May 21, 2024

Read in the Jija Saali Ki Fucking Story how I got a chance to be alone with my young virgin Sali. so I Fucked Young Sali And Enjoy.

My name is Rahul. I’m 24 years old and married. My Sali’s name is Kajal, She is 19 years old.

Let’s start our English sex story……..

At that time, Sali and I were alone in the house. I didn’t want to go to the wedding for some reason.

She said – I come after taking a bath, and then I will cook food for you.

I said – ok.

She took a towel and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

I wanted to see his youth, so I also secretly followed him.

She closed the bathroom door. There was a hole in the door of that bathroom, so I could see my Sali completely naked.

After going inside, she first tied all her hair in a bun, then opened her saree. As soon as the saree was removed, her toned body excited me.

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But this was just the beginning. After removing the saree, she unbuttoned her blouse and put it aside.

Now she was in front of me only in a bra. She took her hands behind and opened the hook of her bra. Then her breasts immediately jumped out from the captivity of her bra.

The bra was stuck and hanging on the boobs. Smiling, she removed her bra and once pressed her breasts with her hand and caressed, and left.

After that, she opened the knot of the dress and let it fall.

I was looking at her rebellious youth with bated breath. My cock was completely stiff. My breath started running fast. (Fucked Young Sali And Enjoy)

It was not that I had not seen the naked girl. I had fucked my wife enough. But today, my virgin Sali’s cool youth was naked in front of me, and for the first time, the sight of her boobs was heating me inside.

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She stuck the fingers of both her hands in the elastic of her panty and slipped down the panty.

Her panty was looking very sexy and tight on her bum. Slowly she removed her panty, and she was completely naked.

My Sali had become naked and was looking very beautiful. I just felt that I should go and put my cock in her pussy. But somehow, I stopped myself.

Her 32-inch nipples were very tight and were not moving at all. Her small nipples on these oranges were hard and looked very attractive.

Her fair flat stomach below her breasts, her thirsty navel was intoxicating me even more.

Her pussy was red, pink, hairless and was calling my big cock. Her fair and smooth legs were looking eager to lick my mouth.

Behind her fair ass and both butts were calling me to insert my cock inside.

Seeing her I started thinking in my mind that Kajal you are looking very beautiful very sexy hot, I can’t stop.

Then she poured water from the mug on her body, it it and started taking a bath. When the water fell on her body, it flowed through her breasts, wetting her pussy and ass.

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I felt that if I were water, I would have entered both her ass and pussy.

Now she started applying soap on her boobs, pussy and ass.

Within a short time, soapy foam formed on her body and her milk was covered with soapy foam and her nipples peeping through the white foam started presenting a beautiful tableau.

In the same way, her hot pussy below was also covered with foam.

She went to her room and started changing clothes. I started pacifying my cock while caressing it.

That’s why my Sali called out – Jiju, come, I have put food. At that time, I was taking one of her bra in my hand and smelling her pussy and rubbing my cock. (Fucked Young Sali And Enjoy)

As soon as I heard Kajal’s voice, I inserted her bra near my cock and came out. her bra were left in my tights only.

At that stage, I went out to eat.

She put food on two plates.

I said- Hey Kajal, why two plates… Today we eat food on only one plate.

She said – Jiju, you are very naughty.

I laughed and looked at her.

She smiled and said – Okay, today we both eat on the same plate.

I asked her while eating food whether you have a boyfriend or not.

He said shyly – No, Jiju, what kind of things are you talking about? I don’t have a boyfriend yet.

I said – Hey, there must be someone, tell me too. How to be shy with me?

She said- No, Jiju, I swear on you, I don’t have any boyfriend.

I said – ok, ok, I agree.

I told her – I joked that I like you.

She said- Why, don’t you like Didi?

I said – I like your sister too, but I like you very much.

She said – then you would have married me too!

I said – yes, I could have done it with you, but this did not happen, so what should I do?

She started laughing. (Fucked Young Sali And Enjoy)

After some time, we both started watching the movie while lying on the bed.

We both were lying straight. Her juicy breasts were rising above her kurti and looking cool.

I got so hot looking at her tiny boobs that my cock was standing stiff inside my pant. I was watching her secretly.

I could only see her tight boobs under the kurti.

Maybe she caught my eye.

She immediately said – Jiju, what are you watching?

I said- Wh… nothing.

She just smiled.

I said – have you ever kissed anyone?

She said – no. I hummed and remained silent.

My Sali said – I am getting bored with this movie.

I said – well, then let’s play a game today.

She said – ok. Which game?

I said – we both will play this game blindfolded. I will ask you to tell me something.

She said – ok.

Then I blindfolded her and asked her to be ready. I caught my cock in her hand.

She said – this is a banana! (Fucked Young Sali And Enjoy)

I said – yes, there is something like banana.

He said – Shall I eat?

I said – yes, sit down; I will feed you with my hand.

She got down on her knees and I put my cock in her mouth. She bit my cock, and I screamed.

She panicked and opened her blindfold.

Seeing the cock, she said – Jiju, you have fed me your cock!

I said while moaning yes, man, but you have already cut it.

