chance.

Sometimes he would have pressed the boobs; sometimes he would have turned his hand on the ass.

Meanwhile, the day of Holi arrived. I first played Holi at my house, then, seeing the opportunity, went to play Holi at my bhabhi’s house.

We played Holi till 1 o’clock. After that, I came to my home, took a bath, and freshened up. The time was 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

You know that Holi is over by noon, and people go to sleep after taking a bath. The atmosphere on our street was also similar.

Everyone was asleep at my house, so I started roaming the street. Then I called my bhabhi, “What are you doing? Should I come to your house?

I do not like it. Everyone has gone to sleep,” then first The Bhabhi said, “Everyone is sleeping. Come in the evening. Then, after some time, Bhabhi called for him to come.

I went to his house. Today my heartbeat was getting faster; maybe something would happen today.

Well, as soon as I entered the house, Bhabhi closed the door. And took him to his room. His survivors were sleeping in their rooms.

Bhabhi was wearing a black suit, from which her black bra was visible. Bhabhi’s hair was also open, and she was looking very sexy. I said, “What is the matter today? Everywhere is black.”

Then Bhabhi suddenly turned and said, “No, it is white below. The bhabhi who was talking got into the blanket. And I also got into the blanket with him.

As soon as I entered the blanket, I started rotating by keeping my hand on his waist. Bhabhi said, “Don’t do it; the children will wake up.

I said he would not wake up. I was in shorts and a T-shirt. My penis became erect as soon as I touched her body. And was touching her ass.

Bhabhi said, “Put it back. So I said, “Today it will not be left behind. You lower your salwar. Today is the chance. You know that ladies hesitate a little and then agree.

Well, without wasting any time, I placed my lips on Bhabhi’s lips.

And started kissing. While kissing, I took off my T-shirt. And slowly, by lifting Bhabhi’s suit, she started sucking her boobs from the top of her bra.

Now Bhabhi started enjoying I was getting restless just seeing my Bhabhi half naked. Paheli was the first time I had seen a woman naked.

Without wasting much time, I opened Bhabhi’s salwar and removed my shorts too. As soon as I opened the salwar, I became stunned after seeing the sight.

With white pants and thick thighs, Bhabhi was looking amazing. I started kissing her pussy and legs over her pants. I can’t tell what joy I was feeling at that time.

Then I also took off Bhabhi’s pants. Now Bhabhi was completely naked in front of me. Kept looking at her pussy for 2 minutes.

Because many times in my life I used to look at someone’s pussy, and that too at the pussy of other ladies. Then I placed my mouth on Bhabhi’s pussy and started sucking it with my tongue.

What a pleasure it was, and Bhabhi was getting her ass sucked. His hands were roaming in my hair. I was going to lick my pussy.

Then I put my penis in Bhabhi’s mouth and sat on her breasts. Was feeling Bhabhi’s boobs in his ass. And was giving the cock to Bhabhi.

Bhabhi said, “Your cock is very funny. Then I took my penis out of Bhabhi’s mouth and started rubbing it on her boobs.

Now Bhabhi said, “Hurry up; I am feeling very much. Without delay, I came and sat in front of Bhabhi’s pussy.

Holding the cock in his hand, he started rotating it in Bhabhi’s pussy.

And put pulses inside in one stroke. Bhabhi felt pain, but I didn’t care. And started fucking.

It was a lot of fun to take the cock inside and out. After some time, water started coming out of Bhabhi’s pussy. I understood that Bhabhi fell down.

After giving 10 jerks, I fell into my bhabhi’s pussy and lay naked on top of her.

After lying down for a while, I went to the bathroom, cleaned up, and laid down in the blanket again.

Bhabhi also came after cleaning the bathroom, took off her suit, put on a maxi, and laid down on the blanket. After talking for a while, I got ready again.

Bhabhi started refusing, but I convinced her. By raising my bhabhi’s shirt, I made Bhabhi lie down and sit on Bhabhi’s ass.

Started rotating her round ass. I was excited to see her asshole.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, I inserted my penis into her ass while rotating her ass. Bhabhi screamed suddenly, but I quickly covered her mouth.

And he himself lay down on them. And started fucking her ass vigorously. Bhabhi was insisting on being released. But I held on tight and started fucking my ass.
Gradually, Bhabhi became normal and started cooperating.

I was doing it for the second time, so I ejaculated a little late. I removed my water from Bhabhi’s ass and kept lying down by putting my cock. Got up after some time and cleaned it.

Then the bhabhi got up after cleaning herself in the bathroom and said, “You are a big scoundrel. You have done what my husband did not do.

So I said, “What will be the difference between me and your husband?”

Well, from that day until today, I fuck Bhabhi, sometimes her ass and sometimes her pussy.

And I pray to God to introduce me to more women whose husbands have gone out or who do not have sex.

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