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Fucked My Friend Seema

Hello friends, you all know me. My name is Baljit. Thank all of you. Who read my English Sex stories and tell me their shortcomings or like them.

This story happened when I had Fucked My Friend Seema in Goa.

Our flight was from Delhi, and we reached the airport on time.

We booked our luggage and sat on our plane seat.

We landed in Goa around 5 in the evening.

We took a taxi from the airport and directly reached our Hotel, which I had already booked online.

Our hotel was very close to the beach. We both went to the room and freshened up after taking a shower. After that, we had tea and watched the beach party at night.

We saw a lot there, and we enjoyed taking a walk by the sea at night. Later, we reached a beach party.. where many couples danced and had fun.

Tickets had to be bought to enter that party, we took the tickets and reached inside.

Seema and I started dancing arm-in-arm.

We both danced very well.

Seema and I started having fun seeing other people. Because some people were kissing each other and dancing.. some girls and boys were dancing and kissing.

Now I also started teasing the song.

Sometimes I would put my hand on Seema’s back, touch her hips, and dance. Seema was also dancing with a lot of fun.

It was almost midnight. The party was in full swing. I kissed the song. The song was also giving me a complete answer.

He also kissed me on the lips by looking into my eyes.

Now we were dancing very openly. We didn’t care about anyone.

Seema turned his back towards me, and I also started dancing while caressing Seema’s back with my hand.

( Fucked My Friend Seema )

Seema was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

I put my hands forward and pressed both breasts Seema from the top of the shirt. The time I am talking about. Then all this used to go on at the beach party there.

That’s why Seema probably started enjoying, and she was hot. I saw some couples start leaving the party; we also came out from the party. There

was dinner at the stall as well. We had dinner there and came out.

We were walking hand in hand on the beach along the sand.

The darkness of the night and the fire of the fuck were on both sides.

The cool wind was blowing. The ocean waves were making the weather more beautiful. I wanted to sit there.

Fucked My Friend Seema

Seema and I sat there, putting our feet in the water.

When the wave of water came, everything from our feet to our clothes would get soaked. And then it would return.

I took the song’s lips in mine and started kissing merrily.

Seema also touched my back and wrapped me in his arms.

We both are slim. So we were having a lot of fun like this.

I lifted Seema’s shirt and started caressing her nipples by putting her bra on the side.

Now Seema was also hissing with pleasure. I started moving my lips and tongue on her neck while kissing.

I moved my tongue from Seema’s neck to her ear; she enjoyed it.

Then I kissed her on the other ear as well. And moved my tongue and lips all over the place.

Seema was also enjoying it very much, and she was sobbing.

( Fucked My Friend Seema )

That’s why I made her sit on both my legs, looked into her eyes, and said – yes, dear. Please tell me how you are feeling. She asked how you felt sitting on a friend’s lap,

my king. The waves of water were coming repeatedly, adding more fun to the atmosphere.

I took the hum of the song on my lips and started caressing her back with my hands.

Now I was licking her nipples with my tongue, and sometimes I would bite them lightly with my teeth. Then the song would have been cursing.

I raised her arms and started kissing her arms, which made her more excited.

Till now, I was enjoying her body from above. But I did not know the song would make me feel so much fun.

She started sobbing loudly, saying- A..hh jaanu…ahh..

Like I told you earlier too that when Seema fuck. she becomes shameless, and I too.

Controlling myself, I said – Motherfucker.. Now enjoy the lap of my friend.

I started torturing him again with my tongue.

While not tolerating the song. She was cursing and drooling with pleasure.

Seema unbuttoned the button of her jeans with her hand, slipped her panty into it, and started caressing her pink pussy with her hand and sobbing loudly.

When I saw that Seema was getting very hot, I picked up Seema, took her a little distance from the sea waves, made her lie down on the sand, and took off her jeans and panty.

Seema was completely naked now.

Now I kissed Seema’s nipples with my tongue and then started moving my tongue on her stomach.

Kissing every part of her like this, I touched the real part of her youth.

Soon I was kissing her legs.

Such a mat of my tongue made the song more yearning.

After all, while waiting for her, I put the tip of my tongue on the precious treasure of her youth, i.e. her pussy, her real heroine.

( Fucked My Friend Seema )

Now the song was speaking- Ohh. Ahh. Now, fuck me. U.E. .a..h. you bastards. fuck this bitch of yours. Ah. Oui. Fuck my pussy. Tear it apart today. this bitch is desperate to fuck ahh. My fuckin king. Ahh.

I put my tongue in her pussy and licked her a lot. Her juicy breasts, filled with her hot youth, were also pressed hard. Now water started dripping from Seema’s pussy.

I wrapped her tightly in my arms and kissed her pussy hole, and slid my tongue all over her pussy, caressing her mom’s with my hands. Now Seema was enjoying tongue fuck with great fun.

I had full hope that this time Seema would leave the juice of her youth on my tongue only. This means she will leave like this.

The song was now very loud. ‘Aahen..’ ‘Ui ahh. Fuck me darling.. ahh..’

Seema’s pussy finally could not tolerate the pleasure of my tongue and left the water of her youth on my tongue, and Seema pressed my head with both her hands on my watery pussy.

I was drinking the water of his youth. Water dripping from her pussy was coming directly into my mouth, and my tongue was licking it. Seema was also enjoying her youth to the fullest.

The calm environment around which the sea was making the sounds of the waves in front. The open sky.. we enjoyed each other’s youth, obliviously immersed in our fun.

Fucked My Friend Seema

At last, Seema filled my mouth till the last drop of her pussy.

I left her pussy and looked into her eyes and said – why, darling. How did you enjoy it?

She also looked into my eyes and said – My shameless friend. as you liked.

I immediately said – Sister-in-law, my dear bitch.. My fun will be complete by going to the room now.

Saying this, we both started laughing.

I picked him up. We both got up.

That’s why Seema said- You are very clever.

I said- Why sister-in-law. What happened? Motherfucker.. I gave you so much fun.

Seema said- You made me half-naked, and you didn’t even open your shirt. So you are clever, aren’t you?

I said – no problem, sister. Go to the room. Go there and open whatever you want. It was dark here. There will be a lot of light there too.

Seema said- now it’s dark. My turn was light. My fucker..

Seema was now wearing her clothes, and both of our clothes were wet. Talking like this and laughing, we started coming from there.

We quickly came to the hotel and entered the room.

( Fucked My Friend Seema )

It was about 2 a.m.

We spent an hour on the beach itself.

I again filled the song in my arms. But she said – no dear. she is not alive now. I will do it in the morning. She is also feeling sleepy.

I gave him two or three kisses and fell asleep, taking each other in my arms without kissing.

We didn’t realize when it was already 7 in the morning.

Then we had a tremendous fuck in the morning. Whose story I will tell some other time.

We stayed in Goa for four days and still remember those colourful memories of Goa.

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