When she said cock from her mouth, I understood that today she is also in the mood to play openly. I caressed my cock while moaning.

She said – why did you put it in my mouth?

I said – Hey dear, you only told me that I want to eat. She was making a face.

I expressed some displeasure and said- Sorry, I will never do this again. Holding my cock.

She said – Hey, I was just joking. No problem. Now it is my turn.

When she caught my cock, I got excited; I thought she would suck cock now.

But she said to me – Now I will tie you a strip.

My cock was still out. I didn’t intentionally put her inside, and Kajal also didn’t mind my cock.

She blindfolded me and made my hand touch her navel.

I held her stomach tightly. I slowly put my hand on her breasts and started pressing them. This made her hot. (Fucked Young Sali And Enjoy)

I thought this is the right time to fuck it. I started pressing her boobs hard.

I asked – how are you feeling?

She said- Ah juju, it looks very nice… and press.

In no time she became more hot. Now she held my head and put her lips on my lips and started kissing me.

I also started kissing her on the lips.

My erect cock was touching the hole of her pussy.

She took off his salwar suit in front of me. I untied her bra.

She said – Jiju, will anything happen? I said – nothing will happen.

I untied her tights and she became naked. I was also completely naked and we both started kissing each other while lying on the bed.

She got very hot and started kissing me loudly by holding my hair.

One of my hands went on her pussy and I started rubbing her pink pussy.

She started sobbing loudly and started saying – Jiju, tear my pussy apart!

I sucked and kissed her lips a lot. She was also happily engaged with me.

After that I sucked her breasts very tightly. She also gave both her milk alternately in my mouth with her hand.

I started biting her breasts and kneading them like dough.The sound of ah ah started coming from her mouth.

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She said – Jiju, now you quickly put your cock in my pussy.

I said – no Sali, I will give you more fun now.

I put my tongue in her navel and kissed and licked for a long time.

She kept on making the atr pussy. I licked her pussy once from tomosphere of the room sensuous with intoxicating voices. (Fucked Young Sali And Enjoy)

After the navel I came to hep to bottom with my tongue. She shuddered completely and she pressed my head on her pussy.

I licked her pussy so much without stopping that her pussy turned completely red. I put my whole tongue in her pussy and started tickling it by licking it.

Soon water started coming out of her hole.

She said in agony – Jiju, my pussy is calling you to insert your cock. Please listen to her call!

I said – not now Sali, today I will give you full fun first. She didn’t say anything.

I made her lie on her back and licked her ass with my mouth a lot; By spreading the butts with the hand.

Licking her ass hole with the tip of the tongue made her happy. While sighing, she lifted her ass and started giving it in my mouth.

I put my tongue inside her pink ass and started licking it vigorously. Then made him lie down straight and opened both her legs. Her pussy was crying instantly.

I put spit on my cock and fisted it with my hand and stuck the cock on her pussy hole. When the betel nut of the cock touched the grain of the pussy, the pussy became distraught.

I spit on her pussy and stuck my thick cock in the small hole of her pussy. Her sigh came out and she started lifting her ass.

Her innocent pussy probably did not know the pain of cock. I slowly started inserting my cock inside.

She was looking into my eyes while holding my hand. The pain was clearly visible in his eyes.

But she was a courageous girl.After going halfway, she moaned and said – Jiju … wait please … I am feeling a lot of pain. (Fucked Young Sali And Enjoy)

After listening to him, instead of stopping, I gave a sharp blow.

My cock got stuck in her pussy like a cork. She started shouting loudly- Ah died… take it out… I am feeling pain.

I took out my cock and started sucking one of her milk with my mouth. She calmed down a bit.

I wet her pussy by licking it and again pushed my cock into her pussy.He swore again but this time I was in no mood to stop.

I started shaking hard. After some time he also started enjoying it.

Now she also started saying- Ah Jiju… tear my pussy, push your cock further inside.

Blood started coming out of his pussy. In no time, she also fell down.

But my cock was uncontrollable, she was still obsessed with sex.

I thought that if not pussy, then ass is right. Her ass pain will also end. It will turn on from both the sides.

So I made her lie upside down and put cock in her ass with spit, then she started screaming loudly.

Even then I kept pushing cocks in her ass. Her ass was peeled and turned red.

I removed the cock from the ass and put it back in her pussy and tore her pussy. After some time her water came out again.

This time my water also happened to come out in her pussy. At the same time he stopped me that Jiju is not inside, there will be a mess.

I quickly pulled my cock from my pussy and put it in her mouth. She licked my cock and drank all its water.

I also licked all the water from her pussy, I also cleaned her ass by licking it. Now both of us are back to normal. and that’s how my sali taste my big cock.

My Sali said – Jiju, today you celebrated the honeymoon before my marriage. I really enjoyed today. I will never forget this night. (Fucked Young Sali And Enjoy)

I said – Thank you Kajal.

We both started loving each other.

She said – Now whenever there is no one at home, then we will have such fun.

I said – yes I will love and lick your pussy and ass a lot.

She said – I will sit naked and put my ass on your face.

I said – yes ok.

Thank you friends, if you have a Sali, you can also try like this.

